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Walgreens Mini Temple Digital Thermometer Manual

Walgreens Mini Temple Digital Thermometer Manual Image

Quick start:

  1. Press and release the button, wait 2 seconds.
  2. Hold to temple, wait for beep.
  3. Read result

Before re-measuring: wait at least 1 minute after turning the thermometer off

Change °F/°C: While off, press and hold button.

Directions for Use

Before measuring:

a.  Use this thermometer on a clean dry temple.  Wipe away any perspiration prior to use.

b.  Move hair aside from the temporal area and apply the probe to bare skin.

Taking Temperature: 

1.  Press and release the power button, wait 2 seconds.  All segments will be displayed.  The previous result will be displayed for 1 second.

2.  The device is ready for measurement when only the scale icon appears  DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON AGAIN BEFORE MEASURING.

3.  Place the thermometer’s probe in the center of the temple area between the end of the eyebrow and the hairline.  Gently press and hold it against the temple to ensure good contact with the skin is maintained.

Correct placing and good contact with the skin ensures reliable readouts.

4.  As soon as the thermometer is in place, the measurement will start automatically.  A running circle will appear indicating that the measurement is progressing successfully.  Make sure that the thermometer and the patient do not move while measurement is in progress.

5.  A temperature reading will be displayed within 6-8 seconds.  One long beep will be heard to indicate that measurement is complete, and temperature will be displayed for 1 minute.

6.  Press and release the Power button to turn the thermometer off, or it will shut off automatically within 1 minute.

7.  Wait at least 1 minute between consecutive measurements for the unit to readjust to room temperature.


  • Non-invasive
  • Temple measurement – awake or asleep
  • Fast & accurate results

How it works: Rapid Accurate Temperature Establishment – utilizing a unique sensor, R.A.T.E. rapidly samples the heat flowing from the blood vessels to the skin surface and accurately translates it to the core body temperature.

  • Gentle, flexible sensor
  • Six-second readout
  • Memory recall
  • Reads in °F & °C

Made in China


100% satisfaction guaranteed


Safety Warnings:

This thermometer is not a toy and should be kept out of a child’s reach when not in use at all time.

1. Do not drop the thermometer or expose to heavy shock.  The unit is not shock proof.

2.  Do not immerse thermometer in water or any other liquid.  The unit is not water proof.

3.  Do not store the unit in direct sunlight, at a high temperature or in high humidity.  Performance of the unit may be degraded.

4.  Stop using the thermometer if it operates erratically or if displays malfunctions.

5.  Clean the thermometer probe before storing

6.  Do not attempt to disassemble the unit except to replace battery.

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