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IKEA HEMNES Bathroom Vanity Manual

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HEMNES Bathroom Vanity
Instruction Manual

HEMNES Bathroom series


Some of this furniture must be fixed to the wall with the enclosed wall fastener. Different wall materials require different types of fastening devices. Use fastening devices suitable for the walls in your home, sold separately.

Care and cleaning

Wipe furniture clean using a cloth damp with water or non-abrasive detergent, then wipe dry with a clean cloth.
The sink and faucet should be wiped clean using a cloth damp with water or non-abrasive detergent.
Sinks in ceramic are resistant to most chemicals, except for strong acids and strong alkalis.
Sinks made of crushed marble should not come in contact with ammonia, acids, strong detergents, hair dye or chlorine.
The genuine character that lasts
HEMNES bathroom furniture has a straightforward, crafted look with Scandinavian appeal and modern function. The series includes vanities, mirrors, cabinets, and shelving, in different dimensions, to make your bathroom functional and comfortable – no matter the size. To enhance the traditional look with your own unique style, choose between turn-of-the-century inspired sinks with raised edges or an eye-catching solution with a round countertop bowl.
This is a reference guide created to better assist customers when purchasing products. While a high level of accuracy has been sought in its preparation, we cannot guarantee that there are no errors or omissions nor will we be bound by them. Availability may vary by store and prices are subject to change. Please see an IKEA co-worker or visit www.IKEA.ca for more information.

How to plan

What do you want to store?
Start by thinking of what storage needs you to have in your bathroom. Think of the activities that happen in your bathroom, like laundry, showering, cleaning, and care. How many people use the bathroom and when. Based on these activities, you can plan how many storage units will best suit your needs. Think about the wall space you have available for the vanity and sink since this is the center of most bathroom activities. The HEMNES series is comprised of vanities of different sizes and storage capacities. The drawers in HEMNES vanities are smooth running and pull out fully so you can easily see and reach what’s inside. Pull-out stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far and falling, which is especially practical if you have children.
Choose the expression
You can choose between open and regular vanities depending on your storage needs and preferences in your bathroom. IKEA sinks come in different sizes and you can choose a single or double sink, depending on your needs and space. The sinks suitable for HEMNES are made of ceramic, which have a glazed finish and are easy to clean. If you choose the HEMNES open vanity, combine it with a countertop sink for the best functionality and look. All sinks come with a water trap and strainer.
You can find a wide selection of bathroom faucets at IKEA. Choose your faucet based on function and design. All faucets come with a strainer kit, except for SALJEN. All faucets at IKEA have a flow regulator that uses less water but ensures that the water flow feels the same. Most of our faucets have a special function – a cold start function that helps save energy.
The last thing to decide is what to put above and around your vanity: a mirror cabinet, a high cabinet with a mirror door, a shelving unit, bench. The combination possibilities are endless. Make your choice based on your bathroom storage needs and space.

How to combine

Here is a little guide to explain how you can put together your very own HEMNES bathroom solution. For all the parts and pieces see page 4. If you want to browse our ready-made solutions just check IKEA.ca.

How to choose vanity and sink

60 cm 63×49×6 cm
single 501.955.52
62×49×6 cm
single 902.165.76
80 cm 83×49×6 cm
single 401.808.05
82×49×6 cm
single 102.165.75
100 cm 103×49×6 cm
single 001.939.37
double 001.356.12
102×49×6 cm
single 702.165.77
120 cm 123×49×6 cm
single 201.939.41
double 801.356.13
140 cm 143×49×6 cm
double 601.356.14

How to choose a countertop sink and faucet

Countertop sink Regular faucet Tall faucet
TÖRNVIKEN 204.003.23, 804.003.39, 202.813.82,802.621.25, 704.957.38, 202.812.97, 602.813.04, 404,676.33, 102.400.28, 503.430.86, 804.233.50, 803.430.80, 003.472.18, 303.430.92
HÖRVIK 003.430.98, 603.430.62
KATTEVIK 003.430.98, 603.430.62

HEMNES all parts

Handles are included. Width×Depth×Height.

