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Ampeq Rocket Bass Combo Amplifiers Manual

Ampeq Rocket Bass Combo Amplifiers Manual Image

Ampeq Rocket Bass Combo Amplifiers User Guide

Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity 47 CFR § 2.1077 Compliance Information

Unique Identifiers: Ampeg Rocket Bass RB-108, RB-110, RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210

Responsible Party – U.S. Contact Information:

Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc.
26580 Agoura Road
Calabasas, CA 91302-1921
(818) 575-3600

FCC Compliance Statement:

This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:

  1. This device may not cause harmful interference, and
  2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

There are various types of fuses, and replacing them with different types may cause malfunction, electric shock, or fire. Be sure to confirm you are replacing the correct fuse with electrical rating and specifications.

Each number and symbol represent the following: Example: T3AL250V

1 T, 2 •A, 3 L, and 4 ■V are shown below.

  1.  Symbol indicating relative fusing time / current characteristics T: Time lag type, F: Fast-acting type.
  2. •A: Rated current.
  3.  Symbol indicating the blocking capacity L: Low cutoff capacity, E: Medium cutoff capacity, H: High cutoff capacity.
  4.  ■V: Rated voltage.

Ampeg, the Ampeg logo, Rocket Bass, SGT, and Super Grit Technology are trademarks or registered trademarks of Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc. in the U.S. and/or other jurisdictions. Eminence is a registered trademark of Eminence Speaker, LLC.

What’s in the Box

Rocket Bass® RB-108, RB-110, RB-112, RB-115, or RB-210 Amplifier, Power  Cable, Quick Start Guide.

Hookup Diagrams

  • Standard Setup
  • Practice Setup
  • PA/Recording Setup

Top and Rear Panels

  • RB-108
  • RB-110
  • RB-112/RB-115/RB-210
  • Rear Panel

Top and Rear Panel Descriptions

  1. 1/4″ Inputs: Connect a passive or active instrument to the Input jack. The -15dB jack is recommended for use with instruments that include high output pickups or active electronics.
  2.  SGT™ On/Off: Turns the SGT (“Super Grit Technology™”) overdrive circuit on/off.
  3. SGT Grit: Adjusts the amount of “grit” or drive of the SGT circuit (RB-110, RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210 only).
  4. SGT Level: Adjusts the overall level of the SGT circuit (RB-110, RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210 only).
  5. Volume: Adjust the amplifier’s overall output level.
  6.  Ultra Hi/ Ultra Lo Switches: Boosts high or low frequencies. (RB-112, RB 115, and RB-210 only).
  7. EQ Knobs: Boost or cut the levels at certain frequencies to enhance the sound.
  8.  Phones: Connect stereo headphones here.
  9.  Aux In: Analog input for an MP3 player or other music source.
  10. Power Switch and Power LED: Turns the power on/off, indicated by the LED.
  11.  Balanced DI Out: Feeds the Post EQ, Post Volume, Post FX Loop signal to  an external power amplifier, mixer, or recording setup (RB-110, RB-112, RB 115, and RB-210 only).
  12. Ground/Lift Switch: Connects the ground connection at the Balanced Output jack (RB-110, RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210 only).
  13.  FX Loop Send Jack: Use a 1/4″ unbalanced, TS cable to connect to the input of an external FX processor (RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210 only).
  14. FX Loop Return Jack: Use a 1/4″ unbalanced, TS cable to connect to the output of an external FX processor (RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210 only).
  15.  Footswitch Input: Turns the SGT overdrive circuit on/off using an optional TS footswitch (RB-112, RB-115, and RB-210 only).
  16. Extension Speaker Output: 1/4″ TS output jack for connecting an external 8 Ω speaker cabinet (RB-115 and RB-210 only).
  17. Horn On/Off Switch: Turns the high frequency horn on/off (RB-210 only).

Getting Started

  1. Read and understand the included Important Safety Instructions.
  2.  Make sure the Power switch is off before making any connections.
  3.  Push the included line cord securely into the amplifier’s IEC connector.Connect the line cord t  a grounded AC outlet. The amplifier may accept the appropriate voltage as indicated on the rear panel.
  4. Connect an instrument to the Input jack with a 1/4″ (shielded) instrument cable.
  5. With all controls fully off, turn the amplifier on by flipping the Power switch up.
  6.  While playing the instrument, adjust the Volume knob to the preferred level.
  7. Adjust the EQ knobs to taste.

Technical Specifications

Rocket Bass Combo Amplifiers
RB-108 RB-110 RB-112 RB-115 RB-210
Output  PowerRating 30W  50W 100W 200W 500W
Speaker Specs 1 x 8″ 4 1 x 10″ 4 1 x 12″ Eminence® 4 1 x 15″ Eminence® 8 2 x 10″ Eminence® 16    per speaker
External Speaker Specs N/A N/A N/A 100W @ 8 8    minimum 250W @ 8 8    minimum
Max Operating Range 40° C ambient temperature, 93% relative humidity, up to 2000 m altitude
Power Requirements 100-240V~ 50-60 Hz 45W Max 100-240V~ 50-60 Hz 70W Max 100-240V~ 50-60 Hz 150W Max 100-240V~ 50-60 Hz 280W Max 100-240V~ 50-60 Hz 600W Max
Size (H x W x D) 17.05×16.18x 12.05 in 33x411x306 mm 18.94×16.18 x13.00 in 481x411x330 mm 21.4×18.2 x14.2 in 543x462x360 mm 22.44×20.20 x13.94 in 570x513x354 mm 25.75×20.20x x13.94 in 654x513x354 mm
Weight 23.00 lb 10.45 kg 22.50 lb 10.20 kg 25.9 lb 11.75 kg 33.4 lb 15.45 kg 38.0 lb 17.7 kg

All specifications subject to change.


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Contact Us

Yamaha Guitar Group, Inc.
26580 Agoura Road, Calabasas, CA 91302-1921 USA
Part No. 40-00-0555 Rev B

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