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Zyllion ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat Manual

Zyllion ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat Manual Image

Zyllion ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat

Please read this user manual thoroughly before using this massager product. This manual should be kept on hand for easy reference.
Thank you for choosing the new ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat from Zyllion!

Convenient and sleek in design, this portable massager provides top quality massage therapy. The 4 deep-kneading massage nodes do wonders to alleviate soreness and muscle tightness. The intensity of the massage experience is controlled by you, the user, by either leaning against or towards the unit for the perfect amount of pressure desired. With its ergonomic design, this ultra slim massager can be carried anyqhere. Its adjustable straps secure the cushion to your favorite chair!

Features and Benefits of your new Zyllion Massage Pillow:

  • Heat function adds an extra level of muscle soothing and relaxation
  • Equipped with an overheat protection device & programmed with a 20-minute auto shut-off feature to ensure safety and save energy
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Eases tension and fatigue caused by stress, post-workout muscle soreness, and any body pain triggered by repetitive physical activity
  • Treats neck stiffness and soreness caused by prolonged hours of sitting
  • Relieve muscle tightness and soreness in those areas of your body where you need it the most.

For decreased intensity of massage, you may place a thin sheet or towel between you, the user, and the massager unit. Thank you for choosing Zyllion!




We highly encourage customers to ease slowly into using the massager over the first several days as to let your body become familiar with the intensity of the massage.
The following precautions are to be taken to reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock, or injury. Please read carefully prior to using this electric appliance.

DANGER To reduce the risk of electric shock, burns, fire or injury, please DO NOT:

  1. Use outdoors.
  2. Use massager for extended periods of time. The recommended session is 20 minutes long.
  3. Use if any parts of the unit are missing or appear damaged or defective. If the cover has torn, do not use the pull-over sleeve in order to continue use. Contact the Zyllion for repair/replacement.
  4. Use if wet or use/leave near any water, or ANY heated surfaces.
  5. Submerge unit in water or any type of liquid.
  6. Reach for unit if it has fallen into water while plugged in. Unplug immediately.
  7. Leave unit plugged in when not in use, especially when pets or children are near this device.
  8. Allow children to use the device unless they are supervised.
  9. Use pins or any type of metal fastener with this device.
  10. Use on bare skin. DO NOT use on sensitive skin areas, areas of the body that are inflamed, areas with open sores or wounds, or areas of the body with poor circulation.
  11. Attempt to have the unit repaired by professionals other than Zyllion repair technicians. Doing so can potentially damage your massager and void your warranty.
  12. Plug in device to an already overloaded electrical outlet. Doing so could lead to electrocution.
  13. Remove massager plug from its socket by pulling the power cord.
  14. Plug in or unplug with wet hands to avoid electric shock and injury.
  15. Operate under blanket or pillow. Excessive heating can occur and cause fire, electric shock, or injury to persons.
  16. Operate the product with the air openings blocked. Keep the air openings free of lint, hair, and the like.
  17. Operate where aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is administered.

To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not attempt to repair. There are no serviceable parts inside. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this unit to rain or moisture.

Consult your doctor before using this massager if any of the following apply:

  • You are experiencing unusual pain in any area of the body
  • You have any concerns regarding your health
  • You have a serious medical condition such as heart disease, rheumatism, osteoporosis, tendonitis, diabetes, various skin diseases, skeletal problems, or spinal problems
  • You may be pregnant
  • You are currently under medical care
  • You have a pacemaker, artificial limb, or pins/screws inside any area of your body.

The following individuals should avoid using this massager:

  • Mentally or physically incapacitated individuals without supervision.
  • Those suffering from skin diseases, skin redness, scalds/burns, or irritation.
  • Those who suffer from muscle pain, osteoporosis, severe fractures, sprains, or brittle bones.
  • Those who have a cancerous growth or tumor in the area where massage is to be applied.
  • Those with heart disease.
  • Those who suffer from hypertension or high/low blood pressure.
  • Those who are susceptible to electromagnetic malfunctions such as cardiac pacemakers and implantable medical electronic devices.
  • Those who have a lose in sense of temperature difference.
  • Those who are restless early in pregnancy or shortly after giving birth.
  • Those who have an abnormal or curved spine.
  • Those with a perception distortion caused by a high degree of peripheral circulation in diabetes.
  • People who need quiet or are in poor health.
  • Those with a 38C fever.
  • Those with acute inflammatory symptoms, tiredness, chills, or changes in blood pressure, etc.


  • Use massager only as intended. Do not use attachments not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid stepping on the power cord to prevent damage or electrocution.
  • Properly unplug the unit after use. If necessary, turn off the unit prior to unplug it during use.
  • Turn off and unplug massager mid-use if you experience severe pain or detect any malfunction or abnormal condition, or there is a power outage or lightning storm.
  • The appliance must only be supplied at safe extra low voltage corresponding to the marking on the appliance.
  • The appliance is only to be used with the power supply unit provided with the appliance.
  • Never operate this appliance if it has a damaged cord or plug, if it is not working properly, if it has been dropped or damaged, or dropped into water. Return the appliance to Zyllion for examination and repair.