HEMNES vanity, 60×47×83 cm (23⅝×18½×32⅝”).
White 502.176.67
Gray 403.487.63
HEMNES vanity, 80×47×83 cm (31½×18½×32⅝”).
White 202.176.64
Gray 103.487.88
HEMNES vanity, 100×47×83 cm (39⅜×18½×32⅝”).
White 902.176.65
Gray 603.487.95
HEMNES vanity, 120×47×83 cm (47¼×18½×32⅝”).
White 202.936.67
Gray 403.489.80
HEMNES vanity, 140×47×83 cm (55⅛×18½×32⅝”).
White 602.936.70
Gray 803.489.83
HEMNES open vanity, 82×48×76 cm (32¼×18⅞×29⅞”).
Gray 004.294.12
HEMNES mirror cabinet with 1 door, 63×16×98 cm (24⅞×6¼×38⅝”).
White 702.176.71
Gray 603.489.84
HEMNES mirror cabinet with 2 doors, 83×16×98 cm (32⅝×6¼×38⅝”).
White 402.176.77
Gray 103.489.91
HEMNES mirror cabinet with 2 doors, 103×16×98 cm (40½×6¼×38⅝”).
White 802.176.75
Gray 903.489.87
HEMNES mirror cabinet with 2 doors, 120×16×98 cm (47¼×6¼×38⅝”).
White 002.987.41
Gray 203.489.95
HEMNES mirror cabinet with 2 doors, 140×16×98 cm (55⅛×6¼×38⅝”).
White 602.987.43
HEMNES bathroom shelf unit, 74×25×198 cm (29⅛×9⅞×78”).
White 904.004.47
HEMNES high cabinet with mirror door, 49×31×200 cm (19¼×12¼×78¾”).
White 702.176.85
Gray 403.489.99
HEMNES high cabinet with glass door, 42×38×131 cm (16½×15×51⅝”).
White 203.966.46
Gray 704.294.23
HEMNES corner cabinet, 60×38×63 cm (23⅝×15×24¾”).
White 604.184.01
HEMNES shelving unit, 42×37×172 cm (16⅜×14½×67¾”).
White 302.176.54
Gray 203.490.04
HEMNES bench, 83×37×53 cm (32⅝×14½×20⅞”).
White 502.236.25
Gray 703.490.11
HEMNES storage bench with towel rail/4hooks 64×37×173 cm (25¼×14⅝×68⅛”).
White 303.966.55
Gray 504.294.24
HEMNES wall shelf, 42×10×118 cm (16½×3⅞×46½”).
White 003.966.47
Gray 204.294.25

Sinks and faucets


RÄTTVIKEN sink single, porcelain. Strainer and water trap included.
62×49×6 cm (24¾×19¼×2⅜”) 202.236.98
82×49×6 cm (32⅝×19¼×2⅜”) 402.237.01
102×49×6 cm (40½×19¼×2⅜”) 802.236.95
ODENSVIK sink, ceramic. Strainer and water trap included.
63×49×6 cm (24¾×19¼×2⅜”), single 801.955.55
83×49×6 cm (32⅝×19¼×2⅜”), single 701.808.04
103×49×6 cm (40½×19¼×2⅜”), single 401.939.40
103×49×6 cm (40½×19¼×2⅜”), double 301.483.21
123×49×6 cm (48¾×19¼×2⅜”), single 601.939.44
123×49×6 cm (48¾×19¼×2⅜”), double 001.483.27
143×49×6 cm (55½×19¼×2⅜”), double 801.483.28
KATTEVIK countertop sink, crushed marble.
Ø40×15 cm (15¾×5⅞”), white 703.589.44
HÖRVIK countertop sink, crushed marble. Strainer and water trap included. 45×32×12 cm (17¾×12⅝×4¾”),
white 703.589.39
TÖRNVIKEN countertop sink, ceramics. Strainer and water trap included.
Ø45×14 cm (17¾×51/2”), white 302.915.16
45×45 cm (17¾×17¾”) 002.936.11
SALJEN faucet, without sink strainer.
Black plastic 204.003.23
PILKÅN faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated brass 804.003.39
ENSEN faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated 202.813.82
RUNSKÄR faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome plated brass 802.621.25
Brass color 704.957.38
DALSKÄR faucet, with sink strainer.
Stainless steel colour 602.813.04
Chrome-plated 202.812.97
LUNDSKÄR faucet, with sink strainer.
Black 404.676.33
BROGRUND faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated 503.430.86
BROGRUND tall faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated 003.430.98
BROGRUND faucet with sensor, with sink
Chrome-plated brass 804.233.50
HAMNSKÄR faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated 803.430.80
Black 003.472.18
VOXNAN faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated 303.430.92
VOXNAN tall faucet, with sink strainer.
Chrome-plated 603.430.62

