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YORK DRCR Wireless Remote Controller Manual

YORK DRCR Wireless Remote Controller Manual Image

YORK DRCR Wireless Remote Controller Manual

Important Notice

  • Johnson Controls, Inc. pursues a policy of continuing improvement in design and performance in its products. As such, Johnson Controls, Inc. reserves the right to make changes at any time without prior notice.
  • Johnson Controls, Inc. cannot anticipate every possible circumstance that might involve a potential hazard.
  • This inverter air conditioning unit is designed for standard air conditioning applications only. Do not use this unit for anything other than the purposes for which it was intended for.
  • The installer and system specialist should safeguard against leakage in accordance with local pipefitters and electrical codes. The following standards may be applicable if local regulations are not available. International Organization for Standardization: (ISO 5149 or European Standard, EN 378). No part of this manual may be reproduced in any way without the expressed written consent of Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • This air conditioning accessory will be operated and serviced in the United States of America and comes with all required Safety, Danger, and Caution warnings.
  • If you have questions, please contact your distributor or dealer.
  • This manual provides common descriptions, basic and advanced information to maintain and service this air conditioning unit which you operate, as well for other models.
  • This air conditioning unit has been designed for a specific temperature range. For optimum performance and long life, operate this unit within range limits.
  • This manual should be considered as a permanent part of the air conditioning equipment and should remain with the air conditioning equipment.

Product Inspection upon Arrival

  1. Upon receiving this product, inspect it for any damages incurred in transit. Claims for damage, either apparent or concealed, should be filed immediately with the shipping company.
  2. Check the model number, electrical characteristics (power supply, voltage, and frequency rating), and any accessories to determine if they agree with the purchase order.
  3. The standard utilization for this unit is explained in these instructions. Use of this equipment for purposes other than what it was designed for is not recommended.
  4. Please contact your local agent or contractor as any issues involving installation, performance, or maintenance arise. Liability does not cover defects originating from unauthorized modifications performed by a customer without the written consent of Johnson Controls, Inc. Performing any mechanical alterations on this product without the consent of the manufacturer will render your warranty null and void.


WARNING: Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.
CAUTION: Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury.
NOTICE: Indicates information considered important, but not hazard-related (e.g. messages relating to property damage).

Warning: To reduce the risk of serious injury or death, read these instructions thoroughly and follow all warnings or cautions included in all manuals that accompanied this product and the indoor and outdoor units.

  • This system, including this controller, should be installed by personnel certified by Johnson Controls, Inc. Personnel must be qualified according to local, state and national building and safety codes and regulations. Incorrect installation could cause leaks, electric shock, fire or explosion.
  • Use appropriate personal protective equipment, such as gloves and protective goggles and electrical protection equipment and tools suited for electrical operation purposes.
  • Do not stand on or put any material on the controller.
  • When installing the controller cabling to the units, do not touch or adjust any safety devices inside the indoor or outdoor units. All safety features, disengagement, and interlocks must be in place and functioning correctly before the equipment is put into operation. If these devices are improperly adjusted or tampered with in any way, a serious accident can occur. Never bypass or jump out any safety device.
  • Use only Johnson Controls recommended or provided as standardized or replacement parts.
  • Johnson Controls shall not assume any liability for injuries or damage caused by not following steps outlined or described in this manual. Unauthorized modifications to Johnson Controls products are prohibited as they…
    • may create hazards that could result in death, serious injury or equipment damage.
    • will void product warranties.
    • may invalidate product regulatory certifications.
    • may violate OSHA standards.

