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BOYA BY-BM6060 Super-cardioid condenser microphone Manual

BOYA BY-BM6060 Super-cardioid condenser microphone Manual Image

BOYA BY-BM6060 Super-cardioid condenser microphone


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The BY-BM6060 focuses on super-cardioid characteristics and resistance to low-noise circuitry noise, it’s well-suited to a variety of applications from independent films, TV programs to documentaries.

Initiate switchable high-pass filter control to roll of the lowfrequency noise at 1 SOHz such as rumbles and traffic.
Its 3-pin XLR output is in compliance with 24-48V phantom power supply. When your devices aren’t phantom powered, the BY-BM6060 can be powered by one AA battery.

In addition, the BY-BM6060 includes a fur windshield and foam windscreen for an intelligible sound effect and secure protection.

Package Contents:

  • BY·BM6060 Microphone
  • Shock mount
  • Foam windscreen
  • Fur windshield
  • Zipper bag
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card

Product Structure:

  1. Microphone boom
  2. Power indicator
  3. High-pass filter switch
  4. 3-pin XLR output
  5. Shock mount
  6. Foam windscreen
  7. Fur windshield

Installing the battery

  1. Unscrew the microphone by rotating the base clockwise and pull out the cover properly to reveal the battery compartment .
  2. Insert one AA battery into the compartment aligning as the right polarity.
  3. Close the compartment and rotate it anticlockwise to tighten it.


  • Ideal for independent films, TV programs, documentaries and more
  • Deliver clear and intelligible sound
  • Alloy-aluminum construction
  • Low-noise circuitry
  • Switchable high pass filter control (1 SOHz)
    • Powered by 24-48V phantom power or 1.SV AA battery
  • Includes fur windshield, foam windscreen, carry pouch, shock mount adapter


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