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yobola T2PRO Bluetooth Earphone manual

yobola T2PRO Bluetooth Earphone manual Image

yobola T2PRO Bluetooth Earphone

Product description

How to wear

Gently insert the headset into the cochlea and adjust It to a proper angle. Q (L for left earphone, R for right earphone)


  •  Headset charging: put the headset back into the charging box and close the cover to charge the headset. Charging: Red light on. Fully charged: Red light off.
  •  Charging of the charging box: connect a USB charging cable to charge. Charging: White light flash. Fully charged: White light on.

Power on / off

  1. Power on:
    1. Take out the earphones from the charging box, and the headset will turn on automatically.
    2. Press and hold the headset multifunction button for 5 seconds.
  2.  Power off:
    1.  put the headset into the charging box and close the cover, and the headset will turn off automatically.
    2.  When music is not playing, press the headset multifunction button for 5 seconds

Headset Pairing

  1. After the two headsets are taken out of the charging box or turned on, the left and right headset will pair automatically and enter the connection mode with the device.
  2.  Turn on the Bluetooth of the phone and search for Bluetooth devices.
  3.  Find the Bluetooth device: T2 Pro and connect it, and there will be a prompt tone after the successful connection

(Note: if T2 Pro cannot be found, please confirm whether the headset I turned on or you can turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and then turn it on again)

Function Introduction

Pick up/hang up the phone Press the multifunction button
Decline a call Long press the multifunction button for 2 seconds
Music play / pause Press the multifunction button
Last song Double click the left headset multifunction button
Next song Double click the right headset multifunction button
Lower the volume Long press the left headset

multifunction button

Increase the volume Long press the right headset multifunction button
Siri or voice assistant Three click the multifunction button

Product Parameters

  • Model: T2 Pro
  • Bluetooth version: V5.1
  • Wireless distance: ≥ 10m (in the barrier-free environment)
  • Input voltage: DC5V
  • Headset battery: 40mAh
  • Battery of charging box: 300mAh
  • Usage time: about 4-5H
  • Charging time of charging box: about 1-2H


  1. Please use it in a room without wall-like barriers; otherwise, it may cause sound stuck / interruption.
  2.  The distance between the headset and the device should not be too far; otherwise, the sound may be stuck/interrupted.
  3. If there are a lot of Wi-Fi and 4G signals around or other high-power electrical appliances when using, it is easy to cause sound stuck / interruption.


We offer one year warranty, please feel free to contact us if you have any issues. We would reply all your requirements via: [email protected]


How to solve the problem that only one headset can listen to music?

Put the two headsets back into the charging box and close the cover, take them out again to check whether the binaural mode is restored, if the earphones have not recovered, you can clear the pairing information to solve the problem.

What should I do if the phone says “cannot connect”?

Delete the pairing record on the phone, and then search and connect again to solve it.

This is my 3rd one i bough but they don’t seem to last long at all. only 30 minutes at most. how can i return them?

This Amazon link tells you how to return items you’ve bought on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html%3FnodeId%3DG6E3B2E8QPHQ88KF

do these work with android ohone

They are bluetooth which means that they will connect to any mobile phone with bluetooth connectivity. Very good sound quality, easy to charge and connect to phone.

Are these the same size as airpods?

They look exactly the same and as far as I can tell they work exactly the same.

These were working fine, but don’t charge. The light stays on for a minute then guess off. Not sure how to contact the seller?

The iPods must fully charge and white light should be solid and flash white when charging hope this helps.

How do i connect them? Read and read the manual and still cannot work it out

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or device, search for “T2 Pro” and select it. The headphones have an auditory queue saying “pairing” followed by “connected” and then you can begin listening!

Are these the same fit as the apple wired headphones you get with iPhones?

They fit me fine, they took a little time to get used (I’d never worn wireless ones before) and they are the fraction of the cost of Apple buds I wouldn’t be without them now they’re a bargain.

Do they work with Android and iPhone

They work with both Andriod and iphone

They keep falling out of my ears when I’m out walking. Very annoying. Is there anything to stop this, like a cover the part that goes in your ear?

A little late, but you can get little silicone sleeves with a little triangle that hooks into your ear. You don’t feel them and they keep earbuds like this in place perfectly

Does it work with Samsung S21 + 5g

If your Samsung device connects with any other Bluetooth device then it should work

Do these create an in-ear seal or do they just sit in your ear?

They sit in your ear. They are quite secure though

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