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SereneLife PSLMSGST40 Portable Hot Stone Massage Kit Manual

SereneLife PSLMSGST40 Portable Hot Stone Massage Kit Manual Image

SereneLife PSLMSGST40 Portable Hot Stone Massage Kit User Manual


What’s in the Box

  • Hot Stone Heating Bag
  • Digital Temp Controller
  • (6) Large Stones
  • (6) Small Stones

Product Details

A stone massage is a massage that uses smooth, flat, and heated rocks placed at key points on the body. Stones (usually basalt) are placed into an electric slow-cooker or a purpose-built device which is filled with water. The water is typically heated to 52-54 degrees Celsius (122-127 degrees Fahrenheit). Once the stones have heated sufficiently, some are placed onto specific points on the body (such as the back, hands, etc.) and others are held by the massage therapist and used to work the muscles.
But we born out of the desire to make hot stone massage therapy mobile. With the only professional option on the market being a hot stone water heater, we looked to create something unique and flexible enough to open hot stone massage up to possibilities that have not been options before.After consulting with hot stone lecturers and therapists, as well as researching into the history of hot stone  massage,it was clear that water for heating stones was not necessary. We found that by not using water, the whole process of preparing for a hot stone massage was more efficient, saving the therapist time and money.

Product Description:

Using Instructions

Benefits of the Bag
The obvious advantage of our Bag is that finally there is a way to make hot stone massage mobile. But have you also considered the following benefits?

Equipment: Due to the stones being warmed by a dry heat and having an in-built thermometer, there is no more need for the following traditionally used equipment: thermometer, gloves, scoops, nets etc. Increased

productivity: Not only does the Bag take less time to set up, but unlike a water stone heater, the bag can be transported whilst retaining heat even after its been disconnected from the mains, allowing the therapist to preheat the stones at home, thus saving time (and money!) at the clients house. See our quick formula (right) for how the bag pays for itself.

Dual-powered: As well as being powered by an AC power supply, the bag also features a car lighter adaptor, allowing the stones to be pre-heated in transit.

Storage: The Portable Hot Stone Massage Kit is around half the size of a small water heater! This allows for easier and more convenient storage in spas, colleges, therapy rooms, beauty salons and even at home.

Mobility: The size of the bag also allows for easier transport and deployment than the current available heating equipment.

Maintenance: Unlike existing water stone heaters, the Bag does not require regular cleaning due to limescale build-up.

Greener: Compared to existing water stone heaters, the Bag uses less power to heat, no water and is manufactured using a fraction of the metal used in water stone heaters.

Using the car adaptor, the bag can be connected to the 12V car lighter socket to maintain the temperature of the preheated stones during travel. At your destination the heated stones are ready for immediate use. Once the stones have been used, place them aside in a washable container ready to be washed for their next use. The obvious advantage of the Vulsini Bag is that finally there is a way to make hot stone massage mobile

About Hot Stone Massage

The application of warmed Basalt stones combined with manual massage to provide the client with a deeply relaxing, therapeutic experience. This treatment which also benefits the therapist not only financially but also physically.

As a contemporary therapy, hot stone massage was introduced to the world of spa treatments by Mary Nelson in 1993. The therapeutic use of stones and rocks has, however, been employed for thousands of years in various forms.
The technique utilises smooth warm (basalt*) stones in the therapist’s hands to massage the client’s body; the heat gently penetrating the skin and muscles, helping the recipient to relax quickly and effectively.

Aromatherapy, Reflexology and MLD, along with many other techniques, can be combined with hot stone massage. Many students employing many techniques are able to use thermal stones to avoid, or minimise, the effects of RSI or to continue practicing after sustaining an injury to hands or wrists.

How to Use

  1. Put massage stones or bamboo sticks inside the small box
  2. A: Connect temperature controller and then
    B: Connect the power cord and set the temperature you like, after minutes you can use the hot stones or bamboo sticks for spa massage.


  1. Ensure to use in a dry environment, heating system is not waterproof.
  2. This product requires professionals use
  3. The Portable Hot Stone Massage Kit should be keep away from high temperature environment and point-blank sunshine.


  • Hot Stone Massage Kit with 12 Basalt Stones
  • Basalt Stones Retains Heat Longer for Best Massage Therapy
  • Water-Free Stone Heater Does not Build-Up Lime or Scale
  • Large Heating Surface Allow Layout of Stones for Even Heating
  • Anti-Over Heating: Shut-O After Desired Temp is Reached
  • Heating Bag Keeps Stones at Constant Temperature
  • Digital Controlled Temperature for Safe Heating of Stones
  • Storage / Travel Bag Doubles as Stone Heating Oven
  • Portable: Plugs in Any Outlet, Comes with Car Lighter Adapter
  • Digital LCD Display with Selectable Temperature Setting
  • Energy Efficient: Heats Up Fast and Retains Heat Longer
  • Heated Stone Massage Relieves Pain Cause by Sprain, Strain or Stress
  • Ideal for Athletes, Home Care and Spa Centers

Technical Specs

  • Construction Material: Fabric
  • Type of Stone: Basalt
  • Heating Time: 8-15mins
  • Maximum Heat Retention: 25–35 mins
  • Adjustable Temperature: 86° – 158°F (30–70 °C)
  • Large Stone Size: 2.80’’ x 0.70’’ -inches (Each)
  • Small Stone Size: 1.80’’ x0.70’’ -inches (Each)
  • Large Stone Weight: 0.27 lbs (Each)
  • Small Stone Weight: 0.17 lbs (Each)
  • Power Cord Length: 5.90’ Ft.
  • Power: 120V
  • Bag Dimensions (L x W x H): 14.9’’ x 10.2’’ x3.2’’ –Inches
  • Sold as: 1

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