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Beper AV.100 Electric corkscrew Manual

Beper AV.100 Electric corkscrew Manual Image

Beper AV.100 Electric corkscrew User Manual


Read the following instructions carefully, since they give you useful safety information about installation, use and maintenance and help you avoid mishaps and possible accidents. Remove the packing and make sure that the appliance is intact. The elements of the packing (plastic bags, polystyrene, etc) do not have to be accessible to the children, in order to preserve them from danger sources.
It is recommended not to throw these packing material in the domestic waste, but to deliver them to the appropriate station of collection or destruction refusals, asking eventually information to the manager of the Sanitation Department of your own municipality. This appliance is to be destined to its special purpose only. Any other use is to be considered as improper and thus dangerous. The manufacturer cannot be responsible for any damages deriving from improper, wrong or incautious use.
Do not expose the appliance to atmospheric agents such as rain, wind, snow, hail.
Do not use the appliance near explosives, highly flammable materials, gases, burning flames, heaters.
Do not allow children, disabled people or every people without experience or technical ability to use the appliance if they are not properly watched over. Close supervision is necessary when any appliance used by or near children.
Also make any dangerous parts unserviceable, especially for children who could play with the appliance.

Some warnings

Keep the corkscrew away from direct exposure of sunlight and heat sources such as radiators, electric heaters, hot air flows, stoves or other heat-generating appliances (amplifiers included). Avoid placing the corkscrew on devices that emit heat. Do not use the corkscrew in the presence of explosive substances and/or flammable gases. Never force the corkscrew on the bottle or try to accelerate the mechanism.

Sharp parts! The product has a cutting edge that could cause injury, it is recommended to pay close attention.

Product description Fig.A

  1. Capsule cutter
  2.  Grip
  3. Operating light
  4. Operation button
  5. Battery compartment
  6. Spiral


Open the battery compartment placed on the rear of the grip by pressing down on the tab above the compartment. Remove the cover. Insert 4 AA batteries into the battery compartment, respecting the indicated polarity. Make sure the tape stays under the batteries to make it easier to remove later. Slide the two tabs of the cover over the compartment and close it. Before using the corkscrew, remove the protective cap placed on the neck of the bottle, using the capsule cutter supplied. Place the capsule cutter on top of the wine bottle and turn it clockwise, cut and remove the protective cup. Once the protective cup is removed, place the corkscrew on the top of the bottle, making sure to always keep it as vertical as possible. If the corkscrew tilts slightly it will not be able to extract the cap correctly. Hold the bottle firmly with one hand and the corkscrew with the other hand, press the bottom part of the operation button .
The corkscrew spiral will rotate clockwise, first by drilling the cap and then extracting it. The corkscrew will stop as soon as the cap is removed completely. To remove the corkscrew, press the upper part of the operation button .
The spiral will rotate counter-clockwise, releasing the cap.


if the battery charge runs out during the extraction of the cap, do not exercise force on the bottle cap. Simply rotate the corkscrew counter-clockwise so that it can release the cap. Then replace the corkscrew batteries.


Clean the product with a slightly damp soft cloth. Be careful not to let water or other liquids enter the product.

Technical data

Power supply 4xAA (not included) For any improvement reasons, Beper reserves the right to modify or improve the product without any notice.

The European directive 2011/65/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), requires that old household electrical appliances must not be disposed of in the normal unsorted municipal waste stream. Old appliances must be collected separately in order to optimize the recovery and recycling of the materials they contain, and reduce the impact on human health and the environment. The crossed out “wheeled bin” symbol on the product reminds you of your obligation, that when you dispose of the appliance, it must be separately collected.


This appliance has been checked in the factory. From the date of original purchase a 24 month guarantee applies to material and production defects. The purchase receipt and the guarantee certificate must be submitted together in case of claim to guarantee. The guarantee is valid only with a guaranty certificate and proof of purchase (fiscal receipt) indicating the date of purchase and the model of the appliance For any technical assistance, please contact directly the seller or our head office in order to preserve the appliance’s efficiency and NOT TO void the guarantee. Any intervention on this appliance by non-authorized persons will automatically void the guarantee.


If the appliance shows defects as a result of faulty material and/or production during the period of guarantee, we guarantee repair free of charge on condition that:

  • The appliance has been used properly and for the purpose for which it has been intended.
  • The appliance has not been tampered with, otherwise it is not maintainable.
  • The purchase receipt shall be presented.

The appliance showing a fair wear and tear shall not be covered by this guarantee.
Therefore, any part that could be accidentally broken or having visible signs of use in consumable products (such as lamps, batteries, heating elements…) the aesthetic parts are excluded from the guarantee, and any defect whatsoever resulting from non-respect of the rules for use, negligence in usage and/or maintenance of the appliance, carelessness, wrong or improper installation, damage during transport and any other damage not attributable the supplier. For every defect that could not be repaired within the guarantee period, the appliance will be replaced free of charge. In any case, if the part to be replaced for defect, breakage or malfunction is an accessory and/or a detachable part of the product, Beper reserves the right to replace only the very part in question and not the entire product Contact your distributor in your country or after sales department beper.
E-mail [email protected] which will forward your enquiries to your distributor.

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