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IKEA 104.755.02 MEDELSTOR Intergrated dishwasher Manual

IKEA 104.755.02 MEDELSTOR Intergrated dishwasher Manual Image

104.755.02 MEDELSTOR Integrerad Diskmaskin
Instruction Manual

Product description

1 Lower spray arm 6 Detergent dispenser
2 Filters 7 Lower basket
3 Rating plate 8 Upper spray arms
4 Salt container 9 Upper basket
5 Rinse aid dispenser 10 Cutlery drawer

Beam-on-Floor is a light displayed on the floor below the appliance door.

  • When a program starts, the white light is on and stays on for the duration of the program.
  • When the program is completed, the white light is off.
  • When the appliance has a malfunction, the white light flashes.
    important iconBeam-on-Floor is off when the appliance is deactivated.

To download the full version visit www.ikea.com

Control panel

1 On/Off button / Reset button 4 Programme buttons
2 Delay start button 5 Option buttons
3 Display 6 AUTO program button


A. Indicators
B. Time indicator


Indicator Description
Rinse aid indicator. It is on when the rinse aid dispenser needs refilling.
Salt indicator. It is on when the salt container needs refilling.
Machine Care indicator. It is on when the appliance needs internal cleaning with the Machine Care program.
Drying phase indicator. It is when a program with the drying phase is selected. It flashes when the drying phase operates.

Programs overview

Program Dishwasher load Degree of soil temperature Temp
Options AutoOpen
Crockery, cutlery Fresh soil 50 30
Rinse & Hold All types of load MI degrees of
Coldwater 15 × ×
60 Minutes Crockery. cutlery Fresh, lightly
dried-on soil
60 60
90 Minutes Crockery, cutlery.
pots, pans
Normal, lightly
dried on soil
60 90
Intensive Crockery, cutlery,
pots, pans
Normal to heavy,
dried-on soil
60 160
EC01) Crockery, cutlery,
pots, pans
Normal, lightly
dried on soil
50 240
AUTO Crockery, cutlery.
pots, pans
All 50 – 60 120 – 170 ×
Machine Care For cleaning the appliance interior.
Refer to “Cleaning and Maine-
70 60 ×

1) This program offers the most efficient use of water and energy consumption for crockery and cutlery with normal soil. This is the standard program for test institutes. This program is used to assess compliance with the Ecodesign Commission Regulation (EU) 2019/2022.

You can adjust the program selection to your needs by activating options.
Power Clean
Power Clean improves the dishwashing results of the selected program. The option increases the wash temperature and duration.

Gentle / Glass
Gentle / Glass prevents delicate load, glassware in particular, from damaging. The option prevents rapid changes in the dishwashing temperature of the selected program and reduces it to 45 °C.

Basic settings

Num- ber Setting Setting value Water hardness
mmo1/1 German degrees (°d H)
1 Water softener 10 8.4 – 9.0 47 – 50
9 7.6 – 8.3 43 – 46
8 6.5 – 7.5 37 – 42
7 5.1 – 6.4 29 – 36
6 4.0 – 5.0 23 – 28
5 1) 3.3 – 3.9 19 – 22
4 2/6/32 15 -18
3 1.9 – 2.5 11 – 14
2 0/ – 1.8 4-10
1 2) <0.7 <4
2 Rinse aid level OA – 8A
3 End sound lb (on) / Ob (off)
4 Auto door open lo (on) / Oo (off)
5 Key tones 1F (on) / OF (off)
6 Latest programme selection 1H (on) / 0H (off)
  1. Factory setting.
  2. Do not use salt at this level.

Setting mode

Button Description
Previous button. Press to switch between the basic settings and to change their values.
OK button. Press to enter the selected setting and to confirm changing its value.
Next button. Press to switch between the basic settings and to change their values.

How to change a setting

  1. Press and hold simultaneously and for about 3 seconds to enter setting mode.
    • The lights:, and are on.
    • The display shows the current value of the first available setting. 2. Press Previous or Next to select the setting.
  2. Press Previous or Next to select the setting.
    The display shows the current setting value (a digit and the dedicated letter).
  3. Press OK to enter the setting.
    The current setting value flashes.
  4. Press Previous or Next to change the value.
  5. Press OK to confirm the setting value.
    • The new setting value is saved.
    • The appliance returns to the basic settings list.
  6. Press and hold simultaneously and for about 3 seconds to exit the setting mode.

The appliance switches to the program selection.

Auto Open
AutoOpen improves the drying results with less energy consumption. The appliance door opens automatically during the drying phase and remains ajar.

Caution! Do not try to close the appliance door within 2 minutes after automatic opening. This can cause damage to the appliance.
Caution! If children, pets, or people with disabilities have access to the appliance, deactivate AutoOpen. The automatic opening of the door may pose a danger and expose possible hazards inside the appliance (such as knives, sharp objects, chemicals).

Before first use

Make sure that the current level of the water softener is adjusted to the hardness of the water supply.
Use the program Quick 30′ to remove residues from the manufacturing process.

  1. Pour 1 liter of water into the salt container.
  2. Put 1 kg of salt in the salt container.
    Use rough salt designed for dishwashers only.
  3. Fill the rinse aid dispenser.
  4. Open the water tap.
  5. Select the programme Quick 30′ and close the dishwasher door to start it. Do not use detergent and do not put dishes in the baskets.
    Caution! Water and salt may come out of the salt container when you fill it. After you fill the salt container, immediately start a program to prevent corrosion.
    If you do not use the appliance, close the water tap.

If you encounter an issue with your appliance, check the “Troubleshooting” chapter in the full version of the User Manual available on: www.ikea.com.

Technical information

Product type Fully integrated dishwasher
Dimensions Width / height / depth (mm) 446 / 818 –
898 / 550
Electrical connection 1) Voltage (V) 220 – 240
Frequency (Hz) 50
Water supply pressure Min. / max. bar (MPa) 0.5 (0.05) / 10 (1.0)
Water supply Cold water or hot water 2) max 60 °C
Capacity Place settings 10
  1. Refer to the rating plate for other values.
  2. If the hot water comes from an alternative source of energy, (e.g. solar panels, aeolian energy), use the hot water supply to decrease energy consumption.

Link to the EU EPREL database
The QR code on the energy label supplied with the appliance provides a web link to the registration of this appliance in the EU EPREL database. Keep the energy label for reference together with the user manual and all other documents provided with this appliance.
It is possible to find information related to the performance of the product in the EU EPREL database using the link https://eprel.ec.europa.eu and the model name and product number that you can find on the rating plate of the appliance. Refer to the chapter “Product description”. For more detailed information about the energy label, visit www.theenergylabel.eu.
To download the full version visit www.ikea.com

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