NOTICE: Take the following precautions to reduce the risk of property damage

  • Do not touch the main circuit board or electronic components in the controller or remote devices. Also, make sure that dust and/or steam does not accumulate on the circuit board.
  • Locate the wireless zone controller at a distance of at least 3 ft. (approx. 1m) between the indoor unit and electric lighting. Otherwise, the receiver part of the unit may have difficulty receiving operation commands.
  • If the wired zone controller is installed in a location where electromagnetic radiation is generated, make sure that the wired zone controller is shielded and cables are sleeved inside conduit tubing.
  • If there is a source of electrical interference near the power source, install noise suppression equipment (filter).
  • During the run test, check the unit’s operating temperature. If the unit is used in an environment where the temperature exceeds the operation boundary, it may cause severe damage. Check the operational temperature boundary in the manual. If there is no specified temperature, use the unit within the operational temperature boundary of 35°~104°F (0~40°C).
  • Read installation and appropriate user manuals for connection with PC or peripheral devices. If a warning window appears on PC, the product stops, does not work properly or works intermittently, immediately stop using the equipment.


To reduce the risk of serious injury or death, the following installation precautions must be followed:

  • If the remote sensors are not used with this controller then do not install this controller…
    • in a room where there is no thermostat.
    • where the unit is exposed to direct sunshine.
    • where the unit will be in close proximity to a heat source.
    • where hot/cold air from the outdoors, or a draft from elsewhere (such as air vents, diffusers or grilles) can affect air circulation.
    • in areas with poor air circulation and ventilation.
  • Perform the run test using the controller to ensure normal operation. Safety guards, shields, barriers, covers, and protective devices must be in place while the compressor/unit is operating. During the run test, keep fingers and clothing away from any moving parts.

After installation work for the system has been completed, explain the “Safety Precautions,” use, and maintenance of the unit to the customer according to the information in all manuals that accompanied the system. All manuals and warranty information must be given to the user or left near the Indoor Unit.


Take the following precautions to reduce the risk of electric shock, fire or explosion resulting in serious injury or death:

  • Only use electrical protection equipment and tools suited for this installation.
  • Insulate the wired zone controller against moisture and temperature extremes.
  • Use specified cables between units and the controller.
  • The polarity of the input terminals is important, so be sure to match the polarity when using contacts that have polarity.
  • Highly dangerous electrical voltages may be used in this system. Carefully refer to the wiring diagram and these instructions when wiring. Improper connections and inadequate grounding can cause serious injury or death.
  • Before installing the controller or remote devices, ensure that the indoor and outdoor unit operation has been stopped. Further, be sure to wait at least five minutes before turning off the main power switch to the indoor or outdoor units. Otherwise, water leakage or electrical breakdown may result.
  • Do not open the service cover or access panel to the indoor or outdoor units without turning OFF the main power supply. Before connecting or servicing the controller or cables to indoor or outdoor units, open and tag all disconnect switches. Never assume electrical power is disconnected. Check with meter and equipment.
  • Use an exclusive power supply at the controller’s rated voltage.
  • Be sure to install circuit breakers (ground fault interrupter, isolating switch, molded case circuit breaker, and so forth) with the specified capacity. Ensure that the wiring terminals are tightened securely to recommended torque specifications.
  • This equipment can be installed with a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker (GFCI), which is a recognized measure for added protection to a properly grounded unit. Install appropriate sized breakers/fuses / overcurrent protection switches, and wiring in accordance with local, state and NEC codes and requirements. The equipment installer is responsible for understanding and abiding by applicable codes and requirements.
  • Clamp electrical wires securely with a cable clamp after all wiring is connected to the terminal block. In addition, run wires securely through the wiring access channel.
  • When installing the power lines, do not apply tension to the cables. Secure the suspended cables at regular intervals, but not too tightly.
  • Make sure that the terminals do not come into contact with the surface of the electrical box. If the terminals are too close to the surface, it may lead to failures at the terminal connection.
  • Do not clean with, or pour water, into the controller as it could cause electric shock and/or damage the unit. Do not use strong detergent such as a solvent. Clean with a soft cloth.
  • Check that the ground wire is securely connected. Do not connect ground wiring to gas piping, water piping, lighting conductor, or telephone ground wiring.

