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onn 9020R2 Roku Wireless Surround Speaker manual

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Wireless Surround Speakers
Quick Start Guide

Get ready for immersive surround sound.
Wireless Surround Speakers

What you’ll need

To get set up, you’ll need:

  • An Smart Soundbar or a  TV™ connected to the internet
  • You’re ® remote

Let’s get started

1. Power up your speakers

  • Place your speakers within 30 feet of your TV.
  • Plug them into a power outlet.

2. Prepare your TV

  • Turn on your TV.
    If you are using an Smart Soundbar, switch inputs to your Smart Soundbar.
  • Press and hold on to your Roku remote for 5 seconds to get to the setup menu.
  • Select Speakers.

3. Follow the on-screen setup

  • Your Wireless Surround Speakers will automatically be detected and begin pairing.
    A Rear surround speaker setup, recommended for Smart Soundbar.
    (requires Smart Soundbar)
    B Front speaker setup recommended for Roku TV.

Tips and Tricks

Sound Settings

  • Automatic Volume Leveling—Helps keep your volume consistent and quietloud commercials.
  • Speech Clarity—Improves voice clarity so your favorite TV is easier to hear.
  • Night Mode—Lowers loud scenes while boosting quiet ones so you don’t wake the house.

Using voice commands
Press and hold the voice button* and say things like:
“Play classic rock.”
“Set volume to 30.”
“Launch The Roku Channel.”
* Requires a Roku voice compatible remote or Roku mobile app.
Using Sound Settings

  • While streaming video,press.
  • Go to Sound Settings.
  • Turn on the settings you want.

Pairing a Bluetooth® device

  •  Select the Bluetooth channel tile on your home screen.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

For more, visit:

Easily expandable
For even deeper, richer bass

Wireless Subwoofer
Sold separately.

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