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IKEA MALFORS Foam Mattress manual

IKEA MALFORS Foam Mattress manual Image
IKEA MALFORS Foam Mattress User Guide

Important – Read carefully – Save for future use

IKEA of Sweden, Box 702, S-343 81 Älmhult

Foam and Latex mattresses
Before using for the first time
Initially your new mattress can seem a bit too firm. Allow one month for your body to get used to the mattress and for the mattress to adjust to your body. To get the best comfort you need the right pillow. Make sure that you have a pillow that suits you and your new mattress. Some of our mattresses are roll packed. They can be used right away but will regain their shape, length and thickness completely after 3-4 days. All new materials have their own particular smell, which gradually disappears. Airing and vacuuming the mattress will help to eliminate the smell.

Care and cleaning
Complement the mattress with a mattress protector. It makes it more hygienic, as it is easy to remove and clean. Many of our mattresses have a washable cover. Read the tag inside the cover for more information. Make sure that the zipper is closed when washing the mattress cover. Vacuuming the mattress helps to remove dust and mites. Don’t fold the mattress. This can damage the materials inside. Even the best mattresses become less comfortable with age, and all mattresses accumulate dust and mites over the years. So we recommend that you change your mattress every 8-10 years.

The zip fastener has no tab. This is to prevent children from opening the cover, damaging the mattresses and putting the contents in their mouth. Open and close the zip fastener by pushing, for example, a paper clip through the loop on the slide. Important! Make sure you always remove the paper clip afterwards.

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