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kmart 43076925 Inline and Roller Combo Skates Manual

kmart 43076925 Inline and Roller Combo Skates Manual Image

kmart 43076925 Inline and Roller Combo Skates


  • Adult assembly is required. Protective equipment should always be worn, including but not limited to: helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist protection and reflective devices.
  • Adult supervision is required.
  • Modifying the skates is not allowed, this might compromise the skates’ safety. Always verify the bolts and nuts are fixed before using, the pieces could loosen up with time. Remove any sharp edges which may occur during use.
  • Read and understand this entire manual before allowing your child to use this product. For safety and best performance, be sure to exercise caution and abide by all the listed specifications and instructions.
  • Failure to abide by these instructions may result in injury.
  • This product complies with EN13843 / EN13899


Like any other moving products, skating can be a hazardous activity and it is possible to get into dangerous situations. Be sure to read the entire manual before use. Specifically, pay attention to the following points:

  1. User’s maximum weight: 50kg.
  2. Make sure all the bolts and nuts are properly fixed.
  3. Do not skate on snow, water, oil, loose gravel, dirt, leaves, other debris and uneven surfaces.
  4. Always skate on flat, clean, dry and paved surfaces with no traffic. Do not skate near cars, steps, stairs, swimming pools, or other bodies of water. Always beware of pedestrians and avoid main roads. Always follow the traffic signs.
  5. Avoid hills and excessive speed.
  6. The user should never attach him/herself to or use any vehicle in motion to gain speed.
  7. The skates are meant to used by children with max weight of 50kg to practice basic skating skills and should under no circumstance be used to attempt stunts, tricks or any other skating styles which could produce any risk to the user or damage to the skates.
  8. To prevent injury, while skating both user’s hands must remain completely free of any objects including, but not limited to mobile phones, cameras and music players.
  9. The user must be aware of his/her surroundings at all times to prevent personal injury or injury to others. The user should never wear devices which could obstruct any of
    his/her senses, such as headphones.
  10. The user must be familiarized with skating skills and must practice the basic skating technics before using. Choose to skate in places where the user can improve his/her skills. Some skills are required to avoid falls or collisions causing injury to the user or third parties.
  11. Practice how to brake carefully. For inline skates, the brake is located at the rear of the right skate; For roller skates, the brake is located at the front. Brake functions when it touches the ground. User must learn to stop safely.
  12. Do not skate at night.
  13. To be used under the direct supervision of an adult, it is important to never leave the user alone.
  14. Protective equipment should always be worn (not included). Not to be used in traffic.
  15. Injury may occur if the precautions above are not observed.


Make sure you carry out the following inspections before using your skates.

  1. Check axle tightness and bearings by shaking each wheel.
  2. Make sure the hardware on each wheel is tightened properly.
  3. Inspect brake pad for tightness and wear.
  4. Ensure the skates fit securely and comfortably and the plastic straps remain tight.
  5. Before skating, spin each wheel to ensure they spin freely. If there is any friction or the wheels wobble, please check the problem and if necessary replace the bearing before skating.
  6. Ensure the area around wheels is kept clean and free from mud. If the skates get wet during the ride, please dry off the boot and the base of the skates.
  7. Keep the skates clean and carry out a safety check each time before riding.



  1. Untighten the screws using the hex key.
  2. Separate the boot and the chassis.
  3. Switch to another chassis, insert the boot on the new chassis.
  4. Tighten the screws on the new chassis.


  1. Loosen the straps, press and hold the button, adjust the skate and align the arrow with the desired size.
  2. Tighten the straps and start your skating.


  1. Wheels should be replaced when worn down. Ensure replacements are compatible and that all fixings are replaced in the correct order and securely tightened.
  2. IMPORTANT: Do not modify the design of the boot or chassis as this may put your safety at risk.
  3. The skates are designed to be used on a smooth paved surface. Do not use on soft surfaces such as grass, soil or sand.
  4. Add oil for lubrication periodically and replace bearings when they are worn out.
  5. Check the bolts and nuts are properly fixed, as they can lose their effectiveness over time.
  6. Remove any sharp edges which may be caused during use.


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