User Notice

① Make sure there is no obstruction between the wireless remote controller and the signal


② The signal receiving distance of the wireless remote controller can be up to 32.8 feet.
③ Never drop or throw the wireless remote controller.
④ Never allow any liquid to touch the wireless remote controller.
⑤ Never expose the wireless remote controller to direct sunlight or where it is very hot.
⑥ This is a general remote control that can be used for multiple types  (functions)  of air conditioners.

Control Panel of the Wireless Remote Controller

No. Name Function Description
1 Signal


●   Signal transmitter


●   Press this button, and the unit will be turned on; press it once more, and the unit will be turned off. When turning off the unit, the Sleep function will

be canceled, but preset time is still enabled.



●   Pressing this button, Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan, and Heat mode can be selected sequentially. Auto mode is the default after powered on. Under the Auto mode, the setting temperature will not be displayed. Under the  Heat mode, the initial value is 82°F (28°C). Under other modes, the initial value is 77°F (25°C).

AUTO ;  COOL;        DRY;     FAN;      HEAT (only for cooling and heating unit)

4 – Button ●   Preset temperature can be decreased by pressing this button. Pressing and holding this button for more than 2 seconds will decrease the preset temperature rapidly. When the button is released, the setting will be transmitted. The temperature adjustment is unavailable under the Auto mode, but the order can be sent by pressing this button. Centigrade setting range: 16°- 30°. Fahrenheit scale setting range: 61°- 86°.
+ Button ● Preset temperature can be increased by pressing this button. Pressing and holding this button for more than 2 seconds will increase the preset temperature rapidly. When the button is released, the setting will be transmitted. The temperature adjustment is unavailable under the Auto mode, but the order can be sent by pressing this button. Centigrade setting range: 16°- 30°; Fahrenheit scale setting range: 61°-86°.
5 FAN Button ●   By pressing this button, Auto, Low, Middle, High speed is sequentially

selected. After powered on, Auto fan speed is the default.

●         AUTO

Low speed Middle speed High speed

Note: Under the DRY mode, the fan will be kept running at the low speed and the fan speed isn’t adjustable.



● Press this button to set up the swing angle, which sequentially changes as shown.

●  When the guide louver starts to swing up and down, if SWING funtions   is canceled, the air guide louver will stop and remains at the current position.

● indicates the guide louver swings up and down among those five

directions.(Simplified SWING function applicable for some fan coil units. When the wireless remote controller is energized initially with the unit under the OFF status, it should be set by pressing the + button and the

SWING button simultaneously, with the symbol   blinking twice. Then, after the unit is turned on, this function can be activated by pressing the

SWING button, with the displayed symbol  indicating swing function is on and without this displayed symbol indicating swing function is off.)



● By pressing this button, the clock is allowed to be set, with  blinking, and then press the +/- button to adjust the clock within 5 seconds. If       the +/- button is pressed down continuously for  more  than  2  seconds, the clock setting will be increased or decreased by 10 minutes every

0.5 seconds. After that, another press on  the  CLOCK  button  accepts the setting. 12:00 is  the  default,  when  the  wireless  remote  controller  is energized.



● When TIMER ON is activated, ON will blink while the symbol    will disappear. Within 5 seconds, set the ON time by pressing the +/-

button. Each press will make the time increase or decrease  by  1  minute. The time can also be set by pressing and holding the  +/- button. Within the first 2.5 seconds, the  time  will  increase/ decrease quickly by minute, and in  the next  2.5 seconds,  the time will increase/decrease  by 10  minutes.  After   the   desired  time value is set, press TIME ON again to conform the setting within 5 seconds. After  that,  another  press  of  TIMER  ON  will   cancel   the  setting. Prior to this setting, the clock should be set to the actual time.



●   Pressing this button can activate or deactivate the X-FAN function.

In Cool or Dry mode, by pressing this button,if ” ” is displayed, it indicates the X-FAN function is activated. By repressing this button,

if  ”                                  ” disappears, it indicates the X-FAN function is  deactivated. Upon initial power up, the X-FAN function is defaulted to OFF. If the unit is turned off, X-FAN can be deactivated but can’t be activated.