Do not continue to use the massager if the cover has torn. Call Customer Service to receive a replacement cover.
If a fault is found, stop use immediately and unplug the power supply to avoid accidents or injuries. Please contact the seller or manufacturer for repairs or replacements.

Discontinue use of this unit if:

  • Any parts are exposed or appear damaged or defective.
  • The electrical outlet is unusually loose.
  • It is exposed to explosive or flammable fumes.
  • It over heats, catches fire, or the smell of smoke or burning electronics is present.
  • Aerosol (spray) products are being used or where oxygen is being administered.
  • You experience any of the following:
  • Numbness or weakness in the face, arm, or leg;
  • Confusion or trouble speaking or understanding speech
  • Vision problems in one or both eyes
  • Difficulty walking or dizziness, loss of balance or problems with coordination
  • Severe headache

This massager is equipped with an overheat protection device & programmed with a 20-minute Auto Shut-Off to ensure safety. (UL approved power adaptor works with both 110-120V & 220-240V electrical outlet)

If product becomes too warm, discontinue use and allow the unit to cool before operating. If your massager overheats, its safety device will automatically shut off the motor to ensure safety and prevent damage. If overheating continues, unplug the power cord and allow unit to cool off for 15-20 minutes before turning it on again. Contact Customer Support if this continues.


  • Make sure the unit is completely turned off prior to cleaning.
  • Allow unit to cool before cleaning.
  • Wipe device with a soft, lightly moistened cloth for easy cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaning agents such as benzene, thinner or gasoline.
  • Keep the unit away from heat sources, liquids, pets, or children, especially when unsupervised.
  • Store massager unit in a cool dry place and keep away from flammable products, explosives, or chemical solutions.
  • Do not wrap cord around massager unit when storing to avoid cord damage.

Make sure unit does not come in contact with sharp edges or pointed objects that could damage, cut, or puncture unit.

  • Massaged area may appear red after use. Please note this is normal, as bloodflow has increased around the area.
  • If you are prone to heat sensitivity OR are insensitive to heat OR have limited temperature perception, use the heat function with extreme caution. Use a towel, blanket, or other fabric made from nonflammable materials between you and the device to reduce your body’s exposure to heat, and take 15 to 20-minute breaks between sessions. Be aware that the friction of the rolling shiatsu massage combined with the heat function can intensify heat sensitivity. Wearing rough materials while using the massager may increase your risk for friction burns.
  • The device is not to be used for commercial use or medical purposes. If you have health concerns in regards to using this massager, consult your doctor/physician before using this product. Only use indoors! Do not use the device in damp rooms (e.g. when bathing or showering).
  • Do not wash!
  • Do not dry clean!
  • After using this product for 20 minutes, rest for 20 minutes before using again.

Correct Disposal of this product
This marking indicates that this product should not be disposed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was purchased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.


Plug the car OR wall adapter into an electrical outlet. The adapter plug and product cable should “snap” together when properly connected in place.

Use the pull-over sleeve to soften the heat and massage intensity.

One quick press of the power button turns on the massager unit. When you first turn on your massager the heat feature is automatically turned on and the auto rotation switching feature is activated, changing direction every 60 seconds.

TURN HEAT ON/OFF: Press the Power button to turn the heat off, then again to turn it on. Press again to cycle through the heat settings.

TO TURN OFF: Press and hold the power button for 3-5 seconds, and the unit will completely shut off.



Issue Probable Cause Solution
You hear a mechanical sound when product is in use When the product is in oper- ation the massage heads will make a mechanical sound. Normal Sound.
Cannot turn on the power Overheating Protection activated Let unit sit for 30 minutes to cool off and then restart
The power adapter is not properly plugged into the electrical socket Plug the electrical cord securely into the electrical socket
Product cable is not proper- ly connected to the power adapter Make sure the product ca- ble and the power adapter have clicked together
Grinding/clicking noises from the massage head Product is malfunctioning Contact Zyllion Customer Service.

If you are experiencing a problem with your ZMA-13 Shiatsu Massager, please contact Zyllion, Inc. at 1.855.588.8168. Zyllion, Inc. reserves the right to interpret any printing errors and omissions at its own discretion.

Any product updates or design details are subject to change without prior notice.


Zyllion currently offers an automatic one (1) year warranty for all its massager products. For a free, extended two (2) year warranty, you can register your Zyllion product online at:
www.zyllion.com/extendedwarranty. Please contact us at 1.855.588.8168 or [email protected] for further details.

To deliver the safest, highest quality products to our customers, Zyllion took the extra step to become FDA registered. That means all aspects of our manufacturing and testing are accepted and backed by the FDA guidelines.


Product Name: Zyllion Shiatsu Massage Pillow with Heat
Product Model: ZMA-13
Rated Voltage: DC 12V 2.5A
Rated Power: 30W
Auto Shut-off Timer: 20 minutes