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Razer Nommo Pro Support

Common Questions

How do I power on my Razer Nommo Pro?

There is a push-button switch on the Subwoofer and another on the audio control pod. You can also use the Nommo Pro App to power on or off the speaker system.

How big are the Razer Nommo Pro speakers and the Subwoofer? How much do they weigh?

The speakers weigh about 2.35kg each. With the average dimensions of 20cm length x 14cm width x 29cm height. The subwoofer weighs 6kg.

How long are the wires for the Razer Nommo Pro’s satellite and subwoofer speakers?

The cable lengths are as follows:

Speakers: 5ft 10in

Control pod: 8ft 6in

USB A/B: 6ft 3in

How do I get the best possible sound settings for my Razer Nommo Pro?

The Razer Nommo Pro audio control pod features a dial-action selector to let you increase or decrease the volume to your liking. You can also adjust the custom EQ setting available in Synapse 3.

Can I fine tune the EQ settings on my Razer Nommo Pro?

In Synapse 3, you can select pre-set audio enhancement to “Game”, “Movie”, or “Music.” You can also customize the EQ settings to your preference and save it.

Can I use my Razer Nommo Pro with other devices besides my computer?

You can use the Razer Nommo Pro with any device that has a 3.5mm output jack for audio such as your computer, television, or mobile phone, in addition to USB connectivity for your computer.

How do I know which speaker is “left” or “right” on the Razer Nommo Pro?

The satellite speakers are physically the same. Left and right indicators are labeled on the speaker cable connector.

Can I use the controls on the speaker when my headphones are connected?

Yes. You can adjust bass and volume levels on your headphones when connected.

When the speaker is paired to my laptop via Bluetooth, the connection intermittently cuts in and out. How do I fix this?

Try updating your Intel drivers by visiting: https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/intel-driver-support-assistant.html

Why is the audio output soft when aux input is connected on the Razer Nommo Pro?

Make sure that the source volume is not low. Be careful to increase volume of source device slowly.

Why is there no audio?

Check the audio control pod to ensure you have selected the correct audio source input. Check the cables are firmly connected. If you are using the optical cable, ensure there is no kink and that the cable is in good condition.

Can I connect my Razer Nommo Pro via the 3.5mm jack as well as USB port to my computer?

We do not recommend this unless the aux input is connected to a separate device as a secondary audio source. Doing this will cause the playback of both audio sources to mix together.

How do I pair my Razer Nommo Pro with a Bluetooth Device?

Press and hold down the audio source button for 10 sec and more and until you see the LED indicator flashes. On your Bluetooth-enabled device, look for Razer Nommo Pro and select for pairing. There is no need for a pairing PIN or code.

Can I touch the drivers on the Razer Nommo Pro speakers?

We recommend against touching the drivers as rough handling may cause damage.

What does THX certified mean for the Razer Nommo Pro?

The Razer Nomo Pro has been certified by THX. THX Certification represents the speakers extensive testing and evaluation performed by THX, the pioneers of cinematic audio to ensure the highest standards in cinematic audio immersion for natural and lifelike audio and a dramatic sound stage. Only audio and video products that meet the rigid criteria set by THX are granted certification.

How do I maximize the bass from my Razer Nommo Pro?

You can adjust the bass level of the Nommo Pro via Razer Synapse.  Also, you can play around with the position of your subwoofer.  Moving the subwoofer to various parts of your room can help boost your bass level. Try placing the subwoofer near a corner or a wall.  Move it away from heavy padded furniture.  Hardwood and carpet surfaces can also affect bass levels. Conversely, you can also use the same tips to help reduce your bass level if desired.

How important is subwoofer placement and where is the best location for the subwoofer of the Nommo Pro?

The Subwoofer is generally placed in front and off center either to the left or right of the listener.  Unlike the satellite speakers, the sound from the subwoofer is mostly omnidirectional and various locations work better for different set ups.   Every listening environment is a bit different so feel free to play around with the placement of your subwoofer. The goal being to get the just right amount of bass and at the same time having it accurate and balanced with the rest of the audio.  Try a couple of different locations throughout your room and see what works best for your set up.

If I create a custom equalizer audio setting with the Razer Synapse, will the same custom setting be shown in the Razer Nommo Pro App?

Yes, the Razer Nommo Pro App will read all settings including custom equalizer settings from the Nommo Pro device upon connection, so custom audio settings created within Synapse will be shown in the app.

Where can I download the Razer Nommo Pro iOS and Android Application?

The iOS and Android application for the Razer Nommo Pro is available in Apple’s iOS store and Android’s Google Play Store.

Can I use the Razer Nommo Pro App to control the Razer Chroma lighting?

Yes, the Razer Chroma lighting on your Razer Nommo Pro can be controlled from the App.

What OS versions are supported for by the Razer Nommo Pro App?

The following are the OS versions currently supported by the Razer Nommo Pro App:

  • For iOS – iOS 9.0 or above
  • For Android – Android Kitkat or above

How do I use the Nommo Pro App to connect to my Nommo Pro?

Turn on Nommo Pro device and open the app. App will start scanning for Nommo pro devices nearby. Once scanning is completed a list of devices will be shown. Select the device from the list and press connect button on the app.

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