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Yealink Phone T55A-Teams Edition Manual

Yealink Phone T55A-Teams Edition Manual Image

Yealink Phone User Guide

Package Contents

The following items are included in your package. If you find anything missing, contact your system administrator.

Note: We recommend that you use the accessories provided or approved by Yealink. The unapproved third-party accessories may result in reduced performance.

Assembling Your Phone

1. Attach the stand:

2. Optional: Attach the wall mount bracket:

Attach the wall mount bracket

Note: You need to attach the wallmount button to the wallmount bracket first to hook the handset and prevent it from slipping.

3. Connect the handset and optional headset

Note: The headset should be purchased separately.

4. Connect the AC power or PoE

Note: The IP phone should be used with Yealink original power adapter (5V/1.2A) only. The use the of third-party power adapter may damage the phone.

5. Connect to the network

Hardware Component Instructions

  1. Power LED Indicator
  2. Touch Screen
  3. HEADSET Key
  4. MUTE Key
  5. Speakerphone Key
  6. Volume Key
  7. MESSAGE Key
  8. Speaker
  9. Keypad
  10. USB2.0 port


After the Teams phone is connected to the network and supplied with power, it automatically begins the initialization process. After startup, select a desired language and then the phone enters the sign-in screen.

Sign into or Sign out of Your Microsoft Online Account

You can sign into or sign out of your Microsoft online account on the phone.

To sign into your Microsoft online account:

  1. Tap Sign in.
    You will be connected to the Company Portal automatically.
  2. Follow the on-screen prompts.

If you select shared mode, you can only place calls, receive calls and join the scheduled Teams

To sign out of your Microsoft online account:

  1. Tap at the top-left corner of the touch screen.
  2. Tap Settings->Sign Out.

Phone Lock

You can enable the phone lock feature to prevent it from unauthorized use.

To enable the phone lock feature:

  1. Tap at the top-left corner of the touch screen.
  2. Navigate to Settings->Device Settings->Phone Lock.
  3. Turn on Lock Enable.
  4. Enter the lock PIN in the New PIN field.
  5. Enter the lock PIN again in the Confirm PIN field.
  6. Select a desired value in the Idle time-out field.
  7. Tap to accept the change.

The phone will lock automatically when it has been inactive for a specified time.

To unlock the phone:

  1. Tap when the phone is locked.
  2. Enter the unlock PIN.

Change Your Presence Status

Your presence information is a quick way for other people to see your availability status. You can
change it manually if you want to.

To change your presence status:

  1. Tap at the top-left corner of the touch screen.
  2. Tap the presence status field to select a desired status

Basic Call Features

Teams Meeting

To schedule a meeting:

  1. Tap Meetings on the touch screen.
  2. Tap .
  3. Enter the title, add the participants and select start time and end time.
    You can enable All day to set up a whole day meeting.
  4. Enter the location and select the repetition period.
  5. To show others your availability during this time, tap the Show As field and then select Busy, Free, Tentative or Out of office.
  6. Optional: Enter the description of the meeting.
  7. Tap to schedule the meeting.

To join a scheduled meeting:

  1. Tap Meetings on the touch screen.
  2. Tap Join beside the meeting.

Regulatory Notices

Operating Ambient Temperatures

  • Operating temperature: +32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 90%, noncondensing
  • Storage temperature: -22 to +160°F (-30 to +70°C)


Our product warranty is limited only to the unit itself, when used normally in accordance with the operating instructions and the system environment. We are not liable for damage or loss resulting from the use of this product, or for any claim from a third party. We are not liable for problems with Yealink device arising from the use of this product; we are not liable for financial damages, lost profits, claims from third parties, etc., arising from the use of this product.

Explanation of the symbols

  • DC symbol is the DC voltage symbol.
  • WEEE Warning symbol
    To avoid the potential effects on the environment and human health as a result of the presence of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment, end users of electrical and electronic equipment should understand the meaning of the crossed-out wheeled bin symbol. Do not dispose of WEEE as unsorted municipal waste and have to collect such WEEE separately.
  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS)
    This device complies with the requirements of the EU RoHS Directive. Statements of compliance can be obtained by contacting [email protected].

