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Honeywell RTH65801006 Digital Room Thermostat THR840D Manual

Honeywell RTH65801006 Digital Room Thermostat THR840D Manual Image

Honeywell RTH65801006 Digital Room Thermostat User Guide

User Guide

  • Room temperature User Guide
  • Set temperature, inquiry
  • Set temperature, adjustment User Guide
  • Switch ON/OFF (frost protection enabled)

Operating indicators

  • Heating demand indicator
  • Frost protection Frost protection is not available in cooling operation
  • Fault indicator
  • Low battery indicator
  • Heat/cool changeover

Energy Saving ECO feature

  • Pressing the green ECO button gives a timed period at a different, predefined temperature (18°C)
  • To set the ECO energy savings time period
  • Display shows countdown of ECO time remaining
  • Pressing or will now allow the ECO temperature to be changed
  • To exit ECO mode, press ECO button again


  1. = M3.5 = No 6

Installer Mode

  • To enter Installer Mode
  • To select a parameter
  • Display
  • Parameter flowchart
  • To change a parameter
  • To exit Installer Mode


Description Parameter Range of values Default
Minimum ON/OFF time Ot 1,2,3,4,5 m 1 m
Cycle rate Cr {3,6,9,12} 6
Proportional band width Pb 1.5 … 3.0 K 1.5K
Temperature measurement offset tO 3 … 3 K 0 K
Upper setpoint limit uL 21 … 35 °C 35°C
Lower setpoint limit LL 5 … 21 °C 5°C
ECO temperature / Temperatura ECO ES 5 … 35 °C 18 °C
Heat/cool changeover HC 0, 1 0 = Disable 0
1 = Enable
Off setpoint adjust OS — (= Off), 5…16°C 5°C
Electric heat EH 0 (<3A) / 1 (3A – 8A)><3A) / 1 (3A – 8A) 0 (<3A)
Reset parameters FS 0 / 1 1 (factory)

For assistance with this product please visit livewell.honeywellhome.com bk-electronic GmbH Hardhofweg 40 74821 Mosbach Germany Country of origin: UK


What happens to the room temperature when the internet is down?

If you have no Internet, this thermostat will simply operate as a non-WiFi enabled programmable thermostat (e.g., follow the schedule that you previously created) OR you use the buttons on it to adjust it manually. The only thing you lose with not having the Internet is the ability to use your phone to interact with it (e.g., change the settings and/or update the schedule). Just pretend like it is 1970 and adjust the thermostat like your parents did.

Do I need to have a Honeywell gateway? This is an additional piece of hardware used by some of the Honeywell thermostats (ex. Prestige)

No need to have a Honeywell gateway for the Honeywell rth6580wf. You only need a wireless Internet modem dsl/broadband service phone line.

What is the difference between this thermostat and their RET97E5D1005/U model? They look identical!

RET97E5D1005 is the contractor model, the longer warranty applied to you if the contractor installs it.

Can I have 2 (or more) smart phones control the same thermostat? I want tenant to have control and me to have control and oversight.


This was in the list of compatible devices with Amazon Echo, so who has confirmed that it is compatible?

Yes, it works with Alexa. I had a little bug when enabling the skill (Honeywell Total Connect Comfort)… At first it acted like it didn’t find my device but the device did show up in the list of devices in the Alexa app. If you have multiple thermostats you can add them to an Alexa group.
Some of the most common commands I use are:
Alexa, ask Thermostat “what is the temperature.” = Report Room Temperature
Alexa, ask Thermostat “what the temperature setting.” = Report Thermostat Setting
Alexa, set the set the thermostat to 74. = Set Thermostat to desired temperature
Alexa, ask Thermostat “what is the mode.” = Report the current mode (Heat/cool)
Alexa, lower the thermostat 2 degrees.

Can I run 2 thermostats on the honeywell software and do I have to sign out and sign back in to access the other thermometer?

Yes…no logging off and on…very nice and convenient. We live in a two story house with a 2 zone unit , so we have 2 thermostats. It’s very nice to be able to turn on the upstairs AC or heat from the main floor about 15 minutes before heading up so it’s cool ahead of time. Also a money saver …

We have two houses. One aleady has this thermostat. I would like to install one in the other house. Can one cell phone handle two thermostats?

Yes. You control the thermostats through an app. You cam have as many as you want in your account.

Do I need wifi to use this thermostat? Will I still be able to use it as a regular thermostat and program it directly from the buttons on the device?

Yes, this will work as a regular programmable thermostat. Don’t need wifi for that.

Does this work with electric baseboard heating system?

As per the back of the box, “Does NOT work with electric baseboard heat (120-240 V)”.

What are the exact dimensions of the unit?

It’s 3 1/2″ h x 5 3/4″ w.

Does the back light remain on or do you have to press a button?

You need to press any button for backlight

does the thermostat and app predeck lp gas bills?

No, the app just allows you to set temperature, schedules and system fan on and off. The thermostat is just a regular digital thermostat with built in WiFi so it has no capabilities beyond that. But it works great for what it needs to do.

Will this log my energy consumption?

This model would not show you energy consumption. It will however give you the capability of controlling remotely with a phone or tablet. It will also monitor your household comfort habits and automatically adjust for comfort and lower energy use. To get energy monitor capabilities you will need to upgrade to the smart thermostat model in the Honeywell series.

What should I do to get the schedule to download to my smartphone?

You don’t download the schedule. You upload what you need.

What should I do to get the schedule to download to my smartphone?

It’s 3 1/2″ h x 5 3/4″ w.

where is the terminal on the furnace?

The terminal should be in the front where the cables go in, you may have to take off the front panel to see it. There should be an igniter close to the terminal. All I had to do was take out the old thermostat and connect the wires. I recommend using a voltmeter to find the 24 volt wire, the rest was easy just match the colors.

Does this Thermostat have the ability to send alerts to my phone if the temperature is too low?

Yes. You can give it both high and low temps and it will notify you.

Does this work with Hot Water Heating system?

It should if the current thermostat has five wires going to it.

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