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AGPTEK Wireless Charging Pad DW01 Manual

AGPTEK Wireless Charging Pad DW01 Manual Image

User Manual
Fast Charge
Wireless Charging Pad

Model: DW01


Thank you for purchasing our company’s product. For optimum operation, please read this manual carefully before use. If you have any problem with this device, please  feel  free to contact [email protected]

Product Details

  1. Wireless Charging Area
  2. Type-C Port
  3. LED Indicator


Input: DC 5V-2A, DC 9V-1.67A,
Output: 15W Max.
Size: 80*80*6mm

How It Works

  1. Connection Instruction
    a. Connecting power source.
    b. Put the device in a wireless charging area.
    c. The LED indicator is in blue color
    indicating the device is charging.
  2. Power Indicator Instruction
LED Indicator Status
Flashing Bluegreen for once Connected to power
Solid blue On Charging
Solid green Full Charge


  1.  For the fast and safe charge, please use a Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 Wall Charger.
  2. Wireless charger VS Wired charger: All devices supporting wireless charging function, can use the wireless charger to charge. No need to plug and unplug the phone frequently with a corresponding charging cable. Put down and start charging!
  3. Charging time (Wireless) VS Charging time (Wired): The power of the wireless charger is 15W max (iPhone supports max. 7.5W power, and most Android phones support 10W power), but the power of the wired charger is at least 10W. Thus, the wireless charger will take longer to charge than the wired charger.
  4.  It is a normal phenomenon that the wireless charging pad will be fever during charging. Please kindly note that take off the device after a full charge to protect your device and the wireless charging pad.
  5.  If there is a charge interruption the situation during charging, please check if the phone is shifting or the charging cable is loose.
  6. When charging, make sure that there is no metal foreign objects on the back of the phone and place your phone centrally.

Product And Safety Info

  1.  Do not store or use it in high temperature, humidity or dirty areas.
  2. Do not store or use it in strong magnetic fields.
  3.  Keep out of the reach of children.
  4. Do not expose it to water or heavy dust.
    Keep it dry and clean.
  5. Non-professionals are not allowed to disassemble and repair it without authorization.


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