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SENTRY Gun and Executive Safes Manual

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Sentry Gun and Executive Safes Owners Manual



If you experience problems or challenges with your safe, please contact us. Many issues can be resolved quickly the product being returned.


900 Linden Avenue / Rochester, New York / 14625-2784 USA
Customer Service: 1-800-828-1438
Fax: 585-381-2940

Thank you for purchasing this SentrySafe gun safe product.

Please read this manual before using this product.

We are pleased that you have chosen one of our gun safes to protect your firearms. You can be assured that your safe meets the California Department of Justice standards for firearm safety. This manual will provide you with the information you need to:

  • unpack and set up your safe
  • open the safe
  • operate the lock
  • take full advantage of your safe’s special features.

Remember to keep your combination a secret. Writing down a combination and putting it in a desk drawer is like leaving your door key under the mat – it invites entry.

Please retain this manual for your records. If you have any questions about your gun safe, please visit our website at www.sentrysafe.com or call Sentry Customer Service at 1-800-828-1438 or 1-585-381-4900. Customer Service representatives are ready to assist you, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., E.S.T., Monday – Friday.

Unbolting your gun safe from the shipping pallet


This is a two-person operation and should not be attempted without help. Before attempting to unbolt your new safe, be certain someone is with you to help steady the safe while you work. Ensure the safe is standing upright on a flat, level surface. (Fig. A)

Tools/equipment required

  • Adjustable wrench, pliers, or 17 mm (11/16”) socket wrench
  • Hammer

  1. Using a wrench or pliers, remove the nuts located under the X-cut in the carpet in the bottom of the unit. (Fig. B)
    NOTE: If the bolts turn when you begin to remove the nuts, reach between the slats of the pallet and hold the bolts, by hand and/or with pliers, as you turn the nuts.
  2. Once the nuts are removed, use a hammer to tap the bolts through the bottom of the safe.
  3. Close door and put handle in locked position.
  4. With your helper, slide safe to one edge of pallet. Tip the safe so that the edge moves to the floor. (Fig. C)
  5. Remove the pallet and stand the safe upright on the floor.

Bolt-down instructions

To help provide maximum security, SentrySafe strongly recommends this safe be bolted down. (Hardware supplied)

  1. Select a suitable and convenient location for your safe. Set the safe in place and use the holes provided in the bottom or back of the safe to mark the location of the holes to be drilled in the floor or wall. It is not recommended to attempt to bolt to both floor and wall. If bolting to a wall, please ensure that the safe is resting firmly on the floor.
    Note: Fire-Safe models cannot be bolted to the wall.
  2. Move the safe away and drill holes of the appropriate diameter and depth for the type of hardware and the mounting surface being used (2 each – bolts, washers and masonry anchors).
  3. Place the safe back over the holes and install the fasteners as required. If a water resistant unit was purchased, rubberized washers are provided. Assure that the area around the safe hole opening is clean using a damp cloth. Place the rubber side of the washer facing down against the safe floor and install the fastener.
    NOTE: SentrySafe is not responsible for any costs incurred if unit is to be replaced.

Lock instructions

Gaining Entry into Safes with Combination Locks

3-Number Combination Lock and Dual Combination Key Lock

NOTE: See the sticker on the back cover of this manual for your combination.

IMPORTANT: The lock on this safe is in the open position. DO NOT operate the combination until first reading and understanding the following instructions.

Test first 


Test your combination several times with the door open.

To unlock and open

Before dialing your combination, simply insert the key (if equipped) in the lock and turn clockwise.

  1. Start the dial at ZERO.
  2. Turn the dial to the left. Make sure ZERO passes the pointer at least THREE times. Then stop at the first number of your combination.
  3. Turn the dial to the right. Stop the SECOND time you reach the second number of your combination.
  4. Turn the dial to the left. Stop the FIRST time the pointer reaches the third number of your combination.

To Close and Lock

With the door closed, turn the handle counterclockwise to secure the locking bolts, then spin the combination dial to the left at least four times to scramble the combination.

Gaining Entry into Safes with Electronic Locks

Standard Electronic Lock and Dual Electronic Key Lock

To activate lock:

Four alkaline AA batteries, Voltage: 6Vdc, (not included) are required to activate the keypad.

NOTE: Non-alkaline and rechargeable batteries ARE NOT RECOMMENDED.

To install batteries:

  1. Using two hands, hold the keypad, thumbs down, on its left and right sides. Push up the keypad with your thumbs, and disconnect it from the safe by pulling it towards you. (Fig. A)
  2. Let the disengaged keypad hang by its wires. This will expose the battery holder. (Fig. B)
  3. Install four alkaline AA batteries as illustrated on the back of the battery holder.
  4. Reconnect the keypad by inserting the keypad’s four posts into the matching holes.
  5. Push down to snap into place.

