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Honeywell 3” Mobile Label Printer MPD31D Manual

Honeywell 3” Mobile Label Printer MPD31D Manual Image

Honeywell 3” Mobile Label Printer User Manual


About this manual

Thanks for your order about our 3” mobile barcode label printer. This manual can help you learn how to use this product. Please read this manual carefully before using it and keep it for future reference.

International conventions

For your convenience, this manual uses the following symbols (icons) and conventions:

  • Warning This symbol indicates a warning that improper use may result in property damage, serious injury or death.
  • Attention This symbol indicates that improper use may result in personal injury or damage to the product.
  • Remarks The symbol identifies the notes that give you better access to the product or extend the life of the product.

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The following manuals provide detailed information on various technical issues.

  1. Command Set: Provide a detailed description of the product development.

This product is a Class A product and may cause radio interference in a live environment. In this case, it may be necessary for the user to take practical measures to interfere with it.

Instructions Icon The illustrations and text display used in this manual may differ from the actual ones. Product information has been in-kind, subject to change without notice.

Safety instructions

Observe the following precautions when using the printer.

  • Warning Icon Attention Do not disassemble the printer yourself, please read this manual carefully before using
  • Warning Icon Warning Turn off the power immediately after a fault. When you find the printer or charger smoke or smell, please unplug the charger and remove the battery, be careful to avoid being burned.
  • Warning Icon Warning Do not use the printer near flammable materials such as gas stations or fuel depots.
  • Warning Icon Warning Always place the printer and charger in a ventilated environment at an ambient temperature of -5 ° C to 50 ° C and always use the charger supplied by the dealer. Using an unapproved charger may be dangerous, while also violating the provisions of the warranty terms.
  • Warning Icon Attention Do not open the paper cover while the printer is printing, otherwise unpredictable conditions may occur and the printer may be damaged.
  • Warning Icon Attention After the printing, the print head is still in a high temperature state, do not touch, so as not to burn.
  • Warning Icon Attention Do not use solvents such as benzene or thinner to wipe the printer. Do not touch the printer with corrosive chemicals or cleaning agents. Use only a clean, soft cloth to gently wipe the printer.
  • Warning Icon Attention Use only original or approved paper, as this may result in poor print quality or damage to the printer core.
  • Warning Icon Attention If you store the printer for an extended period of time, make sure to remove the battery from the printer and store it separately. Failure to do so may cause the battery to fail, or even leak, and damage the printer.
  • Warning Icon Attention Before changing batteries, please power off the printer and cut off the power if connecting the printer with power adapter.
  • Warning Icon Attention The printer could work stably from 0°C to 40°C, but the higher or lower temperature would debase the print quality.
  • Warning Icon Attention The storage time of receipts should be related to quality of the thermal paper. If the user needs to print the long-term preservation receipt, please use long-acting thermal paper.
  • Warning Icon Attention This printer is suitable for the area below 2000 meters and no tropics.

Battery Safety Attention

  • Warning Icon Attention Please read this user manual and battery surface marks carefully before using the printer.
  • Warning Icon Warning Charge the battery in a cool, ventilated room. The ambient temperature is too high when charging the battery. It will cause fever, smoky, deformation, combustion and even explosion.
  • Warning Icon Warning Battery comes with special protective circuit, please don’t take apart the battery, otherwise it may cause a short circuit or electrolyte leakage. If the electrolyte enters the eyes, there is a risk of blindness. If you accidentally enter the eyes, please do water rinse immediately and immediately go to the hospital.
  • Warning Icon Warning Please do not squeeze the battery, mechanical vibration or shaking the battery, the use of battery short circuit is strictly prohibited.
  • Warning Icon Warning Please do not put the battery into the water, so as not to cause internal short circuit, causing the battery heat, smoky, damage or explosion.
  • Warning Icon Warning Do not expose the battery to direct sunlight or high levels of smoke and dust, or in high humidity environments such as bathroom.
  • Warning Icon Attention Replace it if the battery does not meet the performance requirements.
  • Warning Icon Attention Keep the battery in a safe place out of the reach of children in case of danger.
  • Warning Icon Attention Once the battery discoloration or deformation etc., please stop using immediately.