●       Pr essing this button will toggle the temperature displayed on the remote between the indoor setting temperature and the indoor temperature.

●       Indoor setting temperature is default after the indoor unit is initially

powered up.

●        By pressing the TEMP button, when the temperature symbol

is displayed, the indoor setting temperature is displayed.

When      is displayed, the indoor temperature is displayed.

When is displayed, there is an error with the temperature sensor.

If a TEMP signal from another remote is received, the preset temperature will be displayed. After 5 seconds, the display will return to the indoor temperature. (This function is not applicable to all models.)


OFF Button

●   By pressing this button, the TIMER OFF settting can be set with the same setting method as that of the TIMER ON, in which case the OFF symbol blinks.


●   In the Cool or Heat mode, pressing this button can activate or deactivate the TURBO function.When the TURBO fucntion is activated, its symbol    will be displayed; when the running mode or the fan speed is changed, this function will be canceled automatically.(This function is

not applicable to all models).



●      By pressing this button, Sleep On and Sleep Off can be selected. Upon initial power up, the SLEEP function is defaulted to OFF. Once the unit is turned off, the Sleep function is canceled. When Sleep is set to On, the  symbol will display.


●   Press this button to toggle the display backlight ON/OFF.

LIGHT is set to on, the icon   will be displayed and the indicating light in the display will be on. When the LIGHT is set to off, the     icon will not be displayed and the indicating light in the display will be off.

Additional Functions

  • X-FAN function (This function is applicable to select models.)
    This function is used to keep the fan running on the indoor unit to remove moisture from the evaporator coil.
    • With X-FAN function ON: After turning off the unit by pressing the ON/OFF button, the indoor fan will continue running for several minutes at low speed. In this period, press the X-FAN button to stop the indoor fan.
    • With X-FAN function OFF: After turning off the unit by pressing the ON/OFF button, the unit will shut off immediately..
  • TURBO function (This function is applicable to select models)
    If the TURBO function is activated, the unit will run at high fan speed to perform cooling or heating so that the ambient temperature will approach the preset temperature more quickly.
  • Lock
    Press + and – buttons simultaneously to lock or unlock the keyboard. If the wireless remote controller is locked, the icon will be displayed, in which case, any button press will result in no response but with the icon blinking three times. If the keyboard is unlocked, the blinking icon will disappear.
    • Press the Swing Up/Down button for more than 2 seconds and then the louver will swing up and down. After releasing the button, the louver will stop swinging and keep the current position.
    • When the louver starts swinging, by pressing the Swing Up/Down button 2 seconds later, the louver will stop swinging. By pressing the Swing Up/Down button within 2 seconds, the louver will continue swinging.
  • Change Over Switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade
    Under the OFF state of the unit, press MODE and “-” buttons simultaneously to switch between °C and

Replacement of Batteries

  1. Slightly press the place with along the arrowhead direction and push the back cover of the wireless remote controller.
  2. Take out the used batteries.
  3. Insert two new AAA 1.5V dry cell batteries and pay attention to their polarity.
  4. Put back the cover of the wireless remote controller.


  1. When changing the batteries, do not use used or different-type batteries. Otherwise, it will cause a malfunction to the wireless remote controller.
  2. If the wireless remote controller will not be used for a long time, please take the batteries out. Battery discharge can damage the wireless remote controller.
  3. The operation should be within the signal receiving range.
  4. It should be placed three feet away from a TV set or stereo.
  5. If the wireless remote controller can not operate normally, please take batteries out for 30s. If the anomaly persists, please change them.
  6. The battery must be removed from the controller before it is removed from service. Batteries are to be disposed of safely.

Support Contact Information

Technical Support

Support during installation, commissioning, service, and troubleshooting

BE-VR[email protected]

Assistance ordering equipment, parts, and accessories

[email protected]

Assistance with warranty registration, claims, etc.

BE-VR[email protected]
Application and Design

Pre-sale assistance with equipment applications and design support, as well as use of Selection Tool

[email protected]

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