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SereneLife Shirt Ironing Machine SLIRX45 Manual

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SereneLife Shirt Ironing Machine User Manual


Explanation of the Symbols

Warning Icon Danger symbols: These symbols indicate risks of injury (e.g. from electricity or fire)
Read through the associated safety instructions carefully and follow them.
Protection class II
Danger symbols: These symbols indicate risks of injury
Read operating instructions before use!
Supplementary information

Explanation of the Signal Words 

DANGER : Warns of serious injuries and danger to life.
WARNING : Warns of possible serious injuries and danger to life.
CAUTION : Warns of slight to moderate injuries.
NOTE : Warns of damage to property

Intended Use 

  • This device is intended to be used to dry and press textiles, for example blouses and shirts. Delicate textiles such as wool or similar fabrics must not be pressed on the presser. Always follow the care labels for the textiles!

Warning Icon WARNING: This device is intended only for drying textiles washed in water.

  • The device is for indoor use only.
  • The device is for household use only and is not intended for commercial applications.
  • The device should only be used as described in these instructions.

Safety Instructions

Warning Icon The device is equipped with safety features. Nevertheless, the device may still present dangers if it is not used as intended.
Warning Icon CAUTION: hot surfaces! The motor unit/telescopic rod will become hot during use. You should therefore not touch it during or shortly after use.

  • This product is not a toy. Keep away from children.
  • The device must always be switched off and disconnected from the main power when it is not being used and before assembling, disassembling or cleaning the device.
  • Do not make any modifications to the device.
  • Allow the device to cool down completely before it is cleaned and stored away before it is cleaned

DANGER – Danger of Electric Shock from 

  • Use the device only in closed rooms.
  • Do not use the device in rooms with high humidity.
  • Never immerse the device, cable or plug in water or other liquids.
  • Should the device fall into water, switch off the power supply immediately.
    Do not attempt to pull it out of the water while it is still connected to the mains power!
  • Steam may rise up during operation. For this reason, do not place the device under other electronic devices.

WARNING – Danger of Electric Shock from Damage and Inappropriate Use

  • Always switch off the device first before unplugging from the outlet.
  • Do not use the device in conjunction with extension cables.

Warning Icon CAUTION – Danger of Injury 

  • The device must not be moved during use.

WARNING – Danger of Fire

  • Do not use the device in rooms containing combustible materials
  • Do not connect the device with other high wattage products to a multiple socket in order to prevent overloading and a possible short circuit.

NOTE: Risk of Damage to Material and Property

  • Never cover up the ventilation slots and do not insert any objects into them.
  • Lay the power cable in such a way that it does not become squashed or bent and does not come into contact with hot surfaces (also applies to the hot surfaces of the device!).
  • Never pull or carry the device by the power cable. When you pull it out of the plug socket, always pull on the power plug and never the power cable!

Parts and Device Overview

WARNING: Danger of Suffocation! Keep children and animals away from the packaging material.

  • Never remove the rating plate and any warning lables!

  1. Hanger
  2. Telescopic rod
  3. Fan Opening
  4. Motor unit
  5. Ventilation slots
  6. Timer Knob (5 – 30 minutes)

Not shown:

  • Nylon balloon
  • 5 x clamps with integrated weight
  • Mains cable with mains plug


  1. Insert telescopic rod (2) into the recess on the top of the motor unit (4).
  2. Place the hanger (1) onto the telescopic rod (2). When you do this, make sure that the slight bend in the hanger (1) points forward.
  3. Attach the nylon balloon:
    • Pull it over the hanger (1). When you do this, make sure that the side with the hole line points forward.
    • Pull the small elastic cord at the top over the collar section on the  hanger (1).
    • Pull the large elastic cord at the bottom over the motor unit.



  • Always place the device with clear space above it and on all sides on a dry, flat, solid and heat-resistant surface.
  • It is essential that you follow the care labels for the textiles to be dried!
  1. Set the height you want. To do this, open the clip underneath the hanger and pull out the telescopic rod (2) and then close the clip.
  2. The nylon balloon should wrap around the motor unit so that it can fully inflate
  3. Pull the garment which is to be pressed over the nylon balloon and the hanger (1) and button up the buttons if necessary.

