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Zanussi Electric Oven ZOB343X Manual

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ZOB343X Electric Oven User Manual

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General overview

1 Control panel 6 Temperature indicator/symbol
2 Knob for the heating functions 7 Air vents for the cooling fan
3 Power lamp/symbol 8 Heating element
4 Display 9 Lamp
5 Control knob (for the temperature) 10 Fan
11 Shelf positions


Sensor fields / Buttons

To set the time.
To set a clock function.
To set the time.


A. Clock functions
B. Timer


Before first use
The oven can emit an odor and smoke during preheating. Make sure that the room is ventilated.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Set the clock Clean the oven Preheat the empty oven
1. ,  press to set the time.
After approximately 5 sec., the flashing stops and the display shows the time.
1. Remove all accessories from the oven.
2. Clean the oven and the accessories with a  soft cloth, warm water, and a mild detergent.
1. Set the maximum temperature for the function: Time: 1 h.
2. Set the maximum temperature for the function: Time: 15 min.


How to set: Heating function

Step 1
Turn the knob for the heating functions to select a heating function.
Step 2
Turn the control knob to select the temperature.
Step 3
When the cooking ends, turn the knobs to the off position to turn off the oven.

Heating functions

Heating function Application
Off position
The oven is off.
Light Oven lamp

True Fan Cooking
Even baking, tenderness, drying

Moist Fan Baking


Toasting, grilling

Notes on: Moist Fan Baking
This function was used to comply with the energy efficiency class and ecodesign requirements. Tests according to BS EN 60350-1.
The oven door should be closed during cooking so that the function is not interrupted and the oven operates with the highest energy efficiency possible.

For general energy-saving recommendations refer to the “Energy Efficiency” chapter, Energy Saving.
This function is designed to save energy during cooking. When you use this function, the temperature in the cavity may differ from the set temperature. The heating power may be reduced.


Notes on cleaning

Cleaning Agents
Clean the front of the oven with a soft cloth with warm water and a mild detergent. Clean and check the door gasket around the frame of the cavity.
Use a cleaning solution to clean metal surfaces.
Clean stains with a mild detergent.
Everyday Use Clean the cavity after each use. Fat accumulation or another residue may cause a fire.
Moisture can condense in the oven or on the door glass panels. To decrease the condensation, let the oven work for 10 minutes before cooking. Do not store the food in the oven for longer than 20 minutes. Dry the cavity with a soft cloth after each use.
Accessories Clean all accessories after each use and let them dry. Use a soft cloth with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not clean the accessories in a dishwasher.
Do not clean the non-stick accessories using an abrasive cleaner or sharp-edged objects.


What to do if…
In any cases not included in this table please contact with an Authorised Service Centre.

Problem Check if…
The oven does not heat
The fuse is blown.
The door gasket is damaged. Do not use the oven.
Contact an Authorised Service Centre.
The display shows
There was a power cut.
Set the time of day.
The lamp does not work. The lamp is burnt out.

Service data
If you cannot find a solution to the problem yourself, contact your dealer or an Authorised Service Centre.
The necessary data for the service center is on the rating plate. The rating plate is on the front frame of the oven cavity. Do not remove the rating plate from the oven cavity.

We recommend that you write the data here:
Model (MOD.)…………………………………..
Product number (PNC)…………………………………..
Serial number (S.N.)…………………………………..


Supplier’s name Zanussi
Model identification ZOB343X 944064891
Energy Efficiency Index 94.8
Energy efficiency class A
Energy consumption with a standard load, fan-forced mode 0.73 kWh/cycle
Number of cavities 1
Heat source Electricity
Volume 53 l
Type of oven Built-In Oven
Mass 28.6 kg

BS EN 60350-1 – Household electric cooking appliances – Part 1: Ranges, ovens, steam ovens, and grills – Methods for measuring performance.

Energy saving

The oven has features that help you save energy during everyday cooking.
Make sure that the oven door is closed when the oven operates. Do not open the oven door too often during cooking. Keep the door gasket clean and make sure it is well fixed in its position.
Use metal cookware to improve energy saving.

When possible, do not preheat the oven before cooking.
Keep breaks between baking as short as possible when you prepare a few dishes at one time.
Cooking with fan
When possible, use the cooking functions with a fan to save energy.
Residual heat
When the cooking duration is longer than 30 min, reduce the oven temperature to minimum 3 – 10 min before the end of cooking. The residual heat inside the oven will continue to cook.
Use the residual heat to warm up other dishes.
Keep food warm
Choose the lowest possible temperature setting to use residual heat and keep a meal warm.
Moist Fan Baking
Function designed to save energy during cooking.


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