Lighting for HEMNES

Ceiling, wall, and cabinet lighting

FRIHULT ceiling lamp. The glass shade provides balanced general lighting throughout the room.
Light bulbs are sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E12 chandelier opal white.
Stainless steel 304.316.49
FRIHULT ceiling/wall lamp. The glass shade provides balanced general lighting throughout
the room. Light bulbs are sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E12 chandelier opal white.
Black 104.316.07
Stainless steel 704.316.14
FRIHULT wall lamp. A versatile lamp that can be mounted facing upwards or downwards, on its
own above the mirror, or as a pair with one on each side. Light bulbs are sold separately. IKEA recommends LED bulb E12 chandelier opal white.
Black 804.316.42
Stainless steel 704.316.28
Brass 204.316.35
VÅTHULT LED cabinet/mirror light, aluminiumcolour.
350 mm (133/4”) 404.675.53
HAVSDUN LED wall lamp, dimmable, white/frosted glass.
26.5×11.6×10.5 cm (10×5×4”) 204.992.58

Drawer lighting

STÖTTA LED lighting strip battery-operated. Built-in LED. The light switches on and off automatically when you open or close the drawer so no energy is wasted. Batteries are sold separately; 4 pcs AA are required (2 pcs for the 32 cm LED lighting strip). IKEA recommends LADDA rechargeable batteries.
32 cm (13”) 103.600.87
52 cm (20”) 503.600.90
72 cm (28”) 903.600.93
LADDA rechargeable battery. Reduce waste and save money by recharging your batteries. Charging and re-using batteries is a good choice for the environment and practical too since you always have batteries at hand when you need them.
1900 mAh, AA 005.098.14
2450 mAh, AA…………………………………………………………………………..505.046.92


We offer a range of services to help you with everything from putting it together to getting it home. Of course, the more you do yourself, the lower the price will be. And the more we do for you, the more you can sit back and relax!

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It’s ok to change your mind
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Enjoy fast and easy guidance on the way to your new IKEA bathroom. Below you find brochures and tools that will assist you in every step of the journey. All materials are available at your local IKEA store or online at IKEA.ca.
On our webpage, you’ll find lots of inspiration and ideas to get the most out of your HEMNES bathroom, whether it’s a new one or an old one that you want to freshen up. Plus, here you’ll find all products that you can imagine to personalize and create the bathroom of your dreams.
IKEA Home Planner
Create your HEMNES bathroom from the ground up in a 3D environment where you will get a price for every unit and for the complete bathroom. You can print out drawings and product lists at home, or save them to the IKEA website. At your local IKEA store, you can discuss your design with one of our bathroom experts for further advice and support. Learn more at IKEA.ca. Enjoy fast and easy guidance on the way to your new IKEA Bathroom. Below you find brochures and tools that will assist you in every step of the journey. All materials are available at your local IKEA store or online at IKEA.ca.

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