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Bluetooth Headset S160 Manual

Bluetooth Headset S160 Manual Image

Bluetooth Headset S160 Manual
Welcome to the use of Bluetooth headsets made by our company. Please kindly read the manual carefully in order to make you skilled to use it. Please do not disassembly it. Charge cable in order not to damage the Bluetooth headset.
One Start: Start the headset by long-pressing the call button 3 seconds(voice prompt), at the same time,the indicator light(red/blue lights flashing in the state of the Bluetooth pairing), Put the mobile phone in pairing mode, and search the S160, then connect wish S160 successfully.
Tow Music player: tap the call button to shop the music or continue to play music.
ThreeReceive or make a call: When there is a call, the Bluetooth headset will ring, Tap the call button to receive, hang up or reject a call.
Four Automatically call the last phone number: the Bluetooth headset will automatically call the last phone number.
Five Languages Switch Function: This device can switch the language between English/Chinese, pressing&holding the call button 4 second there is a voice prompt that the headset is in a pairing state, now search the Bluetooth to pair. then press the call button for 1 second to switch language(with voice prompt: Chinese models and/English)
SixVoice prompt: This machine has the voice prompt function(on, off, pair successfully. When there is a call the machine will automatically speak telephone number according to the language mode: Chinese/English).
SevenCharging: The battery left condition will disappear on the mobile phone. When it is power off, please change it when there is a voice prompt. Use the standard charging cable and charger. The red light will on when it is charging, the red right will off when it is charged fully.
Eight Accessories: Bluetooth headset, manual, charge cable, package.
NiceAttention: this mode of Bluetooth headset is only suitable for righr ear.
TenEquipment diagram:Transmission level: Class2
Support A2DP: muisc play(audio output: 35mw, Play/Pause)
Multi-point connections can connect two devices at the same time.
Work rande: 10meters
Charging system: AC input :110V-220V DC Output:5V(charging time=about 2 hour, charging voltage3.7V)
Talk time: 4 hours (Music play time=3 hours, standby time=120 hours, work current, 15mAh).
Automatic prompt This Bluetooth headset has an automatic voice prompt function when there is a call and will automatically speak the mobile phone number.
Noise cancel MIC: Samsung/iPhone high-quality silicon label is used in this Bluetooth headset.
Wearing style: In-ear, invisible patent product
Battery type: 50mAh rechargeable polymer battery
Product dimension: 28mm*16mm*15mm
Product weight: About 6g

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