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Canyon Stereo Headphones CNE-CHP2 Manual

Canyon Stereo Headphones CNE-CHP2 Manual Image

Stereo Headphones
Quick Guide v 1.7


Trouble Solution
No sound 1)   Check all connections
2)   Check sound settings on your tablet/telephone/player
3)   Check, if the mute function is turned on
Noise in sound 4)   Check the quality of sound and source record quality

If the actions from the above-mentioned list do not help, please contact support service at Canyon website:

Driver: 40 mm
Frequency Range: 20-20000Hz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: 113 dB

Complete set: Connection and control unit
Stereo headphones with microphone
Ear cushions
User manual
Put the plug of stereo headphones into the device connector. When disconnecting headphones. hold the plug, not the cord.

For detailed information regarding warranty terms, please refer to: http://canyon.eu/warranty-terms/

Read and follow all instructions before usage of this device.

  1. Protect the device from excessive moisture, and entry of water or dust.
  2. Protect the device from heat: do not install heating devices near it, and do not expose to direct sunlight.
  3. Never spray liquid cleaners. Clean the device only with a dry cloth.


  1.  Using earphones at a high volume level for a long time may cause temporary or permanent hearing loss.
  2. It is forbidden to remove the case from the device. Attempt to repair this device is not recommended, and causes warranty loss.

The warranty period starts from the date of purchasing of the goods from the Seller, authorized by Canyon. The date of purchase is the date indicated in your sales receipt or waybill. During the warranty period, a repair, replacement, or refund of payment for goods is performed at the discretion of Canyon Company. To receive warranty services, goods shall be returned to the Seller, to purchase place, together with purchase evidence (sales receipt or waybill). The warranty takes 2 years from the


moment of purchasing goods by the consumer. Additional information on usage and warranty is available on the website: http://canyon.eu/warranty-terms/
Manufacturer: Asbisc Enterprises PLC, Cyprus, Limassol 4103. Diamond Court, 43 Kolonakiou Street. Agios Athanasios. http://canyon.eu/

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