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GIMA Watch for Nurses Manual

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Watch for Nurses


Gima S.p.A. Via Marconi, 1 – 20060 Gessate (MI) Italy [email protected][email protected]



The operators must carefully read and completely understand the present manual before using the product. AVIS:
20400 – 20401 – 20402 – 20403 – 20404 – 20405 – 20420 20421 – 20422 – 20423 – 20424 – 20425 – 20410 – 20411 20455 – 20460 – 20461 – 20462 – 20463 – 20464 – 20465
Imported by: Gima S.p.A. Via Marconi, 1 – 20060 Gessate (MI) Italy Made in China

How to use the watch for nurses

We thank you for choosing our silicone watch for nurses and we hope that its use will give you full satisfaction. Before enabling the watch, please pay attention to any movement of one of the needles. This is due to the fact that the movement drive has not yet been activated. Once the battery protection tab is removed, the needle will move in only one direction.

To enable the clock, pull it out of its silicone body and remove the protect tab on the charging mechanism. Pull the charging mechanism, rotate it to set the time and bring the mechanism into its housing to lock it. Replace the body of the watch on the opposite side of the securing pin.


Remove the watch from its silicone holder and clean the silicone with a cloth dampened with water and soap or alcohol at 70°. For the body of the watch, use a damp cloth as the watch is watertight. WEIGHT: 30 grams. BATTERY: SR626SW button battery (when the battery is low, throw it into the collection container; please refer to the procedure for the collection of batteries).
BATTERY LIFE: 18 months.
BATTERY REPLACEMENT: on the back of the watch, there is a notch to open the housing and get to the battery. Lift the rear with a sharp and thin instrument. Remove the white plastic cover and the battery by sliding it on the side. Insert the new battery complying with the correct polarity with the “+” facing up. Replace the white cover and close the case.


Congratulations for purchasing a GIMA product. This product meets high qualitative standards both as regards the material and the production. The warranty is valid for 12 months from the date of supply of GIMA. During the period of validity of the warranty, GIMA will repair and/or replace free of charge all the defected parts due to production reasons. Labor costs and personnel traveling expenses and packaging not included. All components subject to wear are not included in the warranty. The repair or replacement performed during the warranty period shall not extend the warranty. The warranty is void in the following cases: repairs performed by unauthorized personnel or with non-original spare parts, defects caused by negligence or incorrect use. GIMA cannot be held responsible for malfunctioning on electronic devices or software due to outside agents such as: voltage changes, electro-magnetic fields, radio interferences, etc. The warranty is void if the above regulations are not observed and if the serial code (if available) has been removed, cancelled or changed. The defected products must be returned only to the dealer the product was purchased from. Products sent to GIMA will be rejected.

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