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OTBeat Burn User Manual

In this OTBeat Burn user manual you can learn about the proper placement of the device on your arm. Also, you can find out how to pair the device with your smartphone and even how to replace the battery.

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Manufactured by Orange Theory

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OTBeat Burn

Getting Started

  1. Included in packaging: OTbeat Burn, SM band, LG band, & USB cord
  2. Remove OTbeat Burn from the packaging
  3. Connect the USB cord into charging port of device
  4. LED light will appear after a few seconds

Downloading the Orangetheory App

Using your mobile device, download the Orangetheory App.

App store logos

Note: Fully charge device before attempting to pair for the first time.

Charging The Device

  1. Open rubber port cover on back of device
  2. Plug in mini-USB connector into device port
  3. Plug in regular USB connector into charging block
  4. Plug in charging block into wall outlet

Chargin port location

Device can be connected directly to a computer USB port. Note: The voltage differs from wall outlet to computer.

Battery is fully charged when Green LED is continuously on During charging: Red LED light will blink slowly LED indication for charging is in front of device

Proper Placement

To transmit accurate data from your device:

  1. Fasten device snugly in one of the below placement options
  2. Wear device below, and not directly on top, of wrist bone* or elbow
  3. The optical sensor on the back should make good contact with skin

*For placement on wrist, measure two fingers above wrist bone

Proper placement of watch on wrist diagram

Pairing Device

1. Once OTbeat Burn is fully charged, press center of splat to power ON the device

Pairing the device illustration

2. Launch the settings app on your mobile device
3. Ensure your Bluetooth settings are on

Bluetooth status

4. Open Orangetheory app on mobile phone.

Orangetheory app splash

5. Use the Orangetheory app to search for device

*Once the device appears, OTbeat Burn is successfully connected to app

Succesfully connecting to the app

LED Guide

Heart Rate Detection LED Indication:

  • Alternating BLUE and GREEN: Detecting heart rate
  • Alternating BLUE and RED: No heart rate detected
  • Blinking GREEN: Heart rate detected
  • Blinking ORANGE: Heart rate zones are changing

Bluetooth Connection State:

  • Blue LED blinks for 5 seconds: After turning on the unit
  • Blue LED continuously on for 5 second: Connected
  • Green LED on for 2 seconds: Connected (HR not detected)
  • Green LED continuously on: Updating firmware

Battery LED Light

During Charging

Red LED blinks slowly: Charging

Green LED continuously on: Battery full

Battery State

Red LED blinks three times: Low battery at <15% (repeat every 5 min. until reach critical level)

Red LED continuously on for 2 sec: Device powering off

Caring for Device

  1. To ensure accurate readings, clean the sensor lens with a soft cloth
  2. OTbeat Burn unit and strap are waterproof to IP67 specifications and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and cool water
  3. Use a cotton swab and only rubbing alcohol to clean the USB charging contacts when necessary: do not contact USB charging port
  4. Do not use any abrasive chemicals to clean the Otbeat Burn unit, sensor, or strap. This will cause permanent damage

Technical Specifications

Feature  Description
Functions Heart rate detection and transmission
Heart Rate Range (ANT+ or Bluetoolh 4.0), battery low alert
Heart Rate Accuracy 30 to 220 BPM in 1 BPM resolution
Transmission +/-5 BPM
Power Supply ANT+ /BLE
ANT+ or BLE 3.8V Li-ion Polymer rechargeable battery
Transmission Distance 15 Meters
Battery Life time Up to 24 hours of continuous
(PPG&BLE always on) detection
Water Resistance Level IP67
Storage Temperature -20 to +60)C
Operating Temperature 0 to +40C
Memory capacity 6 hours detection

For more information visit orangetheoryfitness.com/otbeat

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