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Insignia Indoor HDTV Antenna NS-ANT314 Manual

The INSIGNIA NS-ANT314 Indoor HDTV Antenna is a unique and innovative product. It can be used as a replacement for cable or satellite TV providers, as well as an alternative to over the air broadcast television. This guide will help you set up your antenna quickly and easily so that you can watch all of your favorite shows.

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Indoor HDTV Antenna


This is a specially designed antenna for digital TV reception. It can receive all the TV signals in your area in the VHF and UHF bands, as well as FM radio signals. An ideal and easy-to-install solution for home or portable TV reception.


  • Indoor HDTV antenna
  • Quick Setup Guide


  • Receive free local HDTV broadcasts
  • Adjustable VHF and fixed UHF antennas receive 1080i and 720p HDTV signals
  • Integrated 4′ coaxial cable for simple connection to your TV
  • Small size for convenienceIndoor HDTV Antenna parts


  1. Squeeze the bottom of the UHF antenna and insert it into the holes on the base.
  2. Screw the VHF antennas into the base.Setup diagram showing where to attach poles
  3. Connect the end of the coaxial cable to the coaxial jack on the back of your TV, digital converter box, or set-top box.
    Connect to an HDTV
    If you have an HDTV with a digital TV (ATSC) tuner, you can connect the antenna directly to the HDTV. Older TVs may require a separate digital TV tuner, or digital converter box.How to connect the antenna to a HDTVOR
    Connect to a TV through a digital converter or set-top box
    Note: See the instructions for your digital converter box for connection steps.Digital converter box setup guide
  4. If possible, place your antenna near a window and away from sources of interference, then adjust the UHF and VHF antennas.
  5. Turn on your TV, then press INPUT or SOURCE. Select the input for your antenna (usually labeled TV).
  6. Open your TV’s setup menu, then select the “scan” or “channel scan” option. Your TV automatically searches for available channels in your area. Refer to your TV manual for detailed instructions.


For the best reception, check the following conditions:

  • Install the antenna as high as possible to avoid possible obstacles between the antenna and the transmission tower.
  • If possible, place the antenna near the windows.
  • Keep the antenna away from sources of interference such as air conditioners, hairdryers, and microwave ovens.
  • Run a channel scan every time you move your antenna.
  • If possible, position your antenna toward the transmission tower.
  • To determine which channels are available in your area, visit www.antennaweb.org. Type in your zip code to get help with antenna placement.
  • Test the antenna in multiple locations to find the strongest signal.
  • This antenna is an indoor antenna. Do not place it outside.
  • Run a channel scan monthly to make sure that you are receiving all possible channels.
  • Some TVs have a signal strength indicator that can help with antenna placement. See your TV manual to see if your TV has this feature.
  • This antenna works with any TV or device with an ATSC tuner. Refer to the device manual to check compatibility.


Antenna troubleshooting guide


  • VHF 87.5-230 MHz
  • UHF 470-860 MHz
  • FM 87.5-108 MHz


Visit www.insigniaproducts.com for details.


For customer service, call 1-877-467-4289 (U.S. and Canada) or 01-800-926-3000 (Mexico)

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INSIGNIA NS-ANT314 Indoor HDTV Antenna Quick Setup Guide – Download

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