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Coopers 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow 11458 Manual

Coopers 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow 11458 Manual Image

2 Wheel Wheelbarrow
Instructions for Use
v003: 01/06/20

Please read and retain these instructions for future reference


8 x 50mm Bolts 8x small washer 2x large washer
8 x nut to suit 50mm bolts 8x split washer 2x split pins


(A)Tray x 1 (C)Legs x2 (E) Leg brace x1 (G) Wheels x2
(B) Axle Bracket x1 (D) Handle x1 (F) Axle x1


Caution: During assembly, put all bolts in lightly. Tighten all bolts firmly at the end.

Coopers 2 Wheel Wheelbarrow 11458 - Step 1
Step 1:
Place tray (A) upside down.

Step 2:
Position the axle bracket (B) on the tray. Ensure the tray bolts are aligned through the bolt holes of the axle bracket. Fasten with bolts.

Step 3
Connect the legs (C) and the axle bracket (B). Fasten with bolts.

Step 4
Connect handle (D) to the legs (C).
Fasten to the tray (A) with bolts.

Step 5
Position the leg brace (E) on the legs (C) and bolt together.

Step 6
Put the axle (F) in the axle bracket (B). Attach the two wheels (G). Fasten the wheels to the axle with the large washer and split pins.

Tighten all bolts.


  • Do NOT use abrasive cleaners or sharp utensils to clean this appliance.
  • Wipe with a clean dry cloth.


  • Coopers of Stortford use recyclable or recycled packaging where possible.
  • Please dispose of all packaging, paper, cartons, packaging in accordance with your local recycling regulations.
  • Plastics, polybags ­ Contains the following recyclable plastic.
    Code & Symbol Type of Plastic Commonly used for Notes
    Polypropylene Microwaveable food containers, yoghurt pots, butter tubs, disposable plates and cups Commonly recycled and collected from household recycling bins (packaging tape itself not recyclable but does not interfere with cardboard)
    Low Density Polyethylene Shopping bags, bread bags, squeezy bottles, stretch/pallet wrap, bubble wrap, multi-pack can holders Usually recyclable supermarket deposit points. Check other plastic films as any nonpolythene film e.g. cling film, crisp packets film lids
  • At the end of the product’s lifespan please check with your local council authorised household waste recycling centre for disposal.

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