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CURT Trailer Hitch manual

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Level of Difficulty

Installation difficulty levels are based on time and effort involved and may vary depending on the installer level of expertise, condition of the vehicle and proper tools and equipment.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Gross trailer weight (GTW) 6,000 lbs.
Tongue weight (TW) 900 lbs.

Weight Distribution Capacity

Weight distribution (WD) 8,000 lbs.
WD tongue weight (WDTW) 900 lbs.

Parts List

Item Qty Description
1 6 Hex bolt, M14-1.50 x 40mm, CL 10.9
2 6 Conical-toothed washer, 9/16″

Tools Required

Ratchet Torque wrench
Socket, 22mm Socket extension, 6″
Wire pipe brush

* For a tools reference guide visit

WARNING Never exceed the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended towing capacity.

Product Photo

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Before you begin the installation, read all instructions thoroughly.
Proper tools will improve the quality of installation and reduce the time required.
This installation requires no drilling.
Periodic inspection of the trailer hitch should be performed to ensure all mounting hardware remains tight and structural components are secure.
To help prevent damage to the product or vehicle, refer to the specified torque specifications when securing hardware during the installation process.


Safety glasses should be worn at all times while installing this product.

Product Registration and Warranty
CURT stands behind our products with industry-leading warranties. To get copies of the product
warranties, register your purchase or provide feedback, visit: warranty.curtgroup.com/surveys


Step 1
Lower the spare tire from the inside of the vehicle by using the tools under the storage compartment.

Step 2
Weldnut cleaning may be required. Raise the trailer hitch into position and secure with the provided M14 hardware (#1, #2). Torque all M14 bolts to 139 lb-ft.

Step 3
Raise the spare tire back into place following the instructions from Step 1.

Final Installed Image


For information on safely towing your trailer, visit curtmfg.com/understanding-towing.

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