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JBL Free Wireless Earbuds Manual

These are the online instructions for the JBL Free Wireless earbuds. They contain useful information such as how to use the side-buttons and also how to pair them using Bluetooth.

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Manufactured by JBL

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JBL Free Wireless Earbuds Manual

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JBL Free Wireless Earbuds

Customize your fit

a. Mix and match ear tips and silicone sleeves for a perfect fit and audio performance.

Diagram to help choose the right size buds

b. Installation

Adding the correct size bud to earphones

Wireless Device Pairing

a. First time pairing with device:
Step 1 – Ensure to give the ear pieces a full charge before initiating pairing.
*Ear pieces and charging case are packed separately.

Pairing the JBL Free Wireless earbuds diagram

Step 2 – Remove right ear piece from case, it will turn on automatically, entering pairing mode (alt. blue/white).

Connecting using Bluetooth

Step 3 – From device, go to Bluetooth menu.

Bluetooth menu

Step 4 – Remove left ear piece from case, it will automatically connect with the right ear piece.

Putting the earbuds into the charging case

b. From second time onwards: Wireless connections are automatically established when the headphones are taken out of the case.

c. Ear pieces automatically power off and recharge when put in the charging case.

Earbuds in case

* To turn on ear pieces manually, long press the button on ear piece for 5s.


Buttons usage diagram

Manual power on and off

Turning the earbuds on and off


Charging wires diagram

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