Attention When Using Battery Charger

  • Warning Icon Attention Before use, please read this manual and charger surface marks.
  • Warning Icon Warning Please do not disassemble or refit the charger, it is strictly prohibited in the case of the power cord damage using  charger, otherwise it will cause electric shock, on fire and damage of the charger.
  • Warning Icon Warning Please don’t use wet hand contact with the charger, if the charger comes into contact with the water or liquid, should immediately cut off power supply.
  • Warning Icon Warning Please do not short circuit battery chargers, mechanical vibration or shaking the charger.
  • Warning Icon Warning Please do not use the charger in the bathroom where has high humidity. The device is not waterproof, it is forbidden to make it in the rain or moisture.
  • Warning Icon Warning Seize charger when unplug, pull the power cord will damage the wires.
  • Warning Icon Attention Please put the charger in the safe place where children are not exposed to, in case of any danger.

Standard Accessories

Standard Accessories

If any items are damaged or missing, please contact your supplier

  • Printer
  • Battery
  • USB Cable
    Standard Accessories
  • Power Adapter
    Standard Accessories
  • Quick Installation Guide
    Standard Accessories


Front view

Appearance & Parts Inductions


Appearance & Parts Inductions

Preparation before using

Battery installation

Battery installation instructions

Printing paper roll installation

  1. Take down the sealing tape on printing paper roll;
    Printing paper roll installation
  2. Press cover-open button and open paper tank;
    Printing paper roll installation
  3. Put paper roll into paper tank;
    Printing paper roll installation
  4. Pull out a length of paper along with paper-out opening.
    Printing paper roll installation


  1. Paper specification used by printer is: paper width 80mm
  2. Pay attention to direction of paper roll. If it’s revered, it may cause empty printing or non-process paper-feeding.

Battery charge

Standby charge

  • Plug power adapter into power outlet and plug USB interface into the printer
  • Charging Port: AC: 110V~240V(50/60Hz)
  • Charging: Battery indication symbol battery status bar scrolling displays.
  • Charging complete: The icon indicate the battery is fully charged, the buzzer will the sound alarm.

Battery charge

Warning Icon Warning: If use power adapter that is not provided or accepted by our company, it may damage printer.
Remark IconRemark: It can print during changing.
Warning Icon Attention: Please don’t fetch out battery during charging.

Use function

Basic features

  • Power on: Keep pressing power button for 3 seconds.
  • Power off: Keep pressing printer power button during starting up, then printer closes.
  • Paper feeding: Press the feed button(Under the continuation paper model then paper feed for 5mm. press paper feed button in label / black label model, paper feeding to label gap or black label).
  • Sleep wake: When printer start up if there is no pressing operation or data
    transmission within 5 seconds, printer will enter into dormant status automatically.
    if press power button will wake the printer (The printer will wake up automatically when it receives data).


  • Enter setting interface: Long press set button to enter selection interface under on status (non-dormant status).
  • Press set button: Enter to set next selection.
  • Press paper- feeding button: Change option parameter.
  • Press power button: Confirm set.

Setting Inductions

Self Testing

The print self-test page has the details of the printer and Communication interface configuration, etc.

Product Parameters

Firmware Version: A43B1C3D1F0_V1.11 2018-11-02
Model: …………………………….Mobile printer
Interface: ……………………….USB & BlueTooth
Code Page: …………………….GBK
Print Method: ………………..Direct Thermal
Print Quality: ………………….2
Print Density: :………………..2
Print Speed: ……………………4
Font: …………………………………24x24GB 18030汉字字库
Media Type: ……………………Label
Instruction Set: ……………..CPCL
Dpi: ……………………………………203

Print Size Parameter

Size: …………………………….72 mm, 100mm
Reference: …………………0mm, 0mm
Shift: …………………………..0mm
Offset: ………………………..0mm
MILAGE(m): ………………1.539999



Bluetooth Parameters

[BlueTooth Configure]
EDR NAME: ………………Mobile printer-5BC1
EDR PIN: ……………………0000
EDR ADDR: ……………….DC-0D-30-0F-5B-C1
BLE ADDR: ………………..DC-0D-30-0F-5B-C1
BT Ver: ………………………..5.7.7,FSC-BT826

Instructions Icon Bluetooth information can setup by setting tool, the details pls check < Setting tool Manual>.

