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HUMMINBIRD Ice Helix Chirp Manual

HUMMINBIRD Ice Helix Chirp Manual Image

Quick Start Guide

Power On/Off

  1.  Power On: Press the POWER key.
  2. Select the Stan-Up Mode: Press the MENU key on startup. Select Normal, and press the RIGHT Cursor key.
  3. Quick Setup: Use the Cursor Control key to select settings. Press the EXIT key to close the menu.
    Power Off: Press and hold the POWER key.

Select Settings for Ice Fishing

  1. Display a Sonar View: Press the VIEW key until a Sonar view is displayed.
  2. Open the X-PressTM Menu: Press the MENU key once.

A. CHIRP IR (Interference Rejection) (CHIRP models only) – If you are fishing near other ICE flashers or transducers, use CHIRP IR to reduce interference or noise on the sonar display.

B. Cone Angle (CHIRP models only) – Select 15° for a narrowly focused down the beam. Select 21° for a wide down beam and larger coverage area. Select 15°-21° to use the full frequency range for your transducer. CHIRP IR must be off to set the Cone Angle.

C. Lower Range – Use the default Auto depth range setting included with your control head, or manually set the depth range.

Display the Flasher View

Flasher View provides two ways to view sonar data in traditional flasher format. Press the ZOOM In (+) key to magnify an area on the display.

Press the VIEW key until the Flasher View (shown below) is displayed.

A. Cone Angle shows the diameter of the sonar beam based on depth. This setting is affected by the CHIRP IR setting. See Select Settings for Ice Fishing.
B.Current Depth (;)
C. Current Depth Range and Lower Range Mode Indicator (Auto [A] or Manual [M].
D. Gain – Adjust the Gain setting from the X-Press Menu to see more or less detail on the sonar display. Decrease the setting to see less clutter. Increase the setting to see weaker returns in very clear and/or deep water.
E. Battery Status – The percentage of power remaining for the connected battery. To help extend battery life, reduce the screen’s backlight setting using the Power X-Press Menu (press the POWER key once) > Light.
F. CHIRP IR setting. See Select Settings for Ice Fishing.
G. Zoom Range 
H. Flasher Window (Flasher Style set to Color [A-Scope]) displays the sonar returns. Select the Flasher Style from the X-Press Menu.

Display a 2D Sonar View

Your control head includes many different sonar views. Display the 2D Sonar Zoom View to see a magnified view of the bottom and structure.

A. Active Cursor will freeze the sonar history. To show the active cursor, turn on Show Cursor in the X-Press Menu. Use the Cursor Control key to move the cursor around the view. To remove the cursor, press the EXIT key.

B. Digital Readouts can be displayed as an overlay with fixed data readouts (shown above) or as data boxes, which can be customized.

C. Real-Time Sonar” (RTS) shows the depth and intensity of sonar returns for both the full sonar view and the zoomed view. With an active cursor, the sonar history will freeze, but the RTS Window will continue to display sonar returns in real-time. To select the display style (currently set to Color [A-Scope]) and width of the RTS Windows (or to turn off), use the X-Press Menu.

D.CHIRP IR setting. See Select Settings for Ice Fishing.

E.Lower Depth Range – See Select Settings for Ice Fishing.

Use Combo Views Combo

Views display two views (or more) on the screen at the same time. To change the settings, select menus or actions, or change the size of either view, you must select the view as the Active Pane from the X-Press Menu.
X-Press Menu > Active Pane

To quickly change display settings like Sonar Colors, Chart Speed, and Gain, use the X-Press Menu. To change advanced display settings like Units of Measure, Time and Date, adjust for Daylight Saving Time, display Digital Readouts, etc., use the Main Menu > Setup tab. Press the MENU key twice to open the Main Menu.
NOTE: Some menu settings are only available in Advanced User Mode. bd To change the User Mode to Advanced, go to Main Menu > Setup tab > User Mode.

Download your Operations Manual

For additional instructions and information about your control head, download the operations manual from our Web site at humminbird.com.
NOTE: Your control head is compatible with other transducers and can be used on open water. To activate open water features, go to Main Menu > Sonar tab > Open Water. Mt
NOTE: Your control head is compatible with Humminbird LakeMaster maps. To purchase LakeMaster region maps, visit our Web site at humminbird.com. To purchase individual lake maps, visit https://chartselect.humminbird.com.

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