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Redmi 5 Plus Smartphone Manual

Redmi 5 Plus Smartphone Manual Image

Redmi 5 Plus

  •  Before using the device, read the safety information for proper and safe use.
  • Use of power sources, chargers, or batteries recommended by the manufacturer may result in fire, explosion, and other dangerous consequences.
  •  Use manufacturer-licensed accessories that are compatible with this model.
  • The operating temperature of the device is 0 ° C ~ 40 ° C, an ambient temperature above or below the specified temperature may cause the unit to malfunction.
  • If a non-removable battery is used in the device, to avoid damaging the device or battery, do not attempt to replace the battery yourself. The battery can only be replaced by an authorized service center.
  •  Charge the device only with the charger, specified by the manufacturer, using chargers with different voltage settings may lead to the leakage of the current, fire, or damage to the phone or charger.
  • After reaching full charge, disconnect the phone from the charger, and pull the charger out of the socket. The time for continuous charging should not exceed 12 hours.
  •  Do not dispose of the used battery with household waste, improper disposal of the battery may result in fire and explosion. When disposing of the device, battery, and other components, comply with the relevant local regulations.
  •  Do not disassemble, bump, compress the battery and throw it into an open flame.

– Do not short-circuit the metal contacts of the battery, this can lead to the risk of a short circuit. Do not allow the battery to overheat, this may result in burns and other injuries;
– Do not leave the mobile phone in places with a high temperature, overheating of the battery can lead to its explosion;
– To prevent electrolyte leakage, overheating and explosion, do not disassemble, do not hit, do not squeeze the battery;
– Do not dispose of the battery in an open flame, as this may result in a fire or explosion;
– If the battery inflates, stop using it. Keep your smartphone dry.

  • Do not try to repair the device by yourself if malfunctions of the mobile phone or any of its components appear.
  •  It is necessary to contact the after-sales service center

Thank you for using the Mi Phone Redmi 5 Plus
Turn the device on by pressing and holding the Power button for a few seconds. After that, configure your Redmi 5 Plus according to the instructions on the screen.

Find out more
Visit www.mi.com and find out more information about the product.
Redmi 5 Plus is equipped with the operating system MIUI, which is a general choice of 200 million users, has even more ergonomic functions, weekly updates, provides you with an even better experience of use. Visit www.miui.com and find out more.

VIP-users of Xiaomi

Visit uvip.xiaomi.cn to confirm the status of Xiaomi VIP-user, enjoy exclusive privileges during the purchase, delivery, after-sales service, customer service, etc.

Installed apps

MIUI provides complex system applications, as well as popular third-party applications that serve different areas of your daily use.
Visit http://www.miui.com/res/doc/bundles.html and find out all information about the preinstalled applications.

SIM-card socket:

  • Card socket 1 supports Nano-SIM;
  • Card socket 2 supports NanoSIM/microSD;

Instructions for using two SIM cards:

  •  It is not possible to use two SIM cards of China Telecom at the same time, in this case one SIM card will work in the 4G network, the other SIM card will not work.
  •  In other cases, you can optionally combine SIM cards, any of the SIM cards can be selected to work on a 4G network, another SIM card will work on a 2G network.

User`s manual

To get acquainted, open “Phone settings> About phone> User’s guide”; or “Phone settings> About phone> User’s guide”.

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