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HP MP 100 Mobile Projector Manual

HP MP 100 Mobile Projector Manual Image

HP MP 100 Mobile Projector User Manual

Package content

  • P100 Projector
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Carry Pouch
  • Tripod
  • Power Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Product Overview

Charging the product

Connect the USB cable to a Mobile phone power adapter or PC / Notebook to charge.

  • The Product will be fully charged after 5 hrs. from zero percent battery capacity.

Turning on/off the Projector

  • Press the power key for 8 sec., the projector will Power on.
  • Long-Press the power key
  • for 8 sec. in operation, the projector will Power off.

Adjusting the Focus

Adjust the focus by using the focus wheel on the left side to achieve a sharper image.

Toggling between iOS and Android mode

Press the power button shortly, it will change connection mode between iOS
and Android, then follow the screen instructions to connect your phone to project

iOS Mode

Android Mode

Wireless Screen Mirroring

Other possible names:

  • Miracast
  • Smart View
  • Screen Sharing
  • Screen Projection
  • Mirror Share
  • Wireless Display
  • Wi-Fi Direct

USB Projection from iPhone

  • Make sure the device is set to “iOS” mode.
  • Connect your lightning cable (not included) from iPhone to the projector then click “Trust” in iPhone.
  • After a few seconds, the screen will be mirror projected.

Projecting from PC/NB or other media devices

Using A to C type HDMI cable (mini HDMI) to connect the projector from PC/NB or another media device.


If your projector does not seem to be functioning properly, please check the following before you contact an authorized service center.

Symptom Check Point
The projector does not turn on after pressing the power button for more than 8 seconds. Ensure the battery is fully charged.
The projected image is blurred. 1.  Adjust the focus by using focus wheel.

2.  Check if the projection lens is dirty, clean it if required.

The surface temperature of the projector is hot . It is normal for this projector to generate moderate heat during operation.
The projector does not display when connecting to a notebook PC. 1.  Check if the HDMI cable is plugged correctly.

2.   Make sure the PC has been switched to projector display.

Abnormal performance If the projector is running slow, freezing, crashing or locking up during the operation, you can try to insert a slim, pointy object into the reset hole to trigger a hardware reset.


Item Description
Optical Technology DLP
Light Source RGB LED
Resolution 854 x 480 Pixels (WVGA)
Contrast Ratio 1000:1
Projection Image Size 20″ ~100″ (51 ~ 255cm)
Projection Distance 21″ ~125 ” (53 ~ 319cm)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Throw Ratio (Diagonal: Distance) 1.2
Brightness Up to 100 lumens
Focus Manual
Offset 0 %
Connectivity Wi-Fi, HDMI-IN, USB, Audio-Out-Jack
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Internal Speaker YES
Power Input 5V / 3A
Battery Type Embedded 2400 mAh, Li-polymer rechargeable battery
Battery Power 80 min
Battery Comsumption 12W
Dimension (L x W x H) 97.8 x 97.8 x 23mm 3.85” x 3.85 “ x 0.90 ”
Weight 140 g / 0.30 Ib
Operating Temperature 5 °C ~ 35 °C
  • All specifications are subject to change without notice.

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