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SENA 50S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System manual

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The 50S takes a trusted design and makes major upgrades in both hardware and software. With Mesh Intercom™ technolog

Mesh Intercom™ up to 2 km (1.2 miles)*
Bluetooth® 5.0
Audio Multitasking™
HD Speakers
Intercom up to 2 km (1.2 miles)*
Multi-Way Intercom
• Multi-Language Voice Command
• Support Siri and Google Assistant

* in open terrain


  1. This product comes with a Quick Start Guide, which is a basic version of the User’s Guide. A FULL VERSION OF THE USER’S GUIDE CAN BE DOWNLOADED AT SENA.COM.
  2. Update this product for free with the latest firmware to fully enjoy the new advanced features built into this product. Visit sena.com to see how to update your product.
  3. Users can follow Sena on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to receive the most up-to-date information on products, helpful tips, and all other announcements regarding Sena products.

SENA Technologies, Inc. sena.com
Customer Support: support.sena.com

The 50S

How to Use This Guide

The legend and callouts are here to help you read the illustrations.
New technology can be confusing, but we’ve created a simple way to perform actions using illustrations.


Icon Legend

Tap button/Jog Dial the specified number of times

Rotate Jog Dial clockwise (right) or counterclockwise (left).

 Rotate while Pressing Jog Dial clockwise (right) or counterclockwise (left).

Press and Hold button/Jog Dial for the specified amount of time

Product Details


Mesh Intercom Antenna

Pull the Mesh Intercom Antenna outwards slightly to unfold it.

Sena 50 Utility App

By simply pairing your phone with your headset, you can use the Sena 50 Utility App for quicker and easier setup

  • App Features
    – Mesh Intercom, Bluetooth Intercom, Music, Device settings, Quick Start Guide, and User’s Guide.
  • Download
    – Android: Google Play Store > ‘Sena 50 Utility’
    – iOS: App Store > ‘Sena 50 Utility’

Sena Device Manager

The Sena Device Manager allows you to upgrade the firmware and configure its settings directly from your PC or Apple computer. Download the Sena Device Manager from sena.com.

Basic Operations

Checking the Battery Level

Instructions are for when powering the headset on.
Visual Method

Phone Pairing

Mobile Phone Pairing
Press and hold the Phone Button and Jog Dial for 3 seconds when the 50S is turned off.

Alternating blue and red flashing lights indicate the device is now discoverable. With your mobile phone in Bluetooth-pairing mode, select Sena 50S in the list of devices detected.

Mobile Phone

Siri and Google Assistant

Activate the Siri or Google Assistant Installed on Your Smartphone

Music Controls

Mesh Intercom™

When Mesh Intercom is enabled, the 50S will automatically connect to nearby 50S users and allow them to talk to each other by pressing the Mesh Intercom Button.

Mesh Intercom On  Mesh Intercom Off

Open Mesh™

When Mesh Intercom is enabled, the headset will be in Open Mesh (default: channel 1) initially. Users can freely communicate with each other in the same Open Mesh channel.

Channel Setting (Default: Channel 1)

If the Open-Mesh communication experiences interference because other groups are also using channel 1 (default), change the channel.
You can select from channels 1 to 9.

Note: To exit the Channel Setting, rotate the Jog Dial clockwise or counterclockwise until you hear a voice prompt, “Exit”, and tap the Jog Dial.

Group Mesh™

Group Mesh is a closed group intercom function that allows users to join, leave, or rejoin a group intercom conversation without pairing each headset. Up to 24 users can all be connected in each private group.

Creating a Group Mesh

Creating a Group Mesh requires two or more Open Mesh users
Open Mesh

  1. Enter into Mesh Grouping to create a Group Mesh.
  2. The headsets complete Mesh Grouping and automatically switch from Open Mesh to Group Mesh.

Joining an Existing Group Mesh

One of the members in an Existing Group Mesh can allow new members in Open Mesh to join the Existing Group Mesh.

  1. One of the current members and a new member enter into Mesh Grouping to join the Existing Group Mesh.
  2. The headsets complete Mesh Grouping. The new members will hear a voice prompt as their headsets automatically switch from Open Mesh to Group Mesh.

Reset Mesh

If a headset in an Open-Mesh or Group Mesh resets the Mesh, it will automatically return to Open Mesh (default: channel 1).

Enable/Disable Mic (Default: Enable)
Users can enable/disable the microphone when communicating in a Mesh Intercom.

Enable/Disable the Microphone

Bluetooth Intercom

Up to three other people can be paired with the headset for Bluetooth intercom conversations.

Note: Repeat the step above to pair with Intercom Friends C & D.

Two-Way Intercom

Ambient Mode

FM Radio

Configuration Menu


Basic Operations Power on / Power off
Volume up / Volume down
Ambient Mode
Mobile Phone Answer phone call
End phone call
Reject phone call
Speed dial


Siri and
Activate the Siri or Google Assistant
Music Play/Pause music
Track forward
Track backward
FM Radio FM radio on/off
Select preset
Seek forward/ backward
Scan up FM band/ stop scanning
Mesh Intercom on/off
Channel setting
Mesh Grouping
Reset Mesh
Enable/Disable Mic
Intercom Intercom pairing
Start/End intercom

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