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IKEA UPPHETTA Coffee/Tea maker Manual

IKEA UPPHETTA Coffee/Tea maker Manual Image


Before using for the first time

Before using the coffee/tea maker for the first time, wash, rinse and dry carefully.

Instructions for use

1. Remove the plunger and warm the glass coffee pot by rinsing it with hot water.
2. Add ground coffee (preferably coarsely ground) or tea.
3. Top up with water to a level just below the spout. For the very best flavor, use water that is just a degree or so below boiling. Stir.
4. Put the plunger in place, but do not press the filter down. Leave it under the lid for a minute or two, to give time for the coffee/tea and water to mix.
5. Hold the handle and slowly press the plunger down.
6. If the plunger becomes difficult to push down, remove it from the pot, and then slowly plunge down again vertically.
• Dishwasher-safe.
• The plunger can be taken apart as shown in the picture.
• Make sure there are no cracks in the glass pot.
• The coffee/ tea maker is not safe to use on a hot plate, gas ring or ceramic hob.


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