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Razer Nabu Watch manual

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Common Questions

Is the Razer Nabu Watch compatible with a Windows Phone?

Not right now. Functionality is too limited to be considered consumer-ready (that is, SMS notifications only, no Pulse, Hi-Five, and the like). It is due to the Windows Phone architecture which makes it challenging to get to the same degree of integration as we can achieve with Android and iOS.

What are these diamond shapes displayed on the private message screen on my Razer Nabu Watch?

These are emojis that are not supported by the display.


I am having trouble keeping the Razer Nabu Watch connected to my smartphone, what can I do?

If you are having trouble keeping the Razer Nabu Watch connected to your smartphone, you can try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Restart your smartphone’s Bluetooth
  • Remove the Nabu Watch from the Nabu Utility app and re-connect
  • Forget Nabu Watch from your smartphone and re-find the device during scan again.

After trying each of the steps above, send a test notification to the Nabu Watch (Device > Details > Send Test Notification) to see if notifications work.

If you have done these steps and you are still having trouble keeping the Nabu Watch connected, contact Razer Support for further assistance.

Why does my Razer Nabu Watch not Sync or receive notifications again after a Firmware Update via my iPhone?

If your Nabu Watch is not Syncing properly or has stopped receiving notifications after a Firmware update, try the following:

  1. Restart your Device’s Bluetooth
  2. If that does not work, go through the following steps:
    1. Force quit the Nabu app by following these steps:
      1. Tap the Home button twice on your iPhone to display recently used apps
      2. Swipe up to remove the Nabu app from the list
    2. Remove the Nabu Watch from the iPhone’s Bluetooth Settings
    3. Re-launch the Nabu app

Note: You may need to log back into your account after the Force quit

Why is the Razer Nabu Watch not charging?

Many factors can contribute to the Nabu Watch’s battery not charging, including:

  • Dirty charging contacts.
  • Faulty charging sources (for example, USB port or plug).
  • A defective USB charging cable

Go through the following steps:

  1. Clean the charging contacts by using warm water and a cotton swab. Carefully clean the charging contacts on your Nabu Watch and charger. If a cotton swab does not fully remove the dirt or debris, use a toothpick or toothbrush. Do not submerge your Nabu Watch in hot water or use abrasive cleaners. Thoroughly dry your Nabu Watch before attempting to charge.
  2. Try a different USB port. Your charger may not be getting enough power from the USB port it is plugged into or the USB port may be defective. Avoid using USB hubs.
  3. Try restarting your Nabu Watch.

Power or unpowered USB hubs do not always provide a consistent output to charge your Nabu Watch. If you are using a USB hub, try connecting the USB charging cable directly to your computer’s USB port or a USB wall charger. If your Nabu Watch starts charging while directly plugged in, the USB hub is not providing enough power and should not be used.

If you have done these steps and you are still having trouble charging the Nabu Watch, contact Razer Support for further assistance.

Why cannot I control the music player’s Play/Pause/Next/Previous functions when using the Phone Remote Control mode on the Razer Nabu Watch?

In some cases, the commands are not picked up by Google’s Play Music app, and it is a rare occurrence for some phone models (that is, Oppo Find 7). If this occurs for you, go to your Android device’s System Settings > Apps > Google Play Music > Force Stop and then retry.

Why is my sleep data not being synced to the app after every night on my Razer Nabu Watch?

If you left your watch unpaired to your phone when you sleep, the app may not reflect the sleep data when you re-pair to the phone the following day. We advise you to keep the watch paired to the phone even as you sleep to ensure proper data sync.

Why is the total number of steps shown in the Google Fit app incorrect on my Razer Nabu Watch?

The sum added up from the charts on Google Fit matches the data on the Nabu app. This is a rare occurrence for some Google Fit accounts.

Why is the wrist turn to wake screen functionality not working on my Razer Nabu Watch?

Check if the watch is in Sleep mode.

Why does the fitness counter shown on the screen becomes a smaller value on my Razer Nabu Watch?

Check if you have accidentally started Stopwatch mode. Stopwatch mode starts the steps counting from 0 during that session. Turning off Stopwatch mode will add the steps during that session to the total number taken throughout the day, and you should see your complete value again.

Why is the Razer Nabu secondary screen is not as bright as Nabu Watch’s digital watch face?

The digital watch component utilizes a low-power LCD. This vastly improves the battery life performance of both the digital watch and secondary screen components, as well as provide great direct sunlight legibility.

In contrast, the secondary screen component utilizes an OLED to drive the crisp clear text and image readouts. OLEDs are emissive and as such, will appear far brighter than their LCD counterparts.

How do I fix an issue where my Razer Nabu Watch display no longer turns on, but the primary Nabu display does?

Check if the watch’s battery may need to be replaced.

Note: It is advised that you have the battery of your watch be replaced by a professional.

The battery on my Razer Nabu Watch has died. How do I replace it?

It is advised that you take your watch to a local watch dealer to have the coin cell battery (part number C2032) replaced by a professional. Great care should be taken when replacing the battery as you do not want to damage the watch or adversely affect the water-resistant quality of the watch. Razer cannot be responsible for any damage caused when changing the battery. Do contact Razer Support if there are further battery-related questions.

My Razer Nabu watch is reporting a Memory Full error, how do I fix this?

Log into the Nabu App on your phone and sync it with your watch.  This should eliminate any memory issue within your Razer Nabu Watch.

Why am I able to receive notifications, get live data on the app, but changing secondary screen settings on the app does not reflect on the Razer Nabu Watch?

This is an intermittent issue with Android devices. Restart Bluetooth functionality and see if the issue persists.

Why is my past day’s data not being updated on the Dashboard and Week List even after syncing to the Razer Nabu Watch?

Kill and restart the app to update the Dashboard’s data.

I just set the Razer Nabu Watch’s time and date in the app, but I do not see it reflected on the watch itself?

Make sure that the Nabu Watch is properly paired to your mobile device.

Why does the Nabu Watch’s secondary screen’s time function not mirror the Digital Watch’s time?

  • Make sure automatic Watch Time sync is turned on.
  • The Nabu secondary screen records all activity in GMT +0Hr to have all Nabu users keep a consistent progression of time vs activity
  • We also designed it such that the Nabu and Watch times are controlled separately to allow for users who wish to set the watch time to their own personal preferences (example: placing the watch +5min to always be early to meetings; or in a different time zone).


Is the Razer Nabu Watch waterproof?

The Nabu Watch is water-resistant to 50m depth.

Note: it is not recommended to submerge the watch in water for longer than necessary, but you can certainly shower and run in the rain with it.

What is the battery life of the Razer Nabu Watch?

There are two batteries in the Nabu Watch:

  • Digital watch – A coin cell replaceable battery with up to 12 months life (subject to use)
  • Nabu secondary screen – A rechargeable lithium-ion battery of between 5 – 7 days life (subject to use)

How do I replace my Razer Nabu Watch’s battery?

To replace your Razer Nabu Watch’s battery, refer to our Razer Nabu Watch Battery Replacement Guide

How do I charge the Nabu Watch?

The Nabu Watch comes with a proprietary USB charging cable, which you can use on any computer or USB wall charger. For more information about the step-by-step procedure for charging the Nabu Watch, download the manual from below.

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