    Make sure that:
    • the collar is fitted over the collar section
    • the arms of the nylon balloon fit properly in the sleeves of the garment and are not twisted or scrunched up,
    • all buttons on the garment (including on the sleeves) are button up.
  4. Spread the clamps along the bottom of the garment so that it is evenly weighed down and will not go out of shape when the nylon balloon is inflated.
  5. Plug the unit into an electrical outlet.
  6. Turn the timer knob (6) clockwise and set it to the length of time you want.
  7. Once the nylon balloon has infl ated, straighten out the garment and smooth it down.
  8. When the set time is completed, the device switches off automatically.
    The drying /pressing process can be interrupted at any time by turning the timer knob (6) to the starting position.
  9. Remove the garment from the nylon balloon and hanger (1).
  10. Unplug the unit from the electrical outlet and allow the device to cool down completely.


  • The device is intended primarily for machine-spun laundry! If handwashed or nonmachine-spun laundry is to be pressed, first allow it to dry out a little first.
  • The drying / pressing process takes around 10 minutes for a spun dried shirt.
    However, the length of time can vary depending on the material and thickness of the material. We recommend that you start with a shorter time and extend it if necessary.
  • The nylon balloon can be enlarged or reduced in size with the aid of the zip fasteners. For smaller sizes, the zip fasteners should be closed. For larger sizes, the zip fasteners should be opened on both sides.
  • Wide-spaced buttons may result in the button strip crimping slightly during pressing. This area will need to be smoothed down by hand immediately after the pressing process.

Cleaning and Storage


  • Before cleaning, read the safety instructions in the “Safety Instructions”chapter!
  • Never immerse the device, or electrical cables in water or other liquids!
  • Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents or cleaning pads to clean the device. These can damage the surface.
  • Clean the device and the nylon balloon if necessary with a slightly damp cloth and a little mild detergent if required. Then wipe down fully with a dry cloth.
  • Allow all parts to dry completely before you put them away.
  • Store the device in a clean, dry place that is protected from sunlight and is not accessible to children and animals.


If the device does not work properly, check whether you are able to rectify the problem yourself. If the problem cannot be solved with the steps that are listed.

Warning Icon Do not attempt to repair a defective electrical device yourself!

The device does not work. The LEDs do not light up.
  • Is the plug socket defective?
    Try another plug socket.
  • Is the device switched on?
    Set the timer knob (6) to a time.
Unusual noises
  • Are the ventilation slots (5) covered up or blocked?
    Free up the ventilation slots (5).
The device switches off suddenly.
  • Are the ventilation slots (5) covered up or blocked?
    Free up the ventilation slots (5).
  • The device has an automatic safety switch-off function.
    It switches off automatically if it overheats. Allow the device to cool down and switch it on again.
  • Has the device fallen over?
    The device has a protective switch that is activated if the device falls over. Set the device up again and switch it back on.
Odor produced
  • You might notice a slight odor caused by production residues the first time you use the device. However, this is harmless and will cease as you use the device.

Shirt Ironing Machine
1400W Ironing Dummy/Press for Shirts/Blouses and Much More, Dries
and Irons Clothes Automatically in one Step


  • Perfect for Shirts, Blouses, Tops, Tees, Sweaters, Jackets and More
  • Dries and Irons Clothes Automatically in one Step
  • Built-in Timer
  • Compact Unit for Easy Storage
  • Save Money on Dry Cleaning Bills
  • Dry, Steam and Iron Clothes at the Same Time
  • Hot Air Tension Technology
  • Indoor/Household Use Only
  • Intended to be Used to Dry and Press Delicate Textiles

What’s in the Box:

  • Styrofoam
  • Egg Tray
  • Color Box (Single Unit Packaging)
  • 1 pc. Unit
  • 1 pc. Shoulder Part
  • 1 pc. Telescope Pole
  • 1 pc. Sack with zipper
  • 5 pcs. Round Clips

Technical Specs:

  • 1 pc. Poly Bag for Unit (size: 21.65” x 21.65”)
  • 1 pc. Poly Bag for Plug (size: 11.81” x 3.94”)
  • 1 pc. Poly Bag for Shoulder Part (size: 21.65” x 7.87”)
  • 1 pc. Poly Bag for Sack with zipper (size: 10.83” x 10.83”)
  • 1 pc. Bubble Bag for 5 pcs. Round Clips (size: 3.54” x 11.81”)
  • Material: ABS + Nylon
  • AC Power: 1400W 120V AC-60Hz
  • Size: Shoulder Part 17.32’’ – inches
  • Total Size: 16.34” x 6.61” x 40.94”

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