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RIVERSONG TravelKub P2 AD38 Adapter Manual

RIVERSONG TravelKub P2 AD38 Adapter Manual Image


TravelKub P2 (AD38)
Universal Travel Adapter
Before using this product, read user manual instructions


Note: Please find a free carrying case included in the box, perfect to bring your universal adapter during your trip.

1. Make sure all sliders are placed securely into their closed position.
2. Slightly press the required plug type and slide it forward until it clicks. For the UK plug, pull out the insulated ground pin from the housing.
3. Connect the appliance to the adapter.
4. Plug the adapter into the wall socket.
5. After use, you can retract the prongs by pushing the slider to its original position.


  1. Remove the small cover to have access to the replacement fuses.
  2. Remove the old fuse and replace it with a new one. Only use type 8A fuses.

Overload of fuse 8A: The fuse will be automatically cut off in case of overload, replace it with caution.


US Plug: Slide the US/AUS plug completely out (Figure A), and make sure the two contact blades are turned to the parallel position. When stop using it, press the square button and slide the US/AUS plug back.

USA, Canada,
Japan, Taiwan

AUS Plug: Slide the US/AUS plug completely out (Figure B), and rotate the contact blades to the AUS plug.
When stop using it, press the square button and slide the US/AUS plug  back.

China (Mainland),
Australia, New Zealand

UK Plug: Slide the UK plug completely out (Figure C).
When stop using it, press the square button and slide the UK plug back.
UK, Singapore, HK

EU Plug: Slide the EU plug completely out (Figure D).
When stop using it, press the square button and slide the UK plug back.

Germany, Denmark,
Finland, France


The product is suitable for most electronic devices up to 840W at 230V and 880W at 110V. It can be used with a multitude of appliances such as: notebook, camera, iPad,
iPhone, Android smartphone, power bank, headset, video game console, shaver, GPS device, small travel hair dryer, and travel iron, etc. Please check the safety data sheet or
data label of the device before using with the Universal Travel Adapter.

Input: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz 300mA
Output: 5V 2.4A (Max)
Fuse Rating: 8A (Max)
Power: 880W at 110V (Max)
1840W at 230V (Max)


  • The USB Universal Travel Charger has a maximum of 2400mA output shared between the 2 USB ports charging. If 2 devices are plugged in and consume more than
    2400mA, it will overcharge.
  • Please refer to the manufacturer’s details of any device being charged to see its power requirements.
  • If overcharging occurs, simply remove one device and charge device individually.
  • This Universal Travel Charger does not convert voltage.
    The input voltage of the appliance you want to connect must match the local power network voltage.
    No grounding.
  • The USB port outputs are not compatible with devices that use power in excess of 5V.
  • Unplug the adapter from the wall socket while not using.
  • Do not use the adapter if its housing is damaged.
  • Do not expose it to liquid, moisture or humidity.
  • Do not handle it with wet hands.
  • Do not use it with electronic devices demanding more  power than accepted (230V-1840W; 110V-880W).
  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • For indoor use only.


  1. Albania
    Algeria / Angola
  2. Balearic Islands
    Bangladesh / Belgium
  3. Cameroon
    Canary Islands
    Cape Verde
  4. Denmark


Address: No. 1108 Tower B, Tian’an High-Tech
Plaza Phase 1, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong
Official website:www.riversongtech.com

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