Icons Introduction

Print Status Print Status icon The icon display at screen when printing
Paper End Paper iconInsert Paper The icon display at screen when paper ending or wrong paper install.
Cover Opening Close Cover The icon display at screen when cover open or closed in wrong operation.
Battery Indicator Battery Indicator The grids will running on charging.
Bluetooth Bluetooth Icon The icon will display if the printer has bluetooth function.


USB Communication

3″moboile label printer applies Micro USB interface, if connected to PC as blew, can perform operations such as charging, setting and transmitting data.

USB Communication Inductions

Bluetooth communication

3’Mobile Label Printer has both models Bluetooth 4.0 (SPP+BLE) ,it can communicate with iPhone, iPad, Android. The effective communication distance is less than or equal to 10 meters. It support for AirSync protocol and can use Bluetooth function on the Wechat platform.

Bluetooth communication Inductions
Bluetooth communication Inductions

Instructions Icon Bluetooth default pairing password: 0000, it can be setting up with parameter settings. For more details see «Tool setting manual».


Printer daily maintenance

  1. Clean printer exterior and paper tank: please scrub printer surface and paper tank interior slightly with wringed wet cloth. Pay attention to that wet cloth must be wringed out completely.
  2. Clean printer mechanism: printer mechanism must be cleaned regularly, especially when printing quality decrease. Cleaning method is as follows: scrub printer mechanism surface spots and residual gum on label paper with degreasing cotton dipping with anhyrous alcohol until scrubbed clearly.
  3. If discover there is water in printer interior, please close printer and fetch out battery immediately and let printer dry naturally.
  4. If printer won’t use for long-time, please fetch out battery and preserve it separately.

Printing paper usage and preservation

  1. New purchased printing paper shall avoid direct sunlight or preservation in high-temperature locations. Please don’t tear packaging paper during preservation.
  2. The receipt after printing shall be preserved under condition of normal temperature (about 20°C) and lucifuge. This can prolong receipt preservation period effectively.
  3. If users need to preserve receipt for a long period, please select long-acting thermosensitive printing papers.

Fault diagnosis

 Fault phenomenon  Fault reason  Solution
Printer only feeds paper during printing, and has no printing data. Printing paper is installed upside down. Change printing paper installation direction.
Printer prints blurrily Printer movement is polluted due to long-term not being cleaned.  Movement needs to be cleaned.
Printing paper coloration is not good. Please set higher blackness or use printing paper with better coloration.
 Printed receipt characters become fuzzy within several months or even several weeks. Printing paper quality is not good. Please use thermal printing paper with long retention period.
Preservation temperature of receipt is too high. Please preserve under normal temperature (about 20 °C)


Printer Parameters

Printer Parameters
Printing method Thermal line
Printing width 80mm
paper roll diameter Maxȹ43mm
Printing speed Max 90mm/s
Resolution ration 203dpi
Built-in font GB 18030 (24×24)
Machinery lifespan 50km (within 12.5% printing density)
Printing command CPCL, TSPL, ZPL, ESC/POS
Printing length Max 300m (under situation of full charge and 12.5% printing density)
Storage DDR 64MB
Interface (Optional) USB Micro USB
Bluetooth BT4.0+BLE
Printing content Multiple language or graph like Chinese, English and Russian
  • 1D barcode: UPC-A, UPC-E, CODE39, EAN-13, EAN-8, CODABAR, CODE128, CODE93, ITF 2D
  • barcode: QR CODE
Charging time 2 Hours
Battery 7.4V 2100mAh
Printer dimension L105mm*W108mm*H51mm
Gross Weight About 0.4kg (including battery)
Using environment
  • Temperature: 0°C~40°C
  • Humidity: 20%~85%
Stock environment
  • Temperature: -20°C~70°C
  • Humidity: 5%~95%

Battery cycling

Dustbin Icon This product adopts Li-on rechargeable battery. In order to protect environment, please don’t dispose waste battery at will .Supplier will provide battery recycling service for you.

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