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Universal Remote Control for LG Smart TV all models manual

Universal Remote Control for LG Smart TV all models manual Image

Universal Remote Control for LG Smart TV Remote Control All Models-Complete Features/Instruction Guide


  • DIMENSIONS: ‎66 x 1.97 x 0.98 inches
  • WEIGHT: 5.6 ounces
  • POWER: AAA batteries
  • BRAND: Angrox


The Angrox universal remote control is a replacement remote control that is compatible with all LG Smart TVs. It is a high-grade remote control that works for LCDs, LEDs, and HDTV 3D. One of the important features of this universal remote control is that it has a working range of about 10 meters. This replacement remote has all the functions of the original remote. The body of the remote is small and compact which makes it easy to grip and doesn’t slip off easily. It is easy to use with the standard remote-control buttons. It doesn’t require any programming or setting up before using, you can simply power the remote and start using it.

Another important feature is that the remote control comes with 2 AAA batteries, which means you won’t be required to buy a battery separately. The remote control has the ability to support 160,000 clicks. It also features fast transmission and response time. It is approximately 0.2 seconds. It is compatible with AKB75095307, AKB74475401, AKB74475433, AKB73975702, AKB75055701, AKB73975711, AKB73715608, AKB74475401, AKB75375604, AGF76631064, AKB74915324, AKB73715601, and AKB75095308.

What’s in the Package

  • 1 x Remote Controller
  • 2 x AAA Batteries

Angrox Universal Remote Control


How to place the batteries in the control?

Open the battery compartment of the remote control. Press the triangular sign with your finger and slide it down. The battery compartment will open. Place the provided AAA batteries as indicated by the shapes in place.

How to use Remote Control?

Place the batteries inside the battery compartment. Once the batteries are placed the remote will be powered. The remote will start working without requiring any prior programming or set up with the various LG TVs.

Do this remote work on an LG smart TV and a Roku stick?
Yes, it works with LG Smart TV.

How do you program this to an LG smart TV?

This remote arrived with no program instructions.
It doesn’t require any programming. Simply plug in the batteries and it will start working.

Does work with LG-UT76-55UD7670PUC?
Yes, it is compatible with LG-UT76-55UD7670PUC

Does this work with a LG 55GA-6400?
Yes, it is work with LG 55GA-6400.

Will it work on Panasonic Smart?
No, it doesn’t work with Panasonic Smart.

Can I use this remote on the lg TV model 50LF6100?
Yes, this works with LG TV model 50LF6100

Will this work for a 2016 model 55UH7560?
Yes, it is compatible with 2016 model 55UH7560

Does it have a cursor?
No, it doesn’t have a cursor.

Is it compatible with AN-MR500G?
Yes, it is compatible with AN-MR500

Would this work on JVC TV MODEL LT-50KC585BF?
No, it won’t work with JVC TV MODEL LT-50KC585BF as it compatible with LG TVs only.

Does this remote light up in the dark to see buttons?
No, it doesn’t light up in the dark.

Does the remote work for all LG TVs?
Yes, it is compatible with all LG TVs

Will this work for Sansui smart TV?
No, it won’t work for Sansui Smart TV.

will this work on non smart models?

All models, LG universal

will samsung remote work on my LG TV?

It works on my LG TV.

Does this remote work for model 47LA6200?

Please check the instructions of the product, all the model is shown there.

will this work for 75un6950zud

The remote didn’t work for my TV. The TV is an LG and it’s about 15 years old.

him is this working with 49um7340PVA?

It work with all lg tv

Where is the input button?

You need to go to setting and open menu.