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OshenWatch 21052020 Smartwatch Manual

OshenWatch 21052020 Smartwatch Manual Image

Instruction Manual

Connecting Your OshenWatch

  • First, download and install the app on your iOS or Android device by looking up FitPro. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and start the app.
  • Click “Set”, then “Bind” to start scanning for devices, then select LH726.
  • After initial installation, your OshenWatch and device will sync automatically.
    Note for Android users: Please ensure that the app is running in the background and that permissions are enabled to ensure OshenWatch works as intended.

Included with Purchase

  • 1 x OshenWatch
  • 2 x Wrist Straps
  • 1x Instruction Manual


  • If your OshenWatch is off, press the function key to turn it on.
  • Cycle through the various functions by pressing the function key
  • Long-press the function key when you get to the desired function to view it in more detail or activate the function.

Clock Calibration
After syncing with your phone, your OshenWatch will automatically sync with the time provided by your device.

Clock Type
To switch between the 12 hour and 24 hour clock, long-press the function key until it switches.

Step Counter
OshenWatch is able to track the number of steps you take in any given day. It can also track the distance and give you a measure of how many calories you’ve burned based on the number of steps you’ve taken.

Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Blood Oxygen Level
OshenWatch is able to track your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen level. This feature requires a wristband to support the 3-in-1 interface.

Exploring the Different Modes

Running Mode
With this interface, you can record the number of calories you burn while running.

Jump-Rope Mode
With this interface, you can record the number of calories you burn while jumping rope.

Sit-Up Mode
With this interface, you can record the number of calories you burn while performing sit-ups.

Sleep Mode
OshenWatch can be worn comfortably to bed.
When it detects that you are asleep, it will automatically enter sleep-monitoring mode.
OshenWatch is able to detect things such as deep sleep, times woken up, and general sleep quality.

View Latest Notifications
If your OshenWatch receives 3 notifications, enter this interface to view the last 3 notifications.

Setting Up Your OshenWatch

Personal Profile
The first thing you need to do when setting up your OshenWatch is to ensure your personal profile is set correctly. It will help to more accurately measure things such as calorie count and help you set daily goals.
To do this, go to Mine > User Profile.

Push Notifications
Your OshenWatch can receive push notifications from many of your favourite apps. Please ensure that your apps are capable of generating notifications and that the app has been granted permission to view those notifications.
You can also set your OshenWatch to vibrate upon receiving a new notification by your desired apps in the “Message Push” menu under “Set”.
For Android users, the app must also be given permission to run in the background for these features to work correctly.

Incoming Call Notifications
If this is enabled, then any call you receive on your phone will be routed to your OshenWatch. Here, you will feel a vibration, as well as see call display details. For this to work, ensure you have Contact permissions enabled for the app.

SMS Notifications
Similar to the Incoming Call notifications, your OshenWatch will be able to notify you of any texts you receive. For this to work, ensure that Contact and SMS permissions are enabled for the app.

Other Notifications
If you receive a message on an app such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or Twitter, you can receive notifications for them too. OshenWatch will display snippets of your app’s messages of up to 40 words.

Other Useful Functions

Setting an Alarm 
Up to 8 alarms can be set with OshenWatch. Once the alarms are synced to your phone, they will be saved offline. This means that even if your OshenWatch somehow loses connection to your phone, you will still be notified or woken up.

Find OshenWatch 
If you happen to lose your OshenWatch, use the “Find My OshenWatch” located on the app in your phone. Your OshenWatch will vibrate, making it easier to find.

Remote Photography
When your OshenWatch is synced with your phone, you can use it as a remote shutter to take photos remotely. Navigate to “More” on your OshenWatch, and long-press the function key to access the sub-menu. From there, navigate to the “Camera” function and long-press the function key again. Your phone will automatically open up the camera. Press the function key once and a 3-second countdown timer will appear on screen, and the phone will automatically snap a photo. For this to work, ensure you have files/storage/ photo album permissions enabled for the app.

Sedentary Reminder
If you find yourself sitting for long periods of time, you can use the OshenWatch Sedentary Reminder to alert you to get up and move around. Best of all, you can choose the interval for alerts and customize it to best suit your routine. You can find this feature on the app under “Set”, under “Long Sit Reminder”.

If this function is enabled, your screen will turn on if your lift your arm up, making it easy to check in on your latest notifications. This can be enabled on the app under “Set”, under “Bright Screen”.

Do Not Disturb Mode
Turning on Do Not Disturb mode silences your notifications so you can maintain optimum focus during work or school. With Do Not Disturb, OshenWatch will not alert you to any notifications.
You can also set time periods in which Do Not Disturb mode will be turned on and off automatically. You can access this in the app under “Set”.

Device Unsync/Reset If you are having problems with your OshenWatch, want to switch phones, or wish to reset it for any reason, you can do this easily and clear all your data, including things such as step count. This can be done on your OshenWatch (under “More”), or on your app (under “Set”).

Product Specifications

Display 1.54” Screen
Connection Type Bluetooth 4.0
Screen Resolution 240*240IPS
Strap Material TPU
Charging Interface USB
Charging Time About 2 hours
Charging Cable Remove strap and plug into USB power block.
System Requirements Android 5.0 or later, iOS 9.0 or later


  • OshenWatch is not fully-waterproof, so we do not suggest wearing it while swimming or bathing.
  • OshenWatch will not work properly if it does not have a stable connection to your phone. It is also advised to enable all the required permissions as outlined in this manual for optimal use.
  • Do not expose OshenWatch to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.
  • If OshenWatch keeps crashing and restarting, try clearing the app’s cache and storage. If all else fails, reset the device by navigating to the option on your app or phone.

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