Safety Instructions

Save these instructions. Read these safety instructions before use! General Requirements

  • Before you install and use the device, read the safety instructions carefully and observe the situation during operation.
  • During the process of storage, transportation, and operation, please always keep the device dry and clean, avoid collision and crash.
  • Please attempt not to dismantle the device by yourself. In case of any discrepancy, please contact the appointed maintenance center for repair.
  • Please refer to the relevant laws and statutes while using the device. Legal rights of others should be respected as well. Environmental Requirements
  • Place the device at a well-ventilated place. Do not expose the device under direct sunlight.
  • Keep the device dry and free of dusts.
  • Do not place the device on or near any inflammable or fire-vulnerable object, such as rubber-made materials.
  • Keep the device away from any heat source or bare fire, such as a candle or an electric heater. Operating Requirements
  • Do not let a child operate the device without guidance.
  • Do not let a child play with the device or any accessory in case of accidental swallowing.
  • Please use the accessories provided or authorized by the manufacturer only.
  • The power supply of the device shall meet the requirements of the input voltage of the device. Please use the provided surge protection power socket only.
  • Before plugging or unplugging any cable, make sure that your hands are completely dry.
  • Do not spill liquid of any kind on the product or use the equipment near water, for example, near a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen sink, wet basement or near a swimming pool.
  • During a thunderstorm, stop using the device and disconnect it from the power supply. Unplug the power plug and the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) twisted pair (the radio frequency cable) to avoid lightning strike.
  • If the device is left unused for a rather long time, disconnect it from the power supply and unplug the power plug.
  • When there is smoke emitted from the device, or some abnormal noise or smell, disconnect the device from the power supply, and unplug the power plug immediately.
  • Contact the specified maintenance center for repair.
  • Do not insert any object into equipment slots that is not part of the product or auxiliary product.
  • Before connecting a cable, connect the grounding cable of the device first. Do not disconnect the grounding cable until you disconnect all other cables. Operating Requirements
  • Before cleaning the device, disconnect it from the power supply.
  • Use a piece of soft, dry and anti-static cloth to clean the device.
  • Keep the power plug clean and dry.


The unit cannot supply power to device other than Yealink device.

There is a bad connection with the plug.
1. Clean the plug with a dry cloth.
2. Connect it to another wall outlet.

The usage environment is out of operating temperature range.
1. Use in the operating temperature range.

The cable between the unit and the Yealink device is connected incorrectly.
1. Connect the cable correctly.

You cannot connect the cable properly.
1. You may have connected a wrong Yealink device.
2. Use the correct power supply.

Some dust, etc., may be in the port.
1. Clean the port.
Contact your dealer or authorized service facility for any further questions.

FCC Statement

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Any Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

IC Statement

This device complies with Industry Canada’s licence-exempt RSSs. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

(1) this device may not cause interference; and
(2) this device must accept any interference, including interference that may cause undesired operation of the device. CAN ICES-3(B)

Radiation Exposure Statement

This equipment complies with FCC and IC radiation exposure limits set forth for an uncontrolled environment. This equipment should be installed and operated with minimum distance 20cm between the radiator and your body.

Contact Information

309, 3rd Floor, No.16, Yun Ding North Road, Huli District, Xiamen City, Fujian, P.R. China
Strawinskylaan 3127, Atrium Building, 8th floor, 1077ZX Amsterdam, The Netherlands
999 Peachtree Street Suite 2300, Fulton, Atlanta, GA, 30309, USA
Made in China

Yealink is a global leading provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, offering video conferencing service to worldwide enterprises. Focusing on research and development, Yealink also insists on innovation and creation. With the outstanding technical patents of cloud computing, audio, video and image processing technology, Yealink has built up a panoramic collaboration solution of audio and video conferencing by merging its cloud services with a series of endpoints products. As one of the best providers in more than 140 countries and regions including the US, the UK and Australia, Yealink ranks No.1 in the global market share of SIP phones shipments.

Technical Support

Visit Yealink WIKI (http://support.yealink.com/) for the latest firmware, guides, FAQ, Product documents, and more. For better service, we sincerely recommend you to use Yealink Ticketing system (https://ticket.yelink.com) to submit all your technical issues.


Will this phone work with Zoom Phone?

we don’t work with zoom brand and never tested the phone with brand we are not working.

Is the yealink t57w ip phone unlocked? i would like to use it with the callcentric service.

If you purchase from TelephoneKing, all of our phones come unlocked and have a manufacturer warranty. Please check with your provider that you can bring your own device and that this is compatible with their services.

Do i need to pay for a voip service for this phone to work?

