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RAVE Sports Anchor Connector Kit Manual

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RAVE Sports Anchor Connector Kit Instructions

Thank you for purchasing an anchor connecting system for your RAVE product. This kit is specifically designed to provide a secure anchor connection for all RAVE water recreation products that require anchoring for extended periods in both salt and fresh water applications.

  • Marker Float (yellow) with tether line and snap hook identifies the position of the anchor when your RAVE product is not connected.
  • ½” Braided Nylon Anchor Line (15ft ) with Bull Snap.
  • Elastic Shock Cord (black), which gets connected inbetween the anchor and anchor line.
  • Short section of chain, for embedding into concrete or connecting to the eyelet of a land screw or other type of permanent mooring device on the lake or sea bottom.

  1. Choose an anchor suitable for your lake or sea bottom and wind conditions. Multiple cinder blocks or a concrete septic system cover weighing a minimum of 150 lbs or a 48″ long land screw work well for most situations. Consult with local experts for additional assistance, if required.
  2. If embedding chain into concrete, leave the top link of the chain (closest to the elastic shock cord) exposed above the surface of the concrete. For other forms of anchors, remove the chain and connect the stainless ring of the shock cord to the anchor eyelet using the removable quick link.
  3. Attach both the marker float hook and the nylon anchor line bull snap to the ring on the opposite end of the shock cord.
  4. With the elastic shock cord and float securely fastened, position the anchor in the desired position on the lake or sea bottom.
  5. Securely tie the nylon anchor line to the swivel or “O” ring anchoring point(s) on your RAVE product and trim to length. Note: It is extremely important that you establish the proper anchor line length in accordance with your owner’s manual. DO NOT have slack in anchor lines. The shock cord will keep tension on your product and will absorb vertical motion caused by waves and normal use. For products having multiple anchoring points, repeat the installation of an anchor connecting system for each location. Inspect for signs of wear and tear periodically. Replace the anchor connecting system if worn, corroded or damaged.

When disconnecting your RAVE product from its anchor(s), release the bull snap from the shock cord ring, keeping the rope connected to the product. Using the float clip, connect the clip to the “O” ring on the lower end of the elastic shock cord to enable the anchor to remain in the water. This will prevent the anchor connecting system from being struck by boat propellers or becoming frozen in the ice (northern climate lakes).

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