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Apple MagSafe cases and sleeves for iPhone Manual

Apple MagSafe cases and sleeves for iPhone Manual Image

MagSafe cases and sleeves for iPhone

MagSafe cases and sleeves contain magnets that align iPhone with MagSafe chargers and battery packs. You can even hold and use iPhone while it’s charging. See MagSafe chargers and battery packs for iPhone. (Supported on iPhone 12 models. MagSafe cases, sleeves, chargers, and battery packs are sold separately.)

iPhone Leather Sleeve

When iPhone Leather Sleeve covers your iPhone (iPhone 12 models), you can do the following without removing the sleeve:

  • Get the current time: If the clock window is dark, raise iPhone or tap the window.
  • See the charging status: When you charge iPhone, the clock window indicates the battery level and its charging status.
  • See who’s calling: When a phone or FaceTime call arrives, the caller’s name or number appears in the clock window.To answer, remove iPhone from the sleeve, then drag the slider.

    Or without removing iPhone, use your AirPods or Apple Watch (sold separately) to answer the call. (FaceTime video calls are answered with your video paused.)

  • Make an Express Transit payment: Position the rear top of iPhone within a few centimeters of the contactless reader at the transit gate. A confirmation message appears in the clock window. See Pay for your ride with Express Transit.If your iPhone is in Express Cards power reserve mode, confirmation messages don’t appear in the clock window.

    If you carry a separate transit card in iPhone Leather Sleeve, your transit card is used for payment when you position the lower front of iPhone near the contactless reader.

When your iPhone is in iPhone Leather Sleeve, you can also use “Hey Siri,” your AirPods, your Apple Watch, and CarPlay to make calls, ask questions, and do tasks that don’t require you to look at or touch the iPhone screen.

Note: If you remove your iPhone from the sleeve and see the time for the clock window instead of the Lock Screen, tap in the top-right corner.

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