To use as intended, this phone must connect to a VoIP server. You can connect the phone to your own VoIP server. There are open source VoIP services but there would likely be some costs to purchase the hardware and maintain the server. There would also be costs to obtain a working phone number, etc. Unless you are familiar with those items, it would be most likely to suggest to use a VoIP service. There are many variables but most business solutions cost about $20-$40 per month per line.

Can it be used with Google Voice?

Google voice is not compatible with any SIP phone.

Will this work with Microsoft teams?

Great phone, touch screen, screen saver, nice graphics, a lot of features.

What is the difference between the t57w and t57w prime business

just a duplicate listing on amazon.

Can you assign a different extension to cordless phones (w56h) connected to this t57w via the dect dongle dd10k?

Yes, you can assign any one of the 16 accounts on the YT57W to any of the 4 possible attached DECT handsets, like the W56H. I just tested it to be sure before I answered your question. Have fun with it!

Is there any way for the screen to go dim or sleep when not in use or not receiving calls?

Yes, there is a “Backlight Timeout” in the phones settings that can be set to a variety of times.

Does it work with xfinity business? non sip line

The Yealink T57W is a SIP phone that works with VoIP service that you would get from a service provider. Typically service providers will give its customers a list of phones that are certified on their networks.

How can I change the DNS server of my Yealink phone?

You can change the DNS server of your Yealink phone by using the Settings menu.

How can I add a user to my Teams account?

You can add a user to your Teams account by following these steps:
1. Open Teams and sign in with your Microsoft account. 2. Click on your profile photo and select People & Groups from the drop-down list. 3. Select Add someone else to this group, enter their email address and click Add. 4. Select Invite someone else to join this group, enter their email address and click Send Invitation. 5. The new user will receive an invitation email and will need to accept it before they are added to your Teams account. 6. If you want to create a new Office 365 Group, you’ll need to use Outlook on the web or another device that has access to Office 365 Groups, such as an iPhone or Android device running Outlook Mobile, or a Mac running Outlook for Mac 2011 or newer versions (Outlook for Mac 2016 is required). 7. Once you have created a new Office 365 Group, you’ll need to invite users to join it from within Teams or Outlook on the web (Outlook for Mac 2011 or newer versions). 8. To learn more about how to manage users in Office 365 Groups, please refer to https://support2.microsoft.com/en-us/help/121907/manage-users-in-office-365-groups . 9 . To learn more about how to create an Office 365 Group from within Teams, please refer to https://support2 . microsoft . com / en – us / help / 121906 / create – an – office – 365 – group – from – within – teams . 10 . To learn more about how to create an Office 365 Group from within Outlook on the web, please refer to https : //support2 . microsoft . com / en – us / help / 121905 / create – an – office – 365 – group – from – within – outlook . 11 . To learn more about how to create an Office 365 Group from within Outlook for

Is Yealink a good phone?

The audio quality for both the handset and the speakerphone is excellent, as we have come to expect from Yealink. The handset audio is particularly good when on a VoIP call, crystal clear and in high definition.

Is Yealink an IP phone?

Yealink ranks No. 1 in the global market share of IP Phone and is the Top 5 leader in the video conferencing market (Frost & Sullivan, 2021).

Is yealink a Chinese company?

Yealink is a Chinese company and they manufacture their phones in China.

Where is yealink based?

Yealink Network Technology Corporation Limited is a China-based company principally engaged in the research, development, sales and related services of enterprise communication terminal equipments. The Company operates through two main segments.

What services is yealink offering to yealink partners?

Device Management Platform.
Management Cloud Service.
USB Connect Management.
VC Cloud Management.

How do I contact yealink support?

Dedicated Technical Support. With the Yealink support team, your technical issues will be resolved quickly, in the meanwhile you can access to our support resources 24×7 and search answers by yourselves on Yealink Support Center (http://support.yealink.com ).

What is the default password for Yealink phones?

he default password to log into the Yealink Phone is ‘admin‘ which is not secure, it is recommended to change the password to something more secure. You may also have a need to reset the whole phone should your experience any software error with the phone or forget your password.

Why does my Yealink phone say no service?

When a Yealink IP Phone displays the words “No Service” it means the device was unable to successfully register to our network. In cases where the phone had been properly working for a long time and is only suddenly afflicted with these error messages, a rebooting the device often will normally clear up the issue.

Can you record on a Yealink phone?

Yealink phones, including T20, T22, T26 and T28, with firmware version not lower than V50, support to set a DSS Key as record button that can be pressed during a call to request a recording to the server.



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