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ECG Digital Kitchen Scale KV 1021 Manual

ECG Digital Kitchen Scale KV 1021 Manual Image

KV 1021 Berries

Always read the safety&use instructions carefully before using your appliance for the first time. The user´s manual must be always included.


ECG Digital Kitchen Scale indicatied1. UNIT button for unit selection
2. LCD display
3. Battery compartment cover
(from the bottom)
4. ON/TARE button
5. Weighing area
6. Battery indicator
7. Negative value indicator
8. Tare indicator
9. Unit indicator (ml)
10. Unit indicator (kg/g)
11. Unit indicator (lb/oz)



Read carefully and save for future use!
The safety instructions, contained in this manual, do not include all conditions and situations possible. The user must understand that common sense, caution and are factors that cannot be integrated into any product. Therefore, these factors shall be ensured by the user/s using and operating this product. We are not liable for damages caused during shipping, by incorrect use, or the modification or adjustment of any part of the appliance.
To avoid injuries, basic precautions shall always be taken, including the following:

  1. The digital kitchen scale is intended for domestic use only.
  2. All servicing should be done by a qualified service center!
  3. Do not use the scale close to devices emitting electromagnetic fields. Place the scale insufficient distance from such a product to prevent mutual interference.
  4. The scale is designed to weigh foods or liquids.
  5.  Household pets should not be weighed on the scale.
  6.  Place the scale on an even, hard and stable surface, otherwise, the weighing will not be accurate.
  7. The scale is a precision device that must be handled with care. Protect the scale against shocks, falls, and impacts.
  8. Use the scale only in accordance with the instructions contained in this manual. The manufacturer is not liable for damages caused by the improper use of this device.
  9.  This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) whose physical, sensory or mental disability or lack of experience and knowledge prevents them from using the appliance safely if they are not supervised or were not instructed regarding use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Child supervision is essential to prevent them from playing with the appliance.

Do not immerse in water!


Replacing the battery

  1. . Open the battery compartment cover.
  2. Before using, remove the insulating tape.
  3. When inserting new batteries, observe the correct polarity (+)a (-).
  4.  Close the cover of the battery compartment.

Note: If the display shows an error or if you cannot switch off the scale for a long time, please remove the batteries
for about 3 seconds and then reinsert them.
Basic weighing

  1.  Place the scale on an even surface
  2.  Press the ON/TARE button to switch on the scale. The display shows “0”.
  3. Weight unit selection: When the display shows zero weight, select the required unit by pressing the “UNIT” button.
  4. Place the food that you want to weigh in the center of the weighing area.
  5. The display shows the weight of the food on the scale.
  6. Press and hold the button ON/TARE for two seconds to switch off the scale.

Weighing of additional ingredients, tare
The tare function enables to weigh net weight (without a container) or you can accurately measure the weight of ingredients added next.

  • Place the container on the scale and after its weight is displayed, press briefly the ON/TARE button. In the lower the left corner of the display appears the “TARE” symbol and the weight of the container will be cleared, so you can weigh the net weight of the ingredients, excluding the weight of the container. (When you remove the
    container, the scale displays the weight as negative)


  • The symbol indicates weak battery. When the battery is fully discharged, “LO” appears and the scale switches off.
  •  Minimum weighed weight: 1g
  • Overload: It can accurately measure the weight of less than 5000 g. The weight above 5300 g is outside the weighing range, the LCD display reacts to the overload by the error message “Err”.


  • Use a damp towel to clean the scale and make sure no water gets inside the scale. DO NOT USE chemical cleaning agents/agents with abrasive effects. Do not immerse the device in the water!
  • All plastic parts that come into contact with greasy substances, such as spices, vinegar or seasoning, shall be cleaned immediately. Avoid getting citrus acid stains on the scale!
  •  Keep the scale in a level position.


The maximum weighed weight is 10 kg
Measures in increments of 1 g
Power: 2× 1,5V batteries AAA (included)


Wrapping paper and corrugated paperboard – deliver to the scrapyard. Packing foil, PE bags, plastic elements – throw into plastic recycling containers.


Disposal of electric and electronic equipment (valid in EU member countries and other European countries with an implemented recycling system) 
The represented symbol on the product or package means the product shall not be treated as domestic waste. Hand over the product to the specified location for recycling electric and electronic equipment. Prevent negative impacts on human health and the environment by properly recycling your product.
Recycling contributes to preserving natural resources. For more information on the recycling of this product, refer to your local authority, domestic waste processing organization or store, where you purchased the product.
This product complies with EU directive requirements on electromagnetic compatibility and electrical safety.
The instruction manual is available at the website www.ecg-electro.eu.
Changes in text and technical parameters reserved.

The manufacturer takes no responsibility for printing errors contained in the product’s user’s manual.

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