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WONDERCHEF WCSPM02SM61509 Soup Maker 1 Litre Manual

WONDERCHEF WCSPM02SM61509 Soup Maker 1 Litre Manual Image

WONDERCHEF WCSPM02SM61509 Soup Maker 1 Litre Instruction Manual


Congratulations on the purchase of your new appliance.
You have selected a high-quality product.
The operating instructions are part of this product.
They contain important information about safety, usage and disposal. Before using the product, please familiarise yourself with all operating and safety instructions. Use the product only as described and for the range of applications specified. Please also pass these operating instructions on to any future owner.

Intended use

This appliance is intended exclusively for the preparation (cooking and chopping) of food. This appliance is intended solely for use in private household. Do not use it for commercial purposes.

Power – 230V-50Hz
Motor power – 140W
Heating power – 800W

Appliance description

  1. Lid
  2. Control Panel
  3. Jug
  4. Power Socket
  5. Overfill Detector
  6. Mixing Blandes SHAPP!
  7. Smooth Soup Button !
  8. Chunky Soup Button
  9. Juice Button
  10. Blend button
  11. Setting
  12. ON/OFF
  13. LED Screen

Safety information

Danger – risk of electrical shock

  • Ensure that the motor unit, the power cable and the power plug are never immersed in water or other liquids.
  • Use the appliance only in dry room: never use it outdoors or in moist environments.
  • Ensure that the power cable never becomes wet or damp when the appliance is in use. Route the cable so that it cannot be trapped or damaged in any way.
  • To prevent accidents, get the defective plugs and/or power cables replaced immedi-ately by an authorised service technician or our Customer Service department.
  • Always remove the plug from the mains power socket after use. Switching the appli-ance o ffis not sufficient: it will remain live for as long as the plug is connected to the power socket.
  • Check to ensure that the appliance is in a serviceable condition before use. The appliance shall not be used if it shows signs of damage.
  • Remove the plug from the socket immediately if you notice unexpected smell or noise coming from the appliance when it is in use or there is an evident malfunction.

Warning – risk of INJURY!

  • To ensure you can react immediately in the event of danger, never leave the appliance running unattended.
  • This appliance is not suitable for use with inflammable and explosive substances or chemical and aggressive liquids.
  • Always store the appliance indoors. To prevent accidents, keep the appliance in a dry location when not in use.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by children.
  • The appliance and its connecting cable must be kept away from children.
  • This appliance may be used by person with limited physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, provided that they are under supervision or have been told how to use the appliance safely and are aware of the potential risks. Do not allow children to use the appliance.
  • The appliance should always be disconnected from the mains when unattended and
  • before assembly, disassembly or cleaning. Before changing any accessories or additional part that move during operation, the
  • appliance must be switched off and disconnected from mains power.
  • Use only accessories recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Always grip the power plug to disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
  • The appliance can become very hot during use! Ensure that you do not come into contact with the steam rising from the appliance or the hot food. to avoid burns.
  • Take extreme care while cleaning. The blade is extremely sharp!
  • Be very careful when handling the sharp blade!
  • Always remove the lid carefully, opening it facing away from you so that steam can escape towards the rear. Do not lean over the appliance while it is boiling. Use a dish cloth or oven gloves when touching the lid and the blender jug.

 Caution! Hot surface!

Attention! Risk of Fire

  • Do not operate the appliance in the vicinity of or under curtains, wall-mounted cupboards or other flammable material.
  • Place the appliance on a heat-resistant surface ( not on varnished table or tablecloth). Do not operate it close to other heat sources ( cook, gas flame). otherwise there is a danger of damage to the appliance and/ or furniture.
  • Place the appliance on a level and stable surface. Ensure that it is set up at a sufficient distance to walls and cupboards. This will ensure that you avoid damage caused by rising steam.
  • Never operate the appliance via an external time-switch or a separate remote control system.

Before first use

Remove all packaging material from the appliance and the protective film from the control panel.


  • Take great care when handling the blades.
  • Wipe the lid, blades and sensor, as well as the outside of the blender jug with a damp cloth to remove any possible transport residues.
  • Rinse out the blender jug with water and a little soapy liquid and then afterwards with clear water so that no soapy liquid residue is leaft.
  • Ensure that all parts are completely dry before operating the appliance.

