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Electrolux Oven Cooking manual

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A Quick Guide to Getting Started

Before you begin

  1. Remove all packaging material and tape.
  2. Make sure your oven racks are in place prior to operating.
  3. Set your clock:

    • Touch Menu Options • Scroll and select Clock•  Set time using graph
  4. Prepare your wall oven for first-time use by setting Bake at 350° / 177°C for about 30 minutes. It’s normal to experience some smoke and noises during this time.

Download the Electrolux App
to your smartphone to connect and program your wall oven for remote cooking. Refer to your Let’s Get Connected card in this packet for more information.

Start Cooking

  1. Press ON/OFF button or touch the screen to get started.
  3. Select Start to begin a bake cycle at 350° or select a different Oven Mode or temperature.
  4. If you select Oven Mode, scroll down to see all of the options.
  5. The default temperature for the Oven Mode you choose will appear. Use the keypad to change the temperature if needed.
  6. Touch Start. To cancel cooking anytime, touch Cancel.

NOTE: Use the Timer or the Cook Time feature to help monitor your cooking time. Setting Cook Time shuts the oven off once the set time is complete. For best results, allow your oven to preheat before using Cook Time.
Oven Mode Highlights
Use Air Sous Vide to create dishes that you would have made using traditional sous vide water bath or a slow cooker.
Steam Bake & Roast uses the power of steam for fluffier baked goods and juicy meats that are tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.
Bake with ease with the Air Fry feature. Get crispier foods without all the oil.

  • For best results, use the Air Fry Tray on rack position 3. Place a cookie sheet on rack position 1 to catch any crumbs.
  • For more cooking and rack position tips, refer to your Use & Care Manual.

A20415710 (Oct 2020)

Oven Modes
BAKE surrounds food with gentle, rising heat to cook delicate foods. CONVECT BAKE uses a fan to circulate heat for quick and even baking.
AIR FRY uses the Air Fry Tray to quickly and evenly circulate heated air to deliver crispy, golden results with little to no oil. NO PREHEAT is for single rack baking with packaged and convenience foods. AIR SOUS VIDE uses hot circulating air to preserve nutrients and flavors as your food cooks slowly at low temperatures. CONVECT ROAST uses a convection fan to gently brown meats and seal in the juices. BROIL is for broiling and grilling foods under direct, high heat.MULTI-RACKS is for two rack baking. STEAM BAKE is recommended for baking moist and flavorful bread and pastries for improved browning and flaky crusts. STEAM ROAST is recommended for roasting meat or poultry that results in a crispy outside and juicy inside. BREAD PROOF creates the perfect environment to activate yeast when baking homemade bread. KEEP WARM is used to keep cooked foods at serving temperature (140°F / 60°C to 200°F / 93°C) in the oven. DEHYDRATE uses the Air Fry Tray to circulate air around the food for faster preservation. DELAY START allows a delayed starting time only for Bake, Convect Bake, No Preheat, Convect Roast, Steam Clean, and Self Clean. FOOD PROBE monitors the internal temperature of large cuts of meat with a probe. An alert will sound once the desired set target temperature is reached. COOK TIME counts down your set cooking time and shuts off the oven when complete. NOTE: Monitor foods when using Air Fry and Steam Bake and Roast since they may cook foods faster than traditional bake.
Sustainability, together We’re committed to more sustainable eating from how we store foods to how we prepare them.

Care and Cleaning

Protect your range by quickly cleaning up spills when they happen.


  • Clean with a soft cloth, mild dish detergent, and water or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Steam Clean is a chemical-free method that uses 1 cup of water poured into the oven cavity to clean light soils.
  • Avoid spraying large amounts of water or cleaners directly on the oven control and display area. Excess moisture on the control area may cause damage.
  • Avoid using scouring pads or paper towels – they will damage the finish.

Choose Your Clean


Steam Clean is a chemical-free method that uses 1 cup of water poured into the oven cavity to clean light soils.


Self-Clean uses high temperatures to eliminate heavier soils and reduces them to powdered ash you can wipe away.

Remember to remove all racks and accessories from your wall oven before starting a Self Clean cycle. Always refer to your Use & Care Manual for more tips and instructions.


  • Why does my wall oven make noises when I’m cooking? Temperature changes during preheating and cool-down can make parts of the wall oven expand and contract. The controls click as they work to create even cooking temperatures. Different fans run to heat up the oven or cool down different parts of the oven, even when it’s off. These sounds are normal.
  • This oven doesn’t work like my old one. Is this normal? As you get used to a new wall oven, you may need to test and adjust cooking times and temperatures for your recipes. Your Use & Care Manual has rack position and bakeware recommendations to help you get the best baking results. For instructions on oven temperature calibration, consult your Use & Care Manual or call us if you need help.
  • Why does my oven smoke when I use Air Fry? Air Fry circulates super-heated air all-around food and bakeware. Some smoke is normal. Drippings from high-fat or greasy foods combined with hot air from the oven can cause smoke to occur. Visit ElectroluxAppliances.com for additional FAQs and Air Fry Tips.

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