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Schlage BE367/BE367F Camelot Programmable keyless Deadbolt manual

Schlage BE367/BE367F Camelot Programmable keyless Deadbolt manual Image

Installation Instructions


A. Key
B. Cylinder Cap
C. iButton Assembly
D. Deadbolt
E. Mounting Plate
F. 9v Battery
G. Mounting Screws (2)
H. Thumbturn Assembly
J. Screws (2)
K. Drive-in Faceplate
L. Square-corner Faceplate
M. Rounded-corner Faceplate
N. Deadbolt/Strike Screws (4)
P. Strike
Q. Reinforcement Screws (3)
R. Dust Box
S. UL Cup (BE367F ONLY)
T. UL Screw (BE367F ONLY)

Install Lock

1  Template Is Included In Box

IMPORTANT: Template shown is not full size

2 Check Door Holes

Note: If holes do not match template, purchase a GuideRight® jig or visit www.schlage.com for door drilling instructions.

3 FOR BE367F ONLY: Measure and Drill Hole

4 FOR BE367F ONLY: Install UL Cup

5 If Needed, Adjust Deadbolt

6 Choose Deadbolt Faceplate

Match faceplate to your door.

7 Install Deadbolt

Schlage BE367 - BE367F - Install Deadbolt

8 Install Keypad Assembly

IMPORTANT: Cable passes over top of deadbolt.

Schlage BE367 - BE367F - Install Keypad Assembly

9 Install Inside Mounting Plate

IMPORTANT: Pull excess wire through mounting plate.

Schlage BE367 - BE367F - Install Inside Mounting Plate

10 Check Cam and Install Screws

NOTE: Ensure lock is straight before tightening.

11 Install Battery and Connect Cables

12 Route and Tuck Cables

13 Install Thumbturn

Schlage BE367 - BE367F - Install Thumbturn

14 Install Strike and Dust Box

Schlage BE367 - BE367F - Install Strike and Dust Box

Check Operation

If you have a yellow construction iButton Credential, then test lock operation

IMPORTANT: If the BE367 is unprogrammed, then all yellow construction iButtons will operate lock. Yellow Construction iButtons are disabled automatically when the BE367 is programmed.

For Programming, See the SMS/SMS Express Site Set-Up Guide

Questions? (888) 805-9837

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