Function declaration

Button: MODE, ON/OFF

  1. MODE button is used for function selection
    A. Plug into the mains, the appliance enter into holding state:
    B. Press the Mode Button to select the programme.: SMOOTH, CHUNKY, JUICE, BLEND, the appliance enter into holding state:
  2. ON/OFF button is used for function confirmation
    A. Press the ON/OFF button to start the Soup Maker ;

Plug into the mains ,The Icons will flash in sequence , Press the Mode Button to select the programme. The icon will iluminate. Press the ON/OFF Button. The unit will work immediately.
But if you found that you have selected the wrong function, you can press the “ON/OFF ” button to re-choose the function, just press the “ON/OFF ” button for 3seconds ,then the unit will return to the “Standby mode” then you can re-set the function you need .
When finished this soup maker will beep for 60times (1min) ,and all six icons will flash.
After 60 seconds, The LED display and the light will not display and the unit will power off automatically


Using your Soup Marker

Your Soup Marker has 3 settings to make 1.0 litre of of smooth ,chunky ,juice . There is also a separate functions :Blend

Smoothly does it…
The Smooth soup programme is perfect for delicious soup recipes requiring a smooth consistency, like Roast Plumb &Tomato soup.The programme ensures the ingredients are blended to the right consistency, and gently cooked at the right temperature. The programme lasts for 19 minutes, before the soup is ready to serve & enjoy!

Get chunky!
The chunky soup programme is perfect for rustic soup recipes requiring a chunkier consistency, like Winter Lamb & Lentil Broth. The programme ensures the ingredients are heated for longer to ensure the chunky ingredients are fully cooked. The programme lasts for 26 minutes, before the soup is ready to serve & enjoy! For chunky soup there is no blending process, just heating. It is therefore recommended that you cut any vegetables into small dice sized pieces.

Juice it !
The juice setting on the soup maker is ideal for making smoothies or milkshakes from fresh ingredients .The program lasts for 2 min.The juice program does not heat the ingredients,so it’s perfect for ice cold drinks in hot weather.

A perfect blend!

Function Menu
Blender Carrot: 400g
Water: 600g

Allows you to further-blend the soup to your desired consistency ,if required. This function works without additional heating of the soup. For example ,you can set further-blend carrots ,The prograamme lasts for 20 seconds before you drink is ready to serve.lt has the clean function too.

How to use

Before first use

It is important to clean your Soup maker before first use or if it has not been used for a long period of time. See the “dream to clean” section for more information.

When you first use your Soup Maker you may notice some smoke/ vapour emitting from the Lid, this is normal and is simply grease that is used on some parts of the appliance applied during the manufacturing process. After using a few times this will stop.

  1. Ensure the soup maker is unplugged from the mains.
  2. Remove the lid, be careful not to touch the blade.
  3. Place all the ingredients into the jug.
  4. Add the liquid last, filling up to between max and min lines marked on the jug.
  5. Place the lid back onto the will jug ensuring it is securely in place.
  6. Plug into the mains. The icons Flash in sequence.
  7. Press the Mode Button to select the Programme.
  8. Press the Select Button. When finished, the Soup The icon will illuminate. Maker will beep 60 seconds and all four will flash.
  9. Unplug from the mains, remove the Lid and pour the fresh soup into a bowl.


Be careful when opening the lid. Hot vapour can escape! We recommend the use of oven gloves. You can now serve the compote in dishes or a bowl.
NOTE: Clean the appliance after every use ( see section “Cleaning and care”) Otherwise residues from the previous cooking process that may be present on the bottom of the container could burn.

Safety Appliances

This appliance is fitted with overheating protection to protect the motor from overheating.
If the overheating protection is triggered, the motor stops and appliance switches itself off. It cannot be switched back on until it has cooled down. This can happen if:

  • You have used the BLEND function several times in quick succession for a total of more than 20 seconds.
  • Several cooking processes have been started in direct succession without allowing the appliance again.
  • If the overheating protection is triggered and the appliance stops, pull the plug out of the socket and wait around 5 minutes until the appliance stop & After it has cooled down, you can use the appliance again.

Overfilling and Overflow Sensor

This appliance is fitted with a sensor that recognises when the apparatus is overfilled or threatens to overflow.
If the appliance is overfilled, the appliance will not start and you will hear a beep. In this case, reduce the amount of liquid. Always pay attention to the MAX – 1600 ml and MIN – 1300 ml markings on the blender jug!
If the appliance threatens to overflow during a cooking or blending process, the appliance will switch off and will start to beep. Reduce the amount of liquid and restart the appliance.

Low liquid level control

The integrated low liquid level control prevents the appliance from starting when there is no liquid in the blender jug.

Cleaning and care

Ideally, you should clean the appliance immediately after use. Dried food residue is more difficult to remove.


  • Ensure that no moisture can get into/onto the built-in plug and the safety socket on the blender jug!
  • Ensure that no moisture can get into/onto the contact plug on the lid on the blender jug!
    Never immerse the lid in water or other liquids! Otherwise there is a risk of an electric shock.
  • Take care when cleaning the lid and the attached blades! The blades are extremely sharp!
  1. Add a little warm water and a drop of washing up liquids to the blender jug.
  2. Place the lid on the blender jug. Ensure that the contact plug in the lid fits correctly on the safety socket!
  3. Insert the connector into the built-in plug on the appliance.
  4. Insert the plug into a mains power socket. You will hear a beep and the programme indicators flash.
  5. Press the MODE button repeatedly until the BLEND programme indicator starts to flash.
  6. Press and hold the START/STOP button and allow the appliance to run for about 20 seconds.
  7. Remove the power plug from the mains power socket.
  8. Remove any stubborn residue in the blender jug or the blades using a cleaning. brush or a cleaning sponge.
  9. Afterwards, empty the blender jug and rinse it out thoroughly with clear water.
  10. Wipe the exterior surfaces of the blender jug with a moist cloth. If required, use a mild cleaning liquid on the cloth. Afterwards, wipe off with a cloth moistened only with clear water to ensure that no detergent remains on the appliance.
  11. Wipe the lid, blades and sensor with a damp cloth. If required, use a mild washing-up liquid on the cloth. Afterwards, wipe o ffwith a cloth moistened only with clear water to ensure that no detergent remains on the appliance. Ensure that no moisture can get into the contact plug, on the lid or on the blender jug.
  12. Wipe the mains cable with a damp cloth.
  13. Dry all parts well before re-use.


Store the cleaned appliance in a clean, dust-free and dry location.

The appliance is not working. The appliance is not connected to a mains power socket. Connect the applaince to a mains power socket.
The appliance is damaged. Connect to the Customer Service departmant.
The appliance is not starting The lid is not joined properly. Fix the lid properly.
The ingredients are not cooked. The ingredients are cut into pieces that are too large. Cut the ingredients into smaller pieces (approx 2cm).
The ingredients are not mixed properly. There is not enough liquid in the blender jug. Add some liquid.
The wrong function has been selected. Try another function.
The food is burnt. The blender jug was not cleaned properly before reheating. There is still food residue stuck to the bottom of the blender jug. Clean the blender jug
before every heating.

If the malfunction cannot be corrected using one of the suggestions above, or if you have found some other kind of malfunction, please contact our Customer Service department.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer,
This appliance has 2 years warranty valid from the date of purchase. If this product has any fault, you the buyer, have certain statutory rights. Your statutory rights are not restricted in any way by the warranty described below.

Warranty conditions:
The validity period of the warranty starts from the date of purchase. Please keep your original receipt in a safe place. This document will be required as proof of purchase. If any material or production fault occurs within 2 years of the date of purchase of the product, we will either repair or replace the product for you at our discretion. This warranty service is dependent on you presenting the defective appliance and the proof of purchase (receipt) and a short written description of the fault and its time of occurrence.
If the defect is covered by the warranty, your product will either be repaired or replaced by us. The repair or replacement of a product does not signify the beginning of a new warranty period.

Warranty period and statutory claims for defects:
The warranty period is not prolonged by repairs effected under the warranty. This also applies to replaced and repaired components. Any damage and defects present at the time of purchase must be reported immediately after unpacking. Repair carried out after expiry of the warranty period shall be subject to a service charg.

Scope of the warranty:
This appliance has been manufactured in accordance with strict quality guidelines and inspected meticulously prior to delivery.
The warranty covers material faults or production faults. The warranty does not extend to product parts subject to normal wear and tear or fragile parts such as switches, batteries, baking moulds or parts made of glass. The warranty does not apply if the product has been damaged, improperly used or improperly maintained. The directions in the operating instructions for the product regarding proper use of the product are to be strictly followed. Uses and actions that are discouraged in the operating instructions or which are warned against must be avoided.
This product is intended solely for private use and not for commercial purpose. The warranty shall be deemed void in case of misuse or improper handling, use of force and modifications/repairs which have not been carried out by one of our authorised Service centers.

Warranty claim procedure
To ensure quick processing of your case, please observe the following instructions:

  • Please have the receipt and the item number available as proof of purchase.
  • You will find the item number on the type plate, an engraving on the front page of the instructions (bottom left), or as a sticker on the rear or bottom of the appliance.
  • If functional or other defects occur, please contact the service department listed either by telephone or by e-mail.
  • You can return a defective product to us free of change to the service address that will be provided to you. Ensure that you enclose the proof of purchase (till receipt) and information about what the defect is and when it occurred.

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