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HYPERX Cloud Buds Manual

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User Manual
HyperX Cloud Buds

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HyperX Cloud Buds Installation Guide

HyperX Cloud Buds

Part Numbers


A. HyperX Cloud Buds
B. Interchangeable ear tips
C. USB-C charge cable
D. Carrying case


Speaker driver: Dynamic with Neodymium magnets
Type: Neckband
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 65.2 Ω
Sound pressure level: 104±3 dB 1mW at 1kHz
T.H.D: ≦2% at 200-3kHz
Weight: 27.5g
Charge cable length: USB-C to USB-A: 0.2m

Inline Microphone
Element: Electret condenser microphone
Polar pattern: Omni-directional
Frequency response: 100Hz – 7.2kHz
Open circuit sensitivity: -16.5dBV (1V/Pa at1kHz)

Battery Life*
Bluetooth: 10 hours

Bluetooth version: 5.1
Wireless range**: Up to 10 meters / 33 feet
Supported codecs: aptX™, aptX™ HD, SBC
Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP

*Tested at 50% headphone volume
**Wireless range may vary due to environmental conditions

 Fitting the HyperX Cloud Buds to your Ears

  1. Insert ear tip into ear.
  2. Tuck stabilizer flap into ear fold.
    HYPERX Cloud Buds -Insert ear tip into ear.1

Changing Ear Tips

  1.  Remove original ear tip by gripping the stabilizer flap and stretching ear tip over the hook on the nozzle.
  2.  Place new ear tip on the nozzle of the ear bud.
  3.  Pull the stabilizer flap to stretch the nozzle over the hook


Power Button

Power On/Off
Hold for 2 seconds to turn on or off.

Bluetooth® Pairing

  1. With the headset off, hold the power button for 5 seconds to enter pairing mode. The LED indicator will flash red and blue and a voice prompt will play.
  2. On your Bluetooth® enabled device, search and connect to “HyperX Cloud Buds.” Once connected, the indicator LED will flash blue every 5 seconds and a voice prompt will play.

Volume Buttons Press the + and – buttons to adjust the volume level up or down.
Multifunction Button

Status 1 Press 2 Presses 3 Presses Long Press
Playing Media Play/Pause Skip Track Previous Track Activate Mobile
Receiving Call Answer Call X X Reject Call
In Call End Call Swap Calls X X

Note: Button functionality may differ depending on the connected device.

Headset Charging

When the headset is connected to a charger with the USB charge cable, the status LED will indicate the charge status. The headset will take approximately 3 hours to fully charge.

Status LED Charging Status
Breathing red Charging
Off Fully charged

Status LED Indicators

The status LED on the headset indicates the current state of the headset.

Status LED Headset Status
Flash blue every 5 seconds Connected to a device
Flash blue every 2 seconds Not connected to a device
Pairing mode Flashing red and blue
Factory reset Flash blue 5 times and light up red for 1 second

Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset on the headset, hold the power and volume up buttons together for 7  seconds. The status LED will flash red and blue 2 times, followed by solid red for 1 second. At the
same time, the headset will play two low beeps. After this, the headset will automatically turn off.

Questions or Setup Issues?

Contact the HyperX support team at: hyperxgaming.com/support/headsets

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