Test first

(See back cover of this manual for your factory code.)

Test your factory code several times with the door open.

NOTE: Only a light touch is needed. A green PROCEED light and a single beep indicate that the keypad “felt” your touch. The lock allows 5 seconds for each key press. If you pause longer, an error signal will occur (blinking red light and three beeps), indicating you should start over.

For safes with dual combination key lock insert key and turn clockwise.

  1. Press the 5-digit factory code. The green light will come on.
  2. Turn the handle clockwise and open the door.

Access codes

There are three possible ways to unlock and access the safe—by entering its preset Factory Code, your own User Code or a User PIN (Personal Identification Number).

You can always open the safe by entering the 5-digit Factory Code. This code cannot be deleted.

But if you prefer to use your own code, you can program the safe to open to the 5-digit User Code of your choice. If you wish to give someone else temporary access to the safe, you can program a User PIN that can later be erased.

Programming a user code

There are two ways to program a user code.


  1. Press the Program key. (Prog.)
  2. Enter the Factory Code. The green LED remains ON while you enter the 5-digit user code of your choice. After 5 digits are entered the green LED turns OFF.
    (To enter a new User Code, repeat these steps.)


  1. Press the red button on inside of door (hinge side). The lock will “beep” and the green LED will come on.
  2. Enter a 5-digit user code.
    (To enter a new User Code, repeat these steps.)

Keep your new user code secure

For your records, please copy it here:

_____ _____ _____ _____ _____

Programming a user PIN

  1. Press the Program key.
  2. Press it a second time.
  3. Enter your 5-digit User Code. The green LED remains ON.
  4. Enter the 5-digit User PIN of your choice (any combination except 00000.) After 5 digits are entered, the green LED turns OFF.

(To enter a new User PIN, repeat these steps. To erase the User PIN, press Program twice, enter your User Code and then enter 00000.)

Key override

If your electronic lock fails or you do not have any codes available, you may use a key override to access this unit.

  1. Using two hands, hold the keypad, thumbs down, on its left and right sides. Push up the keypad with your thumbs, disconnect and remove the battery holder.
  2. Insert the skeleton key into the key hole inside the opening for the battery.
  3. Turn the key to the right.
  4. Open the door.


Your electronic-lock safe communicates by means of several audio/visual signals.

Red (Error) LED + three beeps indicates one of the following:

  1. You have pressed Program key out of sequence.
  2. You have entered an invalid code or user pin.
  3. You have let 5 seconds or more elapse between key presses.
  4. Lights after three consecutive invalid codes are input (2-minute delay mode).

Green LED only:

  1. Comes ON after you enter a valid code and remains lit during the 4-second period in which the safe can be opened.
  2. Comes ON in the Programming mode and remains lit until you have finished entering a 5-digit code.

Yellow LED only:

  1. Comes ON when the batteries need to be replaced.

Delay mode

The lock automatically enters a 2-minute Delay mode after an invalid code has been entered three consecutive times. In this mode, the lock cannot be activated and any key entry will generate an ERROR signal.

Sentry Group Customer Care

Using the keypad on electronic safes

Caution! Liquids can damage the keypad!

Caution! Pen points or other sharp objects can puncture the keypad membrane!

Fire ratings

To be sure your safe performs as rated and complies with its ratings, remove it from the pallet before installation.

ETL verified fire claim for all models except GM1055C/E + EM1055E

Verified by ETL SEMKO to meet manufacturer’s specification for fire resistance 1400°F (760°C) for 30 minutes endurance.

ETL verified fire claim for GM1055C/E + EM1055E

Verified by ETL SEMKO to meet manufacturer’s specification for fire resistance 1200°F (649°C) for 20 minutes endurance.

Lost keys or combination

First, find your safe’s Serial Number. The Serial Number is printed on the small label on the right side and the back side of the safe (outside). Send this and a check or money order for $15.00 (U.S. funds) ($15.00 for keys and $15.00 for combinations). Please include a written statement of ownership witnessed and signed by a notary public or bank official. The notary must have a different last name than the owner.

Mail to: Sentry Group, Dept. 200, 882 Linden Avenue, Rochester, NY 14625-2784, USA, or fax statement (notary seal must be legible) to 1-585- 381-2940. Payment may also be made using your VISA or Mastercard credit card by phone only. Call 1-800-828-1438 to make credit card payment. Do not fax credit card information.

NOTE: Prices subject to change without prior notification.


DO NOT store your safe on the pallet on which it was shipped.
SentrySafe gun safes which are ETL-tested and verified, will not comply with their ratings if the safe is stored on the shipping pallet.


If children live or visit in your home, do not leave your SentrySafe Gun Safe or Executive Safe open and unattended. Children at play could accidentally be locked inside the safe.
Keep your safe closed and locked at all times.

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