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SCHLAGE BE489 Smart WiFi Deadbolt Manual

SCHLAGE BE489 Smart WiFi Deadbolt Manual Image

SCHLAGE BE489 Smart WiFi Deadbolt

How to add or delete user codes for Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi
Deadbolt with the touchscreen (BE489)
Warning: Manual programming is disabled after your lock is programmed using the Schlage Home app. If you manually program your lock and choose to later link your lock to the app, all manually programmed user codes and the programming code are deleted.

If you need to find your programming code, look inside the back of your lock. Simply remove the battery cover and you’ll see a label with your Prog. Code.

  1. Enter your Programming Code (6 digits)
  2. Enter the code you’d like to add or delete.
  3. Choose and press either the house button to add, or the lock button to delete:
  4. Enter that code again.
  5. Press (home) to exit.


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