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SENA R1 Smart Cycling Helmet Manual

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Blast your favorite tunes, talk over the intercom with your buddies, hear directions from your GPS, and more, all through your Sena R1 Smart Cycling Helmet. With built-in Bluetooth® capabilities, HD speakers, and a microphone using Advanced Noise ControlTM, technology has never felt so minimal or free.
Bluetooth® Integrated
Four-Way Intercom
Built-in Speakers and Mic
Advanced Noise ControlTM
900-Meter Intercom


  1. This product comes with a Quick Start Guide, which is a basic version of the User’s Guide.
  2. Update this product for free with the latest firmware to fully enjoy the new advanced features built into this product.
    Visit sena.com to see how to update your product.
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How to Use This Guide
The legend and callouts are here to help you read the illustrations.
New technology can be confusing, but we’ve created a simple way to perform actions using illustrations.

Function = Button(s) to Tap or Hold


Icon Legend

Tap button the specifi ed number of times
Press and hold the button for the specifi ed amount of time
Audible prompt

Helmet Structure

Left Side Back Side

Bluetooth System’s Buttons

(+) Button
Increase Volume Track Forward Scan Radio Stations Speed Dial
(-) Button
Decrease Volume TrackBack FM Radio On/Off
Center Button
Answer/End Phone Call Reject an Incoming Phone Call Start/End Intercom Conversation Play/Pause Music Enter Intercom Pairing Mode Enter Voice Confi regulation Settings

How To Fit the Helmet

  1. Position the helmet on your head with the front covering your forehead.
  2. Position the strap adjuster centered, just below your ears.
  3. Position the helmet low on your forehead with the buckle under the chin and back against the throat. The straps should fit comfortably around both ears.
  4. Adjust the chinstrap tension at the buckle so the chinstrap is tight and comfortable by pulling the chinstrap end through the buckle to either tighten or loosen as needed. Use the “O-Ring” to secure the excess strap.
    Note: Check the chinstrap’s position and tension regularly to ensure proper fit.
  5. Turn the retention system knob clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen.
  6. To change the height of the retention system, firmly pull or push the retention system upward or downward to a different position.

Sena Utility App
By simply pairing your phone with your Bluetooth system, you can use the Sena Utility App for quicker, easier setup and management.

  • App Features
    -Music, Device settings, Quick Start Guide, and User’s Guide.
  • Download
    – Android: Google Play Store Sena Utility
    – iOS: App Store > Sena Utility

Sena Device Manager
The Sena Device Manager allows you to upgrade the Bluetooth system’s firmware and configure its settings directly from your PC or Apple computer. Using this software, you can assign speed dial presets, FM radio station presets, and more.
For more information on downloading the Sena Device Manager, please visit sena.com.

Basic Operations

Checking the Battery Level
There are two ways to check the battery levels, visually using the LED lights, and audibly. Instructions are for when powering the Bluetooth system on.

Bluetooth Pairing (Phone, MP3, GPS)

Mobile Phone

Music Controls

Bluetooth Intercom
Up to three other people can be paired with the helmet for Bluetooth intercom conversations.
Intercom Pairing
There are two ways to pair the Bluetooth system.
Using the Smart Intercom Pairing (SIP)
SIP allows you to quickly pair with your friends for intercom communication by scanning the QR code on the Sena Utility App without remembering the button operation.

  1. Pair the mobile phone with the Bluetooth system.
  2. Open the Sena Utility App.
  3. Click the Smart Intercom Pairing Menu.
  4. Click the Add button to open the QR scanning screen.
  5. Scan the QR code displayed on your friend (B)’s a mobile phone. ·
    • Your friend (B) can display the QR code on the mobile phone by opening the Sena Utility App and clicking the Smart Intercom Pairing Menu.
  6. Click the Confirm Button and check that your friend (B) is paired with you (A) correctly.
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 to pair with Intercom Friends (C) and (D).

Note: The Smart Intercom Pairing (SIP) is not compatible with Sena products that use Bluetooth 3.0 or below.
Using the Button

Note: Repeat the following steps to pair with Intercom Friends C & D.
Two-Way Intercom

Group Intercom

Note: You can also use the Sena Device Manager or the Sena Utility App to save the preset stations.
Bluetooth System Configuration Menu

Accessing the Bluetooth System Confi guration Menu Navigating Between Menu Options


Factory Reset Fault Reset
Basic Operations Power on/off
Volume up/Volume down
Mobile Phone Answer phone call
End/reject phone call
Voice dial
Speed dial
Music Play/Pause music
Track forward
Intercom pairing
Intercom Start/end each intercom
End all intercoms
Start group intercom
End group intercom
FM Radio FM radio on/off
Select preset
Seek stations forward
Seek stations backward
Scan up FM band/stop scanning
Save preset while scanning

SENA Technologies, Inc.

Customer Support: sena.com/support

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