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KARAOKE Portable Smart Microphone Manual

KARAOKE Portable Smart Microphone Manual Image

Smart Microphone Microfono inteligente

User Manual Manual de usuario


Thank you for purchasing our product. To keep your good use. please read the Instruction carefully before using the product. Preface
Please keep this Manual properly for future reference. Please follow the safety instructions below
The pictures in the manual are for reference only. pis upon actual products.

Safety Warning

  • To prevent electric shock. do not expose this product to rain or moisture. Do not remove the cover. the internal voltage may cause damage to your body. In the event of a malfunction. please contact the maintenance service agent.
  • Do not keep the product in a humid or dusty place.
  • Keep away from high temperatures.
  • Do not disassemble the product.
  • Do not expose the product in the dusty air.

Environment-Friendly Use Period

The environment-friendly use Period for this electronic information product is 10 years, during which no pollution to the environment and no serious damage to health or property. will be caused by the leakage of harmful substances, upon operation in accordance, with this manual.

Product features

Structural Representation

Function of the button

  1. Power button:
  2. Press on / off for a long time
  3. Click switch mode when the machine is on
  4. One – key mute button:
  5. Click to turn on / off the one-button mute mode.
  6. Press long to switch magic sound mode
  7. Last song Button: Click for last song
  8. Play / pause button: click switch for pause / play
  9. Next song button: click next song
  10. Volume + Button: add accompaniment volume
  11. Volume – Button: Decrease Accompaniment Volume
  12. Microphone volume push button: adjust the microphone volume.
  13. Reverberation Volume Push Button: Adjust the Reverberation effect of Microphone

Function description

DC5V interface:Function description

  1. Charging interface
  2. Cable audio input: Independent stereo function
  3. Cable audio record

USB interface: supports MP3 file reading in flash disk AUX interface: 3.5MM audio output
TF card port: Support reading MP3 files from TF card

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