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DOMETIC Windows and Doors Manual

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DOMETIC Windows and Doors 
Installation Guide

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Please read this instruction manual carefully before installation and first use, and store it in a safe place. If you pass on the product to another person, hand over this instruction manual along with it.

Explanation of symbols

Safety instruction: Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.

Indicates a situation that, if not avoided, can result in property damage.

Supplementary information for operating the product

Safety and installation instructions

Please observe the prescribed safety instructions and stipulations from the vehicle manufacturer and service workshops.

The manufacturer accepts no liability for damage in the following cases:

  • Damage to the product resulting from mechanical influences
  • Alterations to the product without express permission from the manufacturer
  • Use for purposes other than those described in the operating manual

If you do not have sufficient technical knowledge for installing the components in vehicles, you should have a specialist install the wall window in your vehicle.

Please note the following:

  • If faults or disturbances occur, consult a specialist workshop immediately.
  • Before starting your journey, check that the wall window is locked properly.
  • Before starting your journey, check the wall window for damage (such as tension cracks in the acrylic glass).
  • Do not open the wall window in strong wind or rain.
  • Close the wall window if it rains or snows.
  • Do not leave the vehicle with the wall window open.

Always keep the vent window closed while driving and while on public roads.

Scope of delivery


Available as accessories (not included in the scope of delivery):

Intended use

The S7P wall window is suitable for installing in delivery vans with curved exterior surfaces (radius of 5000 mm). The wall windows are designed as vent windows.
The S7P window is designed for a wall thickness of 22 – 43 mm.

Instructions before installation

  • Before installation, check the wall thickness of your vehicle. Consult the vehicle manufacturer if you have any questions. You need securing clips (not supplied) to suit the thickness of the wall (see chapter “Preparing the installation” on page 6).
  • With sheet metal coverings, the wall thickness must be increased to at least 22 mm by adding a suitable mounting frame (e.g. wooden frame).
  • When choosing the installation location, observe the following:

– Adjoining components (attachment and reinforcing parts), cables and cabinets in the vehicle interior must not get damaged when sawing the hole.
– Sufficient space needs to be available for installing the inner and outer frames.
– Only install the wall window on curved wall surfaces with a radius of 5000 mm.

Pressing out the hole

See fig. 2

Preparing the installation

Supplementary to fig. 3

  • Measure wall thickness W (A)
    If the wall thickness is less than 22 mm, then you must add to the wall section
    with a suitable mounting frame (B)
  • Determine the type of clip by referring to the following table:

Installing windows

See fig. 4

  • Check that the window has sufficient space around it (approx.1 to 2.5 mm) in the wall section.
  • Clean the wall section externally in the mounting area.

See fig. 5 

Observe the sealant manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Seal the window frame with a flexible non-hardening sealing compound (e.g. SikaLastomer-710).
  • Determine the number of clips by referring to the following table:

See fig. 6

  • Glue the mounting frame to the vehicle wall, e.g. with double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Insert the window from the outside in the center of the wall section.
  • Press the window slightly so that the packing compound spreads out.
  • Fasten the window using the fastening bolts and the appropriate securing clips.
  • Assemble the top mounting brackets first. Always attach the mounting brackets from the center of the frame to the outside.

If a window frame guide rail does not fit evenly against the vehicle wall, then you must use more clips, where required, than are specified in the table.

  • Remove the protective film from both sides of the window glass.
  • After installing, check the wall window works properly.

Using the window

Using S7P

Opening the window (fig.7)

  • Proceed as follows for each rotary bolt: Turn the rotary bolt by 90°.tary
  • Tilt the window pane outwards to the desired opening angle.

Closing the window (fig.7)

  • Close the window slowly.
  • Proceed as follows for each rotary bolt: Turn the rotary bolt by 90°.

Maintaining and cleaning the window


Do not use sharp or hard objects for cleaning as these may damage the window glass.
Only use cleaning agents that are approved by the manufacturer. Acrylic glass polish (item no. 9600000128), special polishing cloth (item no.9600000130) and acrylic glass cleaning agent (item no.9600000129).

  • Put talcum powder on the rubber seal.


The statutory warranty period applies. If the product is defective, please contact the service partner in your country (see dometic.com/dealer).
Our experts will be happy to help you and will discuss the warranty process with you in more detail.


  • Place the packaging material in the appropriate recycling waste bins wherever possible.

If you wish to finally dispose of the product, ask your local recycling center or specialist dealer for details about how to do this in accordance with the applicable disposal regulations.

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