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PATPET Pet Nail Grinder N10 Manual

PATPET Pet Nail Grinder N10 Manual Image

Quick Start

Pet Nail Grinder :N10

User Manual 
before using please read the manual carefully and keep it properly for reference




  1. Production under strict quality management and check.
  2. Problems during the normal use, a one-year warranty is offered by presenting the WARRANTY CARD. (grinding wheel is consumable, paid to provide)
  3. Some paid service are following:
    a) problems caused by improper use;
    b) problems caused by improper fix or modification;
    c) problems caused by natural disasters;|
    d) problems or damages caused by hitting or dropping after purchase;
    e) problems caused by power fault;
    f) problems caused by not obeying the rules;
  4. Please present the WARRANTY CARD for maintenance.

Product Diagram

Product Specification

Product name Pet Nail Grinder
Charger Input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output: DC5V 1000mA
Battery type Ni-MH battery 1.2V 600mAh x 3pcs
Charging time 3h
Using time 2h
2 Speed using 7000-8000/RPM

Changing Method

  1. Insert the charging plug into the slot of the nail grinding machine.
  2. Insert the USB plug into the USB charger (mobile phone charger).
  3. Confirm to insert the charger into the outlet when the nail grinding machine is in the OFF state.
  4. The blue indicator light flashes in the charging state. After charging, it continuously lights up, rather than flash.

Method of Application

  1. Please select an appropriate port according to the pet’s nail characteristics.
  2. When grinding the nail, please gently put the pet’s nail into the nail grinding hole. The grinding time shall not be longer than 5 seconds each time.
  3. If a nail grinding machine is used for the pet for the first time, it is suggested to grind the sharp or long nail of the pet first Please note not to grind too much and make the pet adapt to the nail grinding machine.
    * Please clean the impurities on the nail grinding wheel surface when the nail grinding effects are reduced.


PATPET Pet Nail Grinder - cleaning


  1. Do not tear down the product at random.
  2. Do not clean product by water flush, and keep the unit away from the damp situations.
  3. Do not use any corrosives such as alcohol, gasoline, etc. to clean the surface.
  4. Avoid being charged above 40t or below 0°C. * If the product is not used for a long time, please charge it once at least every three months.
    * Product becoming hot during use or charging is normal.

Disposal of Battery
The inside is a rechargeable battery. Please take the battery out before discarding it and dispose of the battery in an